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Monday, March 31, 2008

Figuring out this thing is HARD

Yeah. Never thought it would be THAT hard. Today, school was ESPECIALLY KILLING ME! Oral did most of the damage... English oral was SO SCARY!! With Puan Iswani right at the back of the class, looking at you, the entire time... I think I got stage fright all over again.... I have a feeling that Puan Iswani likes Jasvin.[Personally I don't know why, but she always is happy seeing him!] Ooh yeah! This I HAVE to post in a very dramatic way...:

[Pretending to be reporter]Breaking news from TVXQ news from SMKSBS, Lam Tjun Meng of 1 Keruing has just offended all TVXQ lovers of SMKSBS. This is his statement:
[Video Shows Lam at school]"That guy, Junsu, he's gay!"
[Audience gasps]
[Back to me!]Yes. I know. It's sad. But that is the mind of a non-TVXQ lover. Now, you shall be returned to your previous show.

OK. So, I didn't really hear what Lam actually said... But, I had to make it dramatic. What REALLY happend was, Jessie, Hui Wen and Lam were talking. I was at my locker. They were next to me. I wasn't really listening to them at all. Then, suddenly, Jessie calls me! She says,"Jasmine, Jasmine!! Aren't you mad at Lam? He just said Junsu was GAY!!". Straight away, I stood up and said"WHAT!!!! HOW DARE YOU!! SHIT YOU LAM TJUN MENG!!!" And then it was BM. And I kept saying SHIT YOU LAM TJUN MENG until I got to my seat...hehe!

Well, gotta go do my homework. Don't wanna procrastinate now do I?^^

Sunday, March 30, 2008


YES! YES YES YES YES YES!!!! I did it!! BOYAH!! I have PHOTOSHOP!! I went ALL THE WAY TO DIGITAL MALL TO FINALLY FIND THE STINKING CD!! Oh. And I saw BBBS on the way. SHIT YOU JASVIN![FYI, I say this because I bet RM100 saying that there is no such thing as Bukit Bintang Boys School. And in fact I've been there for my ABRSM exam...=.=] Well, Don't worry your little heads everybody, all my very new and improved photoshopped pictures shall be posted HERE!! Or, I shall make another blog specially for it. ^^ Well, I guess I won't be playing my games for a while haha! Photoshop, HERE I COME BABY!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday school

First saturday schooling in my Secondary School life... Sucks. Sucks hard. I mean it was so BORING! So, Christine and I were like, talking, a little too much than normal. LOL! Anyway, I found this picture on DBjunior:
Isn't it just BEAUTIFUL?! Yeah, so, thanks to DBjunior's kawaii_bummie for the picture. And, for advertisment sake, I recommend all TVXQ lovers to join for all the latest gossip and awesome photos of Dong Bang Shin Ki and Super Junior!! Thats or you could refer to my links box, KAMSAHAMNIDA!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Vote for nothing..

My group, DBSK/TVXQ just said that the air in China is being TOTALLY polluted... So, we[DBSK/TVXQ group from imeem] would like to care for DBSK's health more than seeing than in the Olympics. I think it'll be the right thing to do. Thanks anyway to whoever who tried to vote for TVXQ for Olympics! I'm not gonna take out the link from my link box though... Cause I don't really mind if you keep voting. But I suggest you vote for Rain/Bi so that he can get sick instead of our beloved oppas, TVXQ. Ooh, and 1 more thing. Some say that the voting is only a survey. It's not really gonna come true. As in, if TVXQ wins the poll, they might not even perform... You know! So, WHAT EVER!!

