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Friday, February 26, 2010

[NEWS] Number one in the WORLD!

[NEWS] Best Selection 2010 is the #1 selling album in the WORLD this week.

This is TVXQ! The Gods.

Credits to: Sushiboat@JPM for the heads up!
Shared by: OneTVXQ + DBSKnights + jtxylovestvxq

[TRANS] 1002224 Tohoshinki Has Yet to Disappear

Three of TVXQ's members in Korea are still in a dispute with their company, while in Japan, they have once again proven that they are Asia's best.

Oricon Chart news reported on the 23rd that TVXQ's "BEST SELECTION 2010" has sold 413,000 copies, and that it took the top spot in the March Oricon Monthly Chart; this is the highest record for a foreign group. The record was previously set by Bon Jovi's "These Days" which was released in June 1995 with 379,000 copies sold. From the 17th of February, the local sales of "BEST SELECTION 2010" came to a total of more than 200,000. From this, we can see how they took first place consecutively for days, and after a week created the record of selling more than 400,000 copies. After their debut in Japan last April 2005, this is the first time they claimed the top spot through an album, and not a single; of course, they were also the first Korean boy band to do so. Up until now, the best album chart ranking was their 4th Japanese album "The Secret Code" last March.

Oricon stated that, "Just like last year's total album sales got the good result of 'BEST 3' in the charts, the TVXQ who soared high in 2009 were chosen to be models for the cover page of women's magazine 'JJ.' Their popularity cannot be stopped," and more comments like these.

This album is a collection of the members' chosen songs; the CD+DVD version includes 11 songs' PVs. The 2CD+DVD version is a compilation if the members' handpicked songs, new song "Tokiwo Tomete," public download limited song "Endlessly Sweet," and the theme song of this year's movie to be released in September, "With All My Heart." "Endlessly Sweet" and a mix of currently hot song "TVXQ NONSTOP-MIX VOL. 2" will be meeting everyone shortly.

On the other hand, this time's "BEST SELECTION 2010" will be released in Korea on the 5th of March; album stakeholders are concerned about the result because it's difficult nowadays to sell CDs in Korea. In 2008, the official 4th Korean album "MIROTIC" exceeded 500,000 copies in Korea, being hailed as the top-selling album for that year.

Source: konews + Mr.TVXQ
Translation: faithintvxq @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

[Trans] 100225 Lee Resign from SM “No Particular Change Expected at SM”

Is There Any Particular Change Expected at SM? No

Daily News Korea
ⓒ 매일경제 &
2010.02.25 11:24:37 입력

A founder of the SM entertainment resigned from SM.

SM entertainment spokesman explained that,
“from now on Lee Soo Man will focus only for future foreign production activities.”

Lee Soo Man will withdraw from his duties at SM (Korea) which he founded in 1995.
He will formally resign from a public management director’s position on the 25th,
and stay only as a main shareholder of the SM entertainment in Korea.

However, it is expected that no particular change will be made at SM after his resignation
from the director’s position since SM (in Korea) has been administered by the representative Kim Myongmin.

However it could bring the case that the SM artist’s situation/내실
could be strengthened/improved/강화될 due to this change at SM entertainment (Korea).
(*No specific word written here about what kind of artist’s “situation/내실”)

Recently Avex sold their stock to Lee Soo Man and Neowizbugs.
Even if Lee Soo Man has resigned from SM director’s position,
he remains strong as the main shareholder of the SM owning total of 28.3% in share.

*T/N: There is much news in Korea about Lee Soo Man today,
but none of them mention anything specific about TVXQ.
So, let us not have any unnecessary worries and Always Keep The Faith together as always!^^

Always Keep The Faith!

translated by:
shared by: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thank you!

[Trans] 100225 “I Am Man & I love TVXQ!” By Bigeast

13 years old, Junior high school student: My mom loves TVXQ and since my friends tell me I look like Junsu, I started to see their DVD’s and became a fan. ^^ I have few guy friends who are also TVXQ fans at school and it is so much fun to share new stuff about them with my fan friends.

18 years old, student: My young sister loves TVXQ. We are so close, so I watched DVD with her, and without knowing how and when it happened, I became fan of TVXQ too! ^^ They sing and dance so well and all five of them look great! I love the fact that they are such a good friends with each other. That’s how we guy friends should be! I purely love all members of TVXQ!

21 years old, student:
I am Xiah fan. I am a guy who likes women. But, TVXQ is the guys who look super cool in my eyes. I love “purple line” and I often imitate TVXQ fashion. I would love to find more male fans of TVXQ to be my friend.

25 years old, businessman: I liked backstreet boys in the past. TVXQ is from Korea which is near from Japan so it makes me feel closer to TVXQ and I easily became their fan. When I sing TVXQ song, everyone loves it. (Do I sound like bragging? hahaha.) I wish to know even more about TVXQ!

