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Friday, February 29, 2008


OKOK. Gotta start from the beginning. Cause the last part IS THE BEST!! OK. So, from school. Forgot my tie, blah blah blah. Take attendance, blah blah blah. So on, so on, so on...Almost fell[not going into details to NOT please Jasvin]. etc, etc. Got really confused. etc.etc. OK! STOP! After school, when i was just about to reach the guard house[back lane], I saw Puteri! She invited me to her party. Don't know what kinda party is it, but she invited me! I mean, she came all the way from SAB! Still in uniform! It's SO cool of her! Love that girl! After that, for lunch, we went to Leisure Mall for some Dragon-I. After lunch? I went to Speedy, and guess what I found? ALBUM T!! At RM49.90! It's not THAT high a price considering it has DVD AND CD!! I LOVE THE SONG CLAP!!! EEEE!! The videos are like, AMAZING!! This is my 1ST EVER TVXQ Album!! I love it SOOOO MUCH!! EEE!! Still shouting! ^^

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Stephy!! I finally caught you online!!! It's been sooooooo long!!!!! Luv Ya!! Anyways, today is such a sucky and sad day!! We got our Sejarah results and it sucked HARD! Haizz.... highest is 63. And, my horrible marks? 55.... Lowest I have gotten in the past ummm, I DON'T KNOW HOW MANY YEARS!! I think that IS the lowest in all my life... But I'm not that sure. And the highest I can get for KH is like, 75!! There goes my 'all As' award.... I'm SO DEAD! Haiz.... My life is SO miserable! Wish me luck in that.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


YunHo!! FINALLY!! You added me!! KAMSAHAEYO!! [OK. XieTin.... If you're reading this, please do not tell me that they are fake. It's starting to really break my heart...T_T] Today is a VERY ironic day.... You see, we had a test, AFTER A TEST!! I mean, we just finished our UP1, then we have this kajian thing for the kementrian pelajaran. It's sad! Teacher didn't come to see me about that PPDa thing. Thank God!! Quah didn't give the names yet either. LUCKILY!! But i didn't go to see teacher today. Cause, well, we were too caught up in this kajian thingy. I hope Quah didn't give it to teacher yet either. Or I would DIE! Anyhoo, wish me luck in that!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Busy, Busy.....

Today, I'm like really busy. I mean at school. With all that work, a very easily stressed person could faint!! I hate being a Ketua... HATE IT!! Doesn't ANYBODY in that STUPID CLASS EVER, IN THIER ENTIRE LIFE, EVEEERRR, co-operate? EVER??!! Haiz... Still need sombody to do the menghasilkan bahan..... I have SO MANY questions to ask teacher. I do NOT wanna be the ketua.... In fact, I COULD HAVE FAINTED!! Haizz... 3As already. Geography, English and Maths. Happy-ish. I think I'm gonna get a headache. Send me to some nice, peaceful place without ANYBODY or ANYTHING bugging me execpt TVXQ songs, TVXQ movies, TVXQ in person, or ALL OF THEM TOGETHER!! Mannn, that'll relax me SO MUCH!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Yen Nee's Birthday Party

Went to Yen Nee's birthday party yesterday. Just came back. Well, From ballet. I went straight to ballet after i got back. Was early. Never seems to have enough leotards in Jean Gan..... Ahh well, The party was kay. At night, i didn't get kicked off[Thank goodness!!]. I went shopping for only one thing. TVXQ Live 2nd Asian Tour DVD. Found it at that TVXQ shop. Only thing stopping me from buying it was the price! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT WAS RM260!!!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW EXPENSIVE THAT IS FOR ME!!! I WENT THROUGH THE WHOLE NIGHT THINKING ONLY ONE NUMBER!!! 260!!!!!!!! Haiiz.... The shopkeeper said that if i go to speedy or tower of records i would get it atRM350!! Mann.... This world is SO expensive. Sombody lend me the DVD if you manage to buy it. Kay? Really in need of that. Anyways, I guess the rest of the day was normal. What did we do during Yen Nee's b'day party? Play games. PS2 most of the time. We were at Times Square Hotel. Cool place.... Anyway, Gotta go sulk more about 260....[T_T]

Friday, February 22, 2008

TVXQ Concert AGAIN!!