Today was Lambaian Kasih day. IT WAS STILL BORING!! I just liked the Kenangan Terindah duet by Cassandra and boy with guitar whose name I do not know... The best part about the entire event was the actual LAMBAIAN KASIH! It was fun, you know! Lining up to see the Pengetua just drive away in a car past you waving, BYEEEE!! Aivee went NUTS today! I guess that's just her. But, she sounded SO DRUNK! Maybe she DID drink too much Brandy last night. Along side with Jessie... Ooooh! And I'm gonna learn to play Love In The Ice!! I have the piano sheet in my hand. Now, all I have to do is practise! THIS, I won't hesitate to do!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rain is winning!! NOO~~

Common people!!! Don't you people care about TVXQ and their performing in the Olympics China 2008?! They only get this every leap year! You can't do this to them!! Please!! The URL is STILL in my last post. I'm now gonna put it under the links... Hope you guys vote for them!! You know what to do right? Anyway, today was the raptai for tommorows event which is the retirement of Puan Hajah Mihsah. Since I don't know her, nevermind! But what I'm so pleased about right now is that the events in SMK is SOOOOO much better than SK events!! I guess it's cause they do totally different things everytime!Or maybe it's just I've just heard somthing new... Anyhoo, Cassandra, Celeste Rebecca's sister, is singing my favourite Malay song! Kenangan Terindah! From graduation last year! I love that song so much!

OK, people. That's about it for today. But don't forget to vote okay?! LUV YA!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Miraculous Victory and Defeat

That's the name of the game. Kinda weird though don't you think? Anyway. Hui Wen FINALLY told me how to get that video. And, well, I got it! Yay!! So, it's at the end of this post. [I specially chose the one with YunHo in it! hehe! The best part in the middle! Yunho vs. Kangin from SuJu]

Anyway, today was the first day of photography club. Teacher thought us about SLR cameras, DSLR cameras and Dual Lense cameras. I wanna buy a DSLR camera. I SO want that! Anyway, teacher was PRETTY funny! And I brought my thumb drive for nothing[=.=]. I don't wanna talk much about school today. Ooh, just one more thing! I still haven't beaten Harrish in that game! It's still unsettled...

OKOK. Now, the best part of this post! TVXQ for Olympics China 2008! You can vote for them at All you have to do is scroll down, look for the TVXQ picture and click on the button below that says, well, i don't really know what it says. But it's not the red, underlined ones! Here is the URL to the results: and as you can see, Rain is winning. And that dude is NO WHERE NEAR AS GOOD AS TVXQ!! RIGHT?[Please back me up here!]

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Too much till dunno what to say!

I don't what to start with!! Fine... I'll skip the parts I apparently forgot....[Very forgetfull girl here!] Amirul kept the Mahjong paper. But he didn't understand I guess, cause he kept asking me what to do with it! And Anukul bent it =.=... So anyway, Harrish, Mandeep, Lam, Jasvin, Hui Wen, and Avitra were playing this game that Hui Wen got from watching too much TVXQ... As in, Yunho, Junsu and Changmin were playing this so called game. But because this is SMKSBS, the boys decided to play it thier way[the dirty way]. So, bored, Rosie, Christine and I went over to play too. We watched first. Then I played at the end. I played with the champ, Harrish. It goes abit like this:
First, each player picks a phrase or a word for the other player to say. Everytime the player asks a question or says a sentance, the opponent has to say their respective phrase/word. And nobody can laugh. Or they are disqualified.
So, you know what happens when you give them this opportunity.[Plays dead]. But so far I'm good. Our game still isn't finished. hehe!

Shera came over today too! Damn she laughs loud! Anyways, I'm gonna find out where Hui WEn gets that video.... If she doesn't tell me soon, I might scream! I'll try my best to put it in here kay? Luv Ya!