35 years old, businessman: I was interested in Korea before. And when my friend gave me TVXQ’s album “T” last year, I loved it! So I joined Bigeast and after a-nation I became even bigger fan because real TVXQ is even cooler! At my company’s Karaoke gathering, I sing “Beautiful You”. When I attended Kobe Fan meeting, Yuchun and I had an eye contact with each other and he yelled “Oh, there is a man here!” And he looked so happy! LOL

JJ ah~~men like you guys too~~

JJ: who can resist our charm~~^^
♪ ~kimiwa mou nukedasenai~ ♪
(♪ ~none of U will be able to escape from us anymore~ ♪ ~)

Always Keep The Faith!

source: Bigeast Male Fans
translated by:
credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thank you!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

[Trans] 091027 “Free Celebrity Activities, We Thank The Courts”

source: [spn edaily+DNBN]
translation credits:
shared by:
Do not remove/add on any credits

Friday, October 16, 2009

Dong Bang Shin Ki court mediation failed, court decision to be revealed soon

The three members of group Dong Bang Shin Ki who have unfair contract dispute with their agency SM Entertainment presented at the court secretly on last October 13th, however had failed to reach agreement with SM.

Previously on October 12th, the two side had submitted a final official stand documents that have been required since early this month for review to make final decision.
At the end of July this year, 3 Dong Bang Shin Ki members (Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu) filed their disposition application to Seoul Central District Court to terminate the exclusive contract effect against SM Entertainment.

Reportedly on July 30th at 4 pm, wearing sunglasses, the members entered hurriedly to the side entrance of the court building. They secretly received report about the trial request date and other information regarding the case was not disclosed. There was no appearance of the fans, and even most of court staffs couldn’t recognize the three members who disguised themselves just like ordinary civilians and they could move without any fuss.

On August 22nd the legal representative of the 3 members forwarded members’ thought to the court, “We found it very difficult to improve and reach our goals in this industry if we live under SM’s management with all its terms and conditions.”

It’s also reported that, “The arguments happened with SM Lee Soo Man regarding this dispute already reached our highest limit of emotion.” Meanwhile the other two members who don’t participate in the legal case and still have listed activities with SM said, “It’s not possible to breakdown a group of 5 people who actually still want to work together.” showing their intention to keep shinning together as a group.

After the failure of yesterday’s mediation between two sides, court won’t summon the 3 members any further and will make its final decision soon.

Translation by: SYC
Shared by: jtxylovestvxq@bs

Sunday, October 11, 2009

[NEWS] 091010 Hitoshi Matsumoto, “DBSK – BoA, I just love them”

Members of Downtown (T/N from Japan show “Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende”) comedy group, an actor-director Hitoshi Matsumoto attended the press conference of “New World Culture” the 14th Pusan International Film Festival on October 10th, 4:30 pm at New World Haeundae Centum City Hall.

Matsumoto Hitoshi is currently hosting a music program in Fuji TV called “Hey Hey Hey Music Champ”. He showed a deep affection to Korean singers who are advancing to Japan such as BoA, TVXQ, and SS501.

“There are a lot of Korean singers who come to the music program I’m hosting in. I met with TVXQ and BoA and they left me a purely good impression. They’re sincere and having good attitude without thinking that they’re actually popular group there.” he praised highly.

source: economic news
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress + jtxylovestvxq@bs

[Pic] 091010 Yunho heading to the ground news

credit: naver

[Info] 091011 Samsung Yepp U5 Hello Kitty Edition with “COLORS ~Melody and Harmony”

During the promotion, if you purchase and register your U5 Hello Kitty Edition, you will be given Hello Kitty’s 35th Anniversary Image Song “COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~” (sung) by Jaejoong & Yoochun.(Available only in Korea)
translation: 2MY @
credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
shared by: jtxylovestvxq@bs

Sunday, September 6, 2009

[Announcement] Vote for DBSK to Singapore at SISTIC!

For all Singaporeans, or everyone who lives next to Singapore….

why don’t you try to do the vote running in Sistic website to call your Dong Bangs to the country???

For your information, SISTIC is the largest ticketing service and solution provider in Singapore. It sells tickets to events ranging from pop concerts, musicals, theater, family entertainment to sports in Singapore.

As for the poll, you do not need to login in order to vote. You just need to enter your name and email address and click the vote button.

Click the link below^^

credit: sharingyoochun@wordpress +jtxlovestvxq@bs

Sunday, August 30, 2009


In my next life, I’ll no longer love you.
Because in my next life, I will no longer be a Cassiopeia

In my next life, there will be no Cassiopeia, no DongBangShinKi.
In my next life, I hope you ‘ll only have your real names:
Jung YunHo
Kim JaeJoong
Park Yoochun
Kim JunSu
Shim ChangMin

No more U-Know YunHO
No more YongWoong JaeJoong
No more Micky YooChun
No more Xiah Junsu
No more Choikang ChangMin

Only left
the common Jung YunHo
the happy Kim JaeJoong
the cheerful Park YooChun
the cutie Kim Junsu
the genius Shim ChangMin
only those names left…

no longer the group,

For the DongBangShinKi, one lifetime is enough.
Let all the love, all the passion be exhausted by this lifetime.
No leftover; useless once expired.