We watched it again!! Me and Rose... EEE!! Saranghae YunHo!! Haiz... I am SO going to that concert this year!! You know, assuming they are coming here this year. I WANNA GET FRONT ROW SEATS I TELL YOU!! We also watched First Love today. With Shera when she came. With cake!^^ Right. I almost forgot the best part. Today was the last day of Exams!! WOOOT!! Nabil gave me this weird music video as he says. I'm just about to watch it. hehe!! I think its kinda disgusting by the way Nabil explained it.... Ahh well. Gotta go! Watch the video!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Do NOT like that teacher!!!!!!!!

Encik Fahry I presume. The dude that came into our class for Sejarah and Moral/Agama exams today. DAMN!! I CAN'T BELIEVE HE IS THAT STRICT!! And since I'm OUTside school right now, I can probably say this. But don't spread the word kay? I'm guessing EVERYBODY in SMKSBS knows Encik Fahry. You guys know he is kinda 'pondan-y' right?? I mean, with the handbag bag he carries around school all day! His phone??!! The way he walks! EVERYTHING!! Yeah, I don't like that! AT ALL!! Bad example! REALLY BAD! I mean how can a pondan-y like guy be THAT STRICT!! We had to find a broom in every STINKIN' CLASS!! Then, when Diyana and I FINALLY found one, They just went off without us! WHAT LUCK!! Arghh.... I hate my life... Why me? Don't answer that. Please...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Exams suck SO much!! I hate exams!! Not only are they boring when it comes to the extra time BUT the pressure you get when you're running out of time is SO much worse!! ARGH!! BM was kay... I guess.... I mean, ever since I reached standard 2 I always thought BM as hard! No matter how easy it is.... So.... I always say it's okay... I'm not exactly lying... I mean, It wasn't exactly that hard. Nor was it that easy. It's just OK. I just HATE BM is all... BI was a piece of cake![My cup of tea!] I mean, English can't be hard for sombody who lived her entire life in English!! Believe me! IT'S EASY!! I mean, i don't speak Chinese or BM that much at home. Or with my friends. I'm starting to catch the slang. That's about it. I did one careless mistake. That's it! I was SO stupid to not read!! Partly why i hate exams[=.=].Then, There is Maths. Maths was pretty easy too! I mean. I could answer everything. Execpt this one question where it asked umm... Anyway, it was hard enough!! I didn't really understand it. So, i just followed ROSIE'S Favourite quote: Tembak is goooooood!! So, i did it.... Not somthing I always do though. Anyway, I tembak wrong...[DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!] Haiz... I hate you ROSIE! Well, gotta go figure out what's wrong with imeem... OWH!! And thanks to whoever who voted my darling, YunHo as your favourite!! Saranghamnida!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I hate school...

Today, would be in the TOP 10 WORST DAYS list. Let's start from the beginning...
1) Was late for school. Because of Rosalyn Chan Yoke Ling, my dearest cousin who sleeps a little too late...
2) Was asked over and over and OVER again why i wasn't at perhimpunan today
3) I accidentally hit Harrish because he was annoying my butt off and he took it the wrong way no matter how many times I said sorry[Do you know how hard that is for ME??!!]
4) Raihah kept going out of class and was driving me NUTS
5) No tables at the beginning of the day cause it was used for Sports Day and they didn't put the tables back..[=.=]
6) Janice was shouting at me
7) Harrish was driving me up the wall with the hitting and he thinks his back is bruised...[WTH!!]
8) Jasvin was sticking his nose into my bussiness AGAIN
That's about all the bad things that happened today.... The good things? Only one. Nabil solved my "people going out without permission" problem[THANK YOU NABIL!!!]. Mann... I would really like to KILL those other people! INCLUDING ROSIE WHO KEEPS COMING TO MY HOUSE LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not going to say anymore to prevent to much damage to keyboard....