Monday, March 24, 2008


That is ALL that is left to do! PAINT!! FYI, I'm talking about my seni... I've done the STINKIN' alphabets from A-Z. All that is left is to paint!! It's kinda cacat though... And It's PRETTY crampy. Hehe^^. I had a nice talk with Xietin today during Rehat. Apparently she lost her photoshop disk. Which means, I can't borrow it..T_T! Ahh well, I'll just have to buy another one. [SHOOT!] Jasvin, annoying as always[nothing to say about him right now...]. Ahh! Anukul! And Harrish, his faithfull companion.... THOSE IDIOTS!! They poked a hole on their bottles and squirted the water on skirts and pants... It looks like you just peed or pooped! THOSE TWO SUCK!! Janice and Onggie wanted to go and tell Pn. Raja Faziatul. The only thing stopping them was thinking that teacher would punish EVERYBODY in the class. When they told me that hoping that I could solve their problem, I just told them to figure out what's right themselves. I'm SO SICK AND TIRED of people coming to me to solve their problems! IT SUCKS!! Well, I gotta go buy Mahjong paper and plastic to wrap my KH book.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I still can't!!

My Photoshop can't install!! T_T!! I think I might have to like, borrow xietin's CD or somthing.... I don't wanna buy another one and waste my money!! I'm trying for the third time now, hope it works!! I'm wondering though... Is this 'Sweetness' person Ai-Vee? If it is, could'ya tell me your URL? If I don't know your URL, I won't be able to check out your blog!!=.=

Friday, March 21, 2008

Loving couple talk!

Today, school was DAMN boring! So I'm not gonna talk about it. Today, I shall talk about couple talk, photoshop, and leisure mall!! I'm SO loving couple talk right now! You can find it in It's about TVXQ.... OF COURSE!! There are SO MANY couples in TVXQ!! EEE~ photoshop? I'm installing it right now actually! I actually saw Xietin's blog and all her photoshopped photos and thought, I could do that do! So, I'm kinda copying her... hehe!^^~ Leisure Mall? Well, I just came back from Leisure Mall^^. I went with Rose and sisters and mother. We went to Popular. We were trying to learn Korean... So we were at the foreign language section and we were holding VERY short conversations. Korean is SO hard! I wonder how a korean baby eventually learns Korean! It's like tre hard!XD~ Well, gonna watch couple talk! Ja~~[peace]

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Celeste's and Farah's Birthday

It's so cool to have the same birthday AND be the same age! It's like that for Celeste and Farah. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS!! Farah is the Malay girl in my class who sits behind me and Rosie... I went to Celeste's birthday today. And the bad thing about today is that I had ballet replacement today! I went straight from ballet to Celeste's house. Haiiiz.... So busy arh today!! I gave Celeste a musical box. Actually, my mother bought it for her... It's THAT last minute!! We played alot of games there. Like, mummie!! Water gun shooting, something to do with flour and getting beads out of it, we cooked! And we also played her PS2. It's sooo cool to play PS2 once in a while. Cerene almost cried when she played this fighting game against her sister. It was really fun. Celeste told me that they would be finished with the beach like games when I have reached so, I wore normal clothes. They ended up getting all soaked up because they were out of schedule! HMPH!! And that was my Miss Whatever T-Shirt!! T_T!! I've got a picture here for you guys! It's the mummie photo! Ooooh!! I almost forgot one more thing! Poon Zing Mun also came! So it's basically 1K versus 1G...

Hehe! 1G won this one.... 1K was last. Little kids[Cerene and her cousin] were actually first but got to the end of the race half un-mummied.... LOL! There were actually more, but it was really stupid looking so, U-Know! Peace out!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Wahh! Today I met XieTin so many times! Cool LOL!^^ I bet it's her who is voting Jaejoong all the time! Xietin, if you're reading this VOTE FOR SOMBODY WHO ACTUALLY HAS THE BEST SMILE!!>< Anyway, today was the first day of ko-korikulum. And also the first day I actually remembered to put the attendence sheet for KH AND send it up to the bilik disiplin!!YAY ME!! [This is a big accomplishment for me cause i never really did it before ever since Aiman left me all alone in this cruel world they call 1 Keruing]. Today we did the KH file... The other class came too! And Yenteng was in it. I asked her to sit next to me. The horror I went through!! Haiiz... What regret I feel right now.