In your next life, please be just
Jung YunHo
Kim JaeJoong
Park Yoochun
Kim Junsu
Shim ChangMin

Be the Jung YunHo who only belongs to yourself;
the Park Yoochun who only belongs to your parents;
the Kim JaeJoong who only belongs to your sisters;
the Kim Junsu who only belongs to your friends:
the Shim ChangMin who only belongs to your loved one.

No more DongBangShinKi,
No more large crowd of fans surrounding you,
No more bodyguards,
No more revolting reports by the silly media.

You can be free to do the things you want to do,
free to love the ones you love.

In the spring,
you’ll plug in your earphones and stroll along the malls.
The MP3s playing will not be by a singer called DongBangShinKi

you’ll walk the streets with your girlfriend;
eat ice-cream; rent a yacht; watch Nottinghill, Titanic.

you’ll watch a concert with your family.
The shining star on stage will be someone else,
no longer a group called DongBangShinKi

you’ll hold your girlfriend’s hand and stroll through Myeongdong.
When the lights go out, you kiss her gently and make that promise of a lifetime.

We’ll do that, shall we?

In the next lifetime, you’ll complete the other dream of your present lifetime,
and not the artiste DONGBANGSHINKI

you’ll no longer be only sleeping two, three hours a day because of work.
You’ll be able to eat; you’ll be able to sleep.

you won’t have those muscle and joint aches due to long hours of practice.
You won’t accumulate a body full of aches and pain at such a young age.
You won’t say things like “Even if I have to spend the rest of my life lying in bed, that will be ok”.

Then, even when you fall and injured your back,
you’ll be good and put on that cast, lie in your bed and rest.
You’ll no longer have to clench your teeth and finish that performance
because of your promise to fans.

Then, you’ll no longer have to be the artiste watched by thousands;
you’ll only be yourself.
This lifetime,
you’re DongBangShinKi who belongs to the Cassiopeia.
This is a fact that cannot be changed.

And all the Cassiopeia can do,
is love you,
love you,
love you very,
very much.

Because in the next lifetime,
there will be no more DongBangShinKi.
So we’re concentrating all our love in this lifetime.

This lifetime, I will love you well.
This lifetime, let the Cassiopeia love DongBangShinKi well.

Next lifetime,
let you be
just the common Jung YunHo
the happy Kim JaeJoong
the cheerful Park YooChun
the cutie Kim Junsu
the genius Shim ChangMin
who only belongs to yourself.

Next lifetime,
I’ll no longer love you.
I promise.
Really promise…
next lifetime, in my world,
there will be no DongBangShinKi.
there wil be no DongBangShinKi,
no more DongBangShinKi…….


Full Credit When Posted Elsewhere
Source: weird&short+nam87@Soompi,sashiss7so@youtube
Credit for : Cjlatina
No Additional Credit Should Be Added
this article is like soooooo long ago
i only posted the back part cos i feel touched after reading....
the front part is talking abt this guy JANG YOO JOON from Tri Top look like KIM JAEJOONG.
if anyone is interested with this article....
u may want to go to the link below

Saturday, August 29, 2009

[INFO] TVXQ's 6th Anniversary - Cassiopeia's Plans

Korean Cassiopeia will be organising a 6th Anniversary party for TVXQ on 26th December.
The number of people participating is 1,226. The price is 7,000 Won.
The time is roughly from 2pm to 5pm. They are now preparing the goods.
The parents of the members will be invited to attend the party.
Source: [withtvxqforever]
Translation credits:
Shared by:
Do not remove/add on any credits
i want to go too~

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Teasers to UKnow YunHo’s debut drama ‘Heading To The Ground’ revealed

Idol group Dong Bang Shin Ki member UKnow YunHo’s debut drama ‘Heading To The Ground’ is set to air from 9th September.

The drama stars Go Ara, Lee YoonJi, Lee SangSoon, Choi MinSung, Kim JaeSeung apart from UKnow YunHo. And ahead of the airing, 2 teasers to the drama were revealed, giving fans a sneakpeek into the idol’s debut drama acting.

The 2 teaser videos:

The drama is said to be a 16-episode long drama and will be aired on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The drama talks about how a man tries to achieve what is thought to be impossible: fulfilling his dreams of being a great soccer player.

credits: K Bites
shared by:
sorry for not updating this blog that often.
we were busying with our own exams. T.T

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009

Cassiopeia puts pressure on SMEnt with boycott, “We refuse to be the must-buyer of the products from SMEnt.”


Idol group Dong Bang Shin Ki’s 800K strong fanclub Cassiopeia has planned to show their support for their idols through their united act.

A fanpage ‘DongNaeBangNae’ recently put up a notice to call out to fans to boycott SM Entertainment by not buying products from SM Entertainment on 12th August.

Recently, with the lawsuit between SM Ent and Dong Bang Shin Ki member Xiah JunSu, Micky YooChun and Hero JaeJoong over contract problems, SMTown Live 09 concert to take place on 16th August was postponed indefinitely.

For the FULL BOYCOTT article @ K Bites.

i can't put the picture up here. it got really blur. @@"