Monday, February 18, 2008

Sports Day hols!!

Though sports day is over already, I still have one more thing to worry about. EXAMS!! I wish teacher would NOT preassure us like this!! I mean, right after Sports Day? What a bummer!! Good part about today so far? YuChun accepted my request. OK! Xietin. I know that you said its not really them. But personally i don't care.... [Truthfully, i care a little] Now. I'm just waiting for my darling YunHo to accept! [Still hoping that the people I add are really TVXQ and Xietin is wrong.] Well.... Gotta go watch more TVXQ MVs.... CYAZ!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Nothing to say today....

It's just a normal weekend. Went out to eat Dim Sum at Connought. Came back. Studied. Ate lunch. Went for ballet. Came back. And here I am. Yeah. Today was THAT short. Haiz.... Need more things to say. Lemme think...duhh..... Nothing. OK. Anyway. If anybody knows when TVXQ 3rd Asian Tour is coming up, do tell! Please and thank you!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sports Day

Man. Frauline talks too much for a 13 year old. [Going mad] Sports day was fun-ish. Kinda boring. Met my old friends. I took a little bit too many Taekwando shots.... LOL! Poh Poh so cute!! Mascot for Amethyst. BUT WE STILL BEAT THEM IN PERBARISAN!!WHEEE!! The winner for perbarisan is Emarald. Third time in a row. Another third timer is Amethyst. Won. Argh. We got 3rd. Tied with Ruby. Darn it! I seriously wish that i was in Amethyst! Why does Rose get Amethyst??!! HUH??!! WHY!! Anyway, It's OK today. Ballet was a bust. Like adding an extra OW into a day. ChangMin finally became my friend on friendster today!! YAY!! I just hope the guys I'm adding here are real. I mean, you know. I'll take my chances. I'm sending him a Thanks for the Add comment. Now, it's just YunHo and YuChun. Can't wait! Oh. And Purple Line RULES!! Last shout out from moi: GO TOPAZ!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Sports Day Coming!

Today was the Raptai Hari Sukan. I HATE KAWAD KAKI!! So hot! So tiring!! I mean seriously! 1 girl almost vomited[ewww....] and Quah actually fainted! Imagine!! I didn't eat also i didn't faint[MUAHAHA!!] I seriously hope nobody faints tomorrow!! Tomorrow might just be the worst day of my life. Cause, Topaz seems to be the most hated team. And, we suck. Hopefully, our formation[about as stupid as Sapphire's formation] is gonna get everybodys attention. I really want to win this year! And Frauline, please don't pull my shirt anymore!!T_T

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Did i EVER mention in ANY of my other posts that I REALLY HATE SPORTS!! My legs are aching, my feet are killing me, AND i wore those socks for such a long time, the mark on my ankle is still there after like, half an hour!! GOSH! And WHAT THE HELL WAS JASVIN DOING AT SCHOOL?!! T_T! Did I also mention I hate kawad kaki? OK. I think i have. ARGH!! God, why did you help create this horrible sport? I don't mind running or lontar peluru or lompat jauh, BUT WHY KAWAD KAKI??!! Haiz..... Ohh yeah, Kim JunSu ACTUALLY ACCEPTED MY FRIEND REQUEST!! I MEAN, AHHHH!! Now, I'm just waiting for JaeJoong, YunHo, ChangMin and Yu Chun to accept my request. EE! CANT WAIT!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Laggy Computer

Way laggy! I can't do like, ANYTHING!! This is my second post of the day! The first one was deleted...... So, I'm gonna have to rewrite everything AGAIN!! OK! Let's start from the beginning. .... Ummm.... I can't remember... T_T!! OHHHH!! This is somthing OTHER than the first post. Today, we had sport check and I was SO scared they we're gonna take away my sticker pictures with my cousins AND TVXQ calandar. So , Rose hid the pictures in her socks and I hid my calandar in a Sejarah book that [Thankfully] Our Sejarah teacher gave us to not waste time! That's like, the first time she did somthing good to me that I approved! SERIOUSLY!! She is like UGHHH! Now, a tribute to Syed. My friend who has gone to the cruel world of SAB.