Right before ko-ko, Christine, Rosalyn and I went to my old school, SKSBS. I love that school, somehow, I don't know why... Anyway, over there we met Puan Chen, Puan Zarina, Encik Halim, Felicia, Eva, so on^^! Its so nice to be at that school. Especially since all the teachers there aren't my teachers anymore. So I don't have to obey them. MUAHAHA!! We went back right in time cause a minute later, it started pouring. Then, alot of people came rushing into dataran bestari. Half the people there were soaking wet! And it's all because they went to the condominium opposite school. Haih... Luckily I didn't go.

Ko-ko time!! Encik Fahry TOTALLY KILLED US!! Torture! Torture I tell you!! He practically gave us a lecture. All because some people were late! =P! Not liking that teacher AT ALL!! Then, we had unit beruniform. I went back to my class cause well, that was where we were supposed to go! My seat was taken! T_T... Not by just anybody! By Saranya! T_T... Haiz... So I had to sit at munirah's place. It was pretty boring. But I'm so happy for the fact that I could FINALLY use that old 500 page book that teacher asked us to buy when we were at standerd 4! We only used so little! I thought it would go to waste.

Anyway. Sorry to make this post so long. So much happened today. Ja~~^^

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


OK. So that it's easier for you to understand, I'll start from the beginning. Not from the thing that is botherting me the most.
Morning: Perhimpunan. Boring as usual. Headmistress is going out of the school next two weeks. Everybody is happy I guess. But, they didn't show it. Cause they know they will be punished. I don't know why everyone hates her so much!! Whats so bad about her anyway? I forgot to get the Buku Kawalan Kelas once again. I'm SO forgetfull!! Haih... Then, the usual, study, homwork, etc.
Afternoon: Seni is starting to suck, BAD! What kinda seni homework is it to write letters??!! OK. Maybe that is seni! I use it in my notebook all the time! But WHY SO PRECISE?!! I am SO hating En. Rahim right now!! If he asks me to do it again I SWEAR I WILL KILL! He used Xietin's alphabets to guide us. Haih... Still got headache arh!! After school, It was raining. Like POURING BUCKETS, raining. But luckily we got to the car BEFORE the rain actually poured. If I didn't pull that LAZY PIG of a cousin, we would be soaking wet! We went to Oversea for lunch with Aunty Yin Meng[Yennee's mum]. Woah! SO FULL LAH!! Until I had to ta pao dessert.
Evening: I did my Seni homework first. Even if we were given 2 weeks, I thought I could finish it with my EXTRA LONG RULER! In the end, I threw it away. It was DRIVING ME NUTS!! NUTS I TELL YOU!! NUTS!! Until now also I got headache!! T_T! Haih....
And then it comes to now. Where I'm trying my best to calm down that headache of mine. Owh, and did I mention? Celeste is inviting me to her birthday party. On the 20th. I think I don't wanna go.... I CANT EVEN CONTACT HER!! IT ALWAYS GOES TO HER MESSAGE BOX!!T_T.... Will anything go my way today?
PS: I hate Jasvin=P

Monday, March 17, 2008

First day

It's the first day of school. And I reached school KINDA late.... But we didn't have to pick up rubbish!XD Anyway, today went out pretty smoothly. As usual Rose and I were talking about the TVXQ videos we watched during the holidays. There's still oral to do! DAMN! Luckily, Jasvin is the leader this time! YAY!! No matter how much I dread him, I WANNA TAKE A BREAK DUDE! After school we went to Leisure Mall to eat at Blue Zone. We picked up Shera on the way there. And she wants to give me back my Album T tomorrow[-.-*] I don't really think she will eep her promise...[T_T] I found Ouran High School Host Club's manga in crunchyroll!! YAY!! So now, I don't have to buy the manga!!WHEEEE!! Bonjour Paris on crunchyroll is just AWESOME!! Apparently there is some kinda DVD about thier trip to Paris, France. They are SOO FUNNY!! Here is my fave part:

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Back to School...