Syed. I only have 1 thing to say.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Today is the last day of CNY holidays!! WAHHH!![in a crying kinda way not the surprised and excited kinda way] I was studying like mad this morning!! I covered all the Science, Maths, Geography, History, and BM!! I didn't study English or Sivics or Moral or Art cause i didn't have the books...[=.=] After that i watched all my absoulute fave parts of TVXQ 1st asian tour [They were in Korea in that DVD.] Anyway, YUNHO ROCKS BETTER EVERYTIME I SEE THAT DVD!! AHHHH!! Gosh! I even shouted!! Soon is the sports day and hopefully we, Topaz team, would be able to win this year! [Or my History teacher will nag us on and on again. I know it!! Or else I wouldn't care less about sports day =P] Personally, I hate sports day. With horrible sun, the horrible marching AND the horrible food!! All cold.... Execpt Ice-Cream. It's meant to be cold... LOL!! WEll, I just hope everything goes well, so I can study to death after that. Exam is coming right after sports day! [As in Tuesday, cause Monday is a Holiday! YAY!!] Oh, and on top of that, I have to cheer up Miss Rosalyn Chan at school! Isn't that just fantastic? Hui Wen, if you are reading this, I would really appreciate it if you would move to the boys side cause my cousin has been through really bad times at SMK Cochrane[you do NOT wanna know about the time she did in Cochrane. Believe me!] Ohhh well.. Let's wait till tomorrow...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

I'm Back!!

I'm Back from alor setar! OK!! Gotta tell you everything!! Execpt, there's nothing to tell you about. Ohh! There's this one thing. If i ever see those singaporean FREAKS who happened to be related to me, remind me to run and hide! THOSE GUYS JUST WONT STOP! THEY ARE WAY TOO HYPER ACTIVE!! WAY TOO HYPER ACTIVE!! I don't like them. You guys do NOT want to know thier names or how they look like cause, man, will you regret it! If there ARE singaporeans who are reading this, no offence, i only meant my annoying cousins.;P SOOOOO, anyway, according to my rough calculations, i have, lets see, RM1464 this year! WOOHOO!! What about you guys? I'm gonna put in a new poll. So, if your number is not in there, then just write a comment kay? I really wanna know. If you guys think your number is a little bit too little, then fine, i respect your privacy. But for those who don't care how much they got and just wanna let it out, BRING IT ON!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008


SO COOL!! Got internet here wei!! I mean. I'm in my grandmother's house right now and there actually is internet over here!;) Well. This has to be short cause i seriously gotta go! CYA

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

YunHo's Birthday!!

YunHo's birthday is tomorrow!! CNY eve! COOL!! Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY YUNHO!! OK. That was just like an announcement... So, yeah.. Today was just like yesterday, only boring-er! AND I HAD TO WRITE IN THAT STUPID BOOK CAUSE JASVIN DIDN'T COME!! Luckily, I have friends like Farah to help me!=P SMKSBS has some kind of club or persatuan or SOMTHING! And I forgot what its called! LOL! So anyways, they made us sit in the dataran bestari with those guys[actually, all girls only 1 guy! YAY] in the lead. And they did all these childish stuff!! And they call themselves adults!=.= They dance and sing and siput and[I don't really know how to explain the siput part. So you just have to live with that.] some other things! GOSH!! But the good part of today is that Rosalyn came to my school! And is in MY class!! Makes a whole lotta things easier! The only person who happens to make her laugh is Mandeep! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? MANDEEP!! So... Our class is officially full! And I officially have to babysit my three weeks elder cousin! God!