It's back to school day tomorrow. The day we ALL dread! T_T.... Today was a pretty simple day. Eat breakfast, Clean up file, Whiten shoes, Play computer, Go ballet, recover from pain, Eat!!, play computer[again..], etc. [That was all the things I have done and are doing]. So, there is nothing much to write about. Except, I HAVE FOUND THE CULPRIT!! The person who is behind voting Jaejoong so much is...[drum roll] HUANG XIE TIN!! T_T!! Xietin! Please don't bully me OR Yunho[or Yoochun or Junsu or Changmin]T_T! Jaejoong is winning too much for benefits! All who agree with me, please vote sombody OTHER than Jaejoong[No matter how hot he is. And if possible, vote Yunho. Kay?] That's about all I'm gonna post... PEACE!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

JaeJoongie Style

If some of you have noticed, JaeJoong's style is just a normal t-shirt that has a low cut collar. When I went to The Gardens today, The only thing I was looking for at Isetan was THAT T-SHIRT!! I LOVE IT!! IT LOOKS SOOO GOOD! AND IT MUST BE LIKE TRE CHEAP!! I soo want that long sleeve[Three quarter is good too], plain[I don't mind patterns but plain is good. I like black!], slim shaped[MUST HAVE!], possibly cheap top.... Haizz.... That would be a beautiful present. I don't even care if it's from a pasar malam![I SWEAR I DON'T!!]

Lastly, to repay Hui Wen's kindness.... There's a link to her blog! Make sure to check it out kay?It's like 1/2 TVXQ! AND SHE LOVES YUNHO TOO!! WHEEE!! It's at the links along with Xietin's blog and some other TVXQ fan's blog which is TOTAL TVXQ!
[PS: Whoever who is voting JaeJoong so much in my poll, PLEASE STOP IT!! VOTE YUNHO!!]

Friday, March 14, 2008


AHHH!!! YunHo losing to JaeJoong in my poll!! T_T!! WHY IS JAEJOONG LOVED SOOO MUCH?!! VOTE YUNHO! VOTE YUNHO!! Anyway, REACHED LEVEL 23 IN MAPLE!! woot!! Anyway, I'm alone at home baby!! THE ENTIRE NIGHT! I love doing this!! MAGGI HERE I COME!! Well, since Frauline wanted to play with me so much, and doesnt know how to make a character I had to do it.... T_T Ahh well, gotta go mapling now!! I'm putting in my favourite song from Album T okie? You guys better check it out!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


OMG!! I totally didn't realize that they showed Vacation on Crunchyroll!! I AM SUCH AN IDIOT!! Obviously every other DBSK fan have watched it already, so, WAHHH!!![In a crying way] I am SO left behind. Well, gonna go watch now!! Gonna get one BIG GREAT LAUGH!! Or cry. Depends on how the mood is supposed to be.... SEE YA!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

SPM results day

OMG!! I can't believe I forgot!! Soo, like, JR got NO 'A's[=P!!] Becca got 3... I mean, that's pretty good right? I'm still waiting for XieMin's results. XIETIN DIDN'T COME ONLINE TODAY!!T_T! Anyway, now to Frauline. C.O. LEE FRAULINE!! U THINK FREE WAN ARH SMS-ING??!! NOTHING IS FREE ANYMORE!! If got then terms and conditions apply... If SMS-ing is F.O.C. then the phone companies will go bankrupt!! THEN U CAN'T SMS ANYWAY! So, Frauline, If you REALLY wanna play Maple with me, And your character is not in Bootes, then make a character[I'm telling this to you as nicely as possible!]! Back to SPM results! I guess everybody I know passed them, which is VERY good[Especially for JR]! Keep it up guys! And good luck in being an Adult!!
P.S. If you get married, don't forget to invite me yeah?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I studied?