Monday, February 4, 2008


Altough the title says late... I was early for school today! sorta=.= today, half the students were at the padang.... U know, doing their thing? The sports thing? So the people who were not involved had to have a special activity..=P So, that included me. Form 1 and Form 2 were in the galeri gemilang. I had to sit in front=.=. [I hate you Harrish!!] Nabil sat behind me. Then Jasvin. And so on. Quah and Faez were beside me, since they're the ketua tingkatan of 1J and 1M. We had to watch a stupid video on the anti-dadah kinda thing... After that, an actual movie! 1 part was kinda sad... I almost cried but, I'm not trying anything as risky as THAT in front of those guys! That will be suicide! We ALMOST watched an English movie on Love and ummm Sex....[Ewwwwwwww!!! {pretends to puke}] Luckily for us, Teacher stopped the movie and went on doing a note making activity. As usual, I had to do all the work=.= Jasvin doesn't do ANYTHING!! ARGH!! Hate that boy! So, after that activity, we went on to the 'Remember your song lyrics' activity. [Specialized for form 1] Every class had to sing the school song. GOSH!! And with the bad luck that I have carried with me throughout my entire 12+ years of my life, my class, 1K, got the first one... And, with the little confidence in my class, we had to sing TWICE! That was the end of the school day.... NOT! I still had Topaz practice for kawad kaki. We made a new formation! But I'm SO not telling you about it! MUAHAHA!! What I'm telling you about is the fact that I HAD TO GO BACK LATE!! Stupid Topaz!! I wish i was in Amethyst! They are so much more organised! AND THEY WON LAST YEAR!! This year, i think i have the worst luck! Ohh well, when life gives you lemons, make lemon juice! [Yeah! I know!! SO NOT ME!]

Sunday, February 3, 2008


T_T!! My favourite Char Kuey Teow shop at Taman Connought there going away already!! SO SAD!! He has the BEST Char Kuey Teow in the WORLD!! I love his Char Kuey Teow!! Anyway, I kinda stopped watching Unforgettable Love cause, well, the medieval times episodes are kinda suckish.... So i stopped. If anybody knows if there is any upgrade on Unforgettable Love on then pleasssse tell me!! TQ! Ballet? Point shoes status: sucky! Soft Point status: EVEN MORE SUCKY! I'm so starting to hate ballet!! CNY coming liao!! YAY!! Gong Xi Fa Cai. Hong Pao na lai!=P Well, to people who are married and are reading this post, please send me ang pao! TQ for your co-operation!CYAZ<3

Saturday, February 2, 2008


MAN! Yesterday was SO tiring!!! OMG!! Anyway, I bought a beautiful pair of white pants and black shoes! All that's missing is the top!! YAY!! Damn Shera takes a long time to shop! GOSH! While Shera and Rose shopped, Becca, JR, and I bowled! OK. I know I'm in the bowling club at school... and I'm the AJK Tingkatan 1 and all, but, I SUCK! I mean, I couldn't get even 30 points! I got 14=.=[sucky!] My feet hurt SO much!!! Well, that was yesterday... Today? Normal exercise day... Going to Curve for dinner!! YUMMY!! I like non-halal food! [No offense to Malays reading this] Hope the food there is as good as they advertised on the paper!

Friday, February 1, 2008


Today my cousins and I are going shopping!! For another cousin[Kelvin] In Alor Setar. It's his birthday! Sooooo... I just hope we have fun... Cause, as usual, their late picking me up=.= So im just You Know.... waiting... for them.... to come.... [YAWN] Damn I'm sleepy today! LOL!! Now, I'm watching 'Unforgettable Love' starring, my favourite band of ALL TIME[drumroll] TVXQ!!!!! [I love Yunho! EEEE!! So KAWAIII!!] Sooo... It's really nice. And this post is getting real boring ain't it?Ahh well... I'll just stop here....