OMG!! It's a holiday and I actually INTENDED to study! I can't believe I'm doing this to myself! Anyway, I changed my character in maple. I just wish I could change the name too. Now it's An1m3l0v3r[I think.] I'll double check soon. Anyway, now I'm a Magician. Just reacher level 19 which is pretty sucky! And today was a tourni mania day for pangya! Not just any tourni mania day, a RELI GOOD tourni mania day! Now I have 40k pang!! YAY!! I feel SOOO rich! I have NO idea why I'm telling you guys this though... I mean, i guess i have nothing else to write. Oooh! Yeah, almost forgot. I STAYED AT HOME ALL ALONE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE!! WOOOOHOOO! I feel SO 13 years old right now! Well then, jaa~!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Jashvinda[I think.]

That's his name. I'm not sure how to spell it though, but that's how to pronounce it! He is SO CUTE!! And he didn't cry as much as other babies!![That's the best part.LOL] Soo, anyhoo, that was last night. I FINALLY FINISHED ALL MY HOMEWORK! BOYAH! AND IT'S ONLY MONDAY! I have the entire week to play computer! But i still have to study a little. Just did ALL my chores for the morning. And I'm home alone now!! The best thing about being home alone, is that, I can sing my heart out when it comes to my favourite songs! That's like, really unusual of me to do when my parents are in. Cause I don't wanna ruin thier sleep or somthing. LOL! Anyhoo, gonna go play PangYa with XieTin! [Damn, she plays early!] BIIE!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ms Azveen!

I'm gonna go meet Ms Azveen again!! She just had her baby!! OMG!! I can't wait! She was such a great BM teacher!! Jasvin claims that she used to be his Moral teacher. And she said he was the best student!LOL!! Well, not gonna waste time! DAMN I'M HUNGRY! Ate 4 siu mai 4 lunch....[grumble]

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Owh, YAY!

I installed Maple again! I don't know why though... OK. I do. I kinda miss Maple. I noe, I'm kinda stupid. Well, anyhoo, now I have two games to play! YAY! So if nobody wants to play with me in Pangya, I'll just play Maple. hehe... Thanks a bunch to XieTin for playing PangYa with me!! Luv Ya! Gonna go play maple. As a total NOOB!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Morning post...

Usually since it's in the morning, I don't really post much right. Well, it's just gonna be a normal Morning post again. I mean, I have so little to say, that my title is 'Morning post...'. I mean, how boring is that?!![OMG! I just said 'I mean,' 2 times!] Well, anyhoo, It's a holiday. That's why I can use the computer so early in the morning! Well, nothing much going on here. So, I guess I will just play PangYa! Whoever else who plays PangYa around here who are actually reading this post, CALL KAY?!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

He asked for RM1

LOL! That's actually from Poh Poh's sister. She actually put it in her friendster! Isn't Poh Poh just SO CUTE?!! Anyhoo, today was a great day! Despite the fact that my ankle was hurting BAD in the morning! Oh yeah, and he DID ask for RM1 from Christing. It's cause she wanted to see him run. I mean, IT'S JUST SO CUTE WHEN HE RUNS!! She actually gave it to him!! SERIOUSLY! YEAH! Unbelieveable right? People are paying him to run!!![ironic much.] Alot of home work today[Shoot....]. So, whatever. Tomorrow is a holiday! Isn't that cool? But that meant that today, we had to rearrange the tables and chairs. All but 12 pairs of tables and chairs. It was REALLY tiring. Especially when I actually cleaned the ENTIRE CLASS! I mean, I can't believe it myself either. I don't think I have EVER volounteer to do ANY cleaning around the class. I don't know why I started now. Unusual. Haiz.. Computer Literature class is starting to get really boring! I mean, nobody listens. Everybody is playing their own game. Like SENDING EMAILS THAT CONTAIN IDIOTIC BLABBERY[Referring to Anukul Wong, master of porn]!! Well then, that's all. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYBODY!!
PS: This doesn't mean that i won't be writing anymore. Cause I will.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mouse Spoil Liao!!

My mousie spoil liao!! T_T!! My gate also spoil liao!! TODAY SO KELANG KABUT!! We had this ceramah by Puan Liew from SMK Taman Connought. She was pretty good. But when she said the love clap thingy, i thought, 'you are SO thinking the wrong thing about SMKSBS Form 1 Moral students. Cause boy, they have 1 BIG problem: Gangguan seksual[ewww!!] Example: Anukul Wong[=.=]' She always reffered to us as REALLY GOOD. And I'm like, WHAT THE HELL! So, I just started writing 'TOHOSHINKI RULES!! YUNHO ROCKS!!' on my book. Hehe!! I was sitting in front. Like, right in front of Puan Sharimah the ENTIRE time. And she didn't even care!!! Talk about YAY!! Anyhoo, got ballet today. Gotta go so soon... Wish me luck in not breaking myself!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


That's all that happened today. CAN'T THOSE TWO GET ALONG IN ANY WAY!!?? The TWO I'm talking about are Harrish and Jasvin. Seriously, SO WHAT IF HE GETS 99 FOR SCIENCE!! FOR GOODNESS SAKE, IT'S GOOD!! Harrish. No matter how much I hate him myself, TRY NOT TO SAY ANYTHING TO HIM!! Everytime Harrish/Jasvin say somthing to each other, they just end up in a stupid fight all over again. And a note to Jasvin: IM NOT ON YOUR SIDE!! FYI, I HATE YOU TOO!!XP! I'm almost finished with KH. Should be done by today. Congratz to Faez Normasya [My friend] who won some competition for some Maal Hijrah week. [applause!!] So, today went pwetty smoothly. Ooowhh, there is a new boy in our class!! BOO!! Why couldn't it be a girl? Anyhoo, he hasn't really gotten to know any guys yet. So, I'm K. As long as he stays nicely quiet and COOL TEMPERED![Reffering to Jasvin] Oohhhh, goody news!! I got 99 for Science!! I practically screamed when I found out! I couldn't believe it!! WHEE!

Monday, March 3, 2008


Homework in this school is KILLING ME! Seriously! I mean, I HATE KH!! All I have to do is copy everything. That's it. But dude/duddets, IT SUCKS!! I wanna DIE. I'm already ALMOST finished with Maths. It's just afew more questions. I could finish it all in 1 day. AND TEACHER GAVE SUCH A LONG TIME!! Now, I have KH to finish. And I have to give it in this Wednesday. I still have like, what, 11 PAGES TO GO!! If sombody doesn't kill me soon. I think I WOULD. [I said THINK!] Oritey then, gotta go watch Summer Dream video again. IT'S SO NICE!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Puteri's Birthday!

Today is Puteri's Birthday!! I bought her this awesome x[can't tell what x is. It might spoil the surprise. But really, I don't really think it's THAT special. It's REALLY common actually]. Can't wait till it's 3.45pm. Just hope I'm not late. Don't wanna be late for her party now do we? I bet it's gonna be fun! Please tell me there are other chinese there.... I don't wanna be the only one. But who cares? I can meet Aiman again!! And practiacally beat her up for leaving me in SBS with 1K the GIGANTIC MENICE! Haiz.... Well, whatever. Gotta go have fun. Oh yeah, PS: I'm still TOTALLY SIKED about having ALBUM T!!! WHOOT!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008


I'm SOOO lazy right now!! I just wanna sit back and listen to Album T right now. EEE!! Still lovin' it! hehe... Today, since it was raining, I didn't have to go for swimming! WHHEEEE!! And, I'm still trying to get the songs from Album T at least in to my Phone. It'll be so much easier to listen to it that way. I don't wanna download the songs. Cause as I said, I'm like, REALLY lazy right now. hehe... well, gonna go buy Puteri's present.^^