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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Won't be able to update much

Gotta start studying for exams. I might be updating a little. But no garantees...

That site sucks. That site sucks HARD! Not only did they make Yunho into Yoonho[as in wrong spelling] but it's all in korean!!!!! They don't give stinkin' English transalations!! What do they think?? DBSK has fans in Korea and Korea only? It should be international!! Like DBJunior~~ Haiz. Whatever, right now, I'm in the school computer room. With Rosie next to me, slapping my leg. It's still in pain. Christine is starting to really get on my nerves! =.=.... "Why do you have dandruff on your hair?" she says, "You have alot~" she says, "Why they sleep together one?" she says.... haiz. Get off my back Christine!!! She is just way to smart for me to ignore her...T_T

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I wish I could just shout that out loud.... AHHHH!!~~ But, I'm way too sophisticated to do that sort of stuff[KIDDING! I tak begitu perasan lah wei!]. Haiz. Got Sejarah homework to do. Came back home late because I didn't know weather got bowling meeting today. So, we [refering to me and Yennee] just got out attendence marked and went off. I also have KGT, and Lisan. And on top of ALLL THAT, I have to get some STUPID stuff COPIED! I swear, I could just jump down a cliff right now. Why is everybody so unfair to me? Today, I took the buku kawalan kelas and according to Jasvin and my deal, he was supposed to pass it up after school. Instead, he asked me to do it. I couldn't stand much of this anymore. I just left it on the stage. I DON'T CARE ANYMORE! Argh! Then, Sejarah teacher[oh, stupid Sejarah teacher...] got so angry today, she actually asked Lam to teach the class. And she is like, "from today onwards, I'm gonna make you do the teaching!". And I'm like, WHAT THE HELL!! I think I'm gonna be the next victim. She caught me vandalising my table. I tried to cover it up... hehe! Hope it worked. Ahh well. Better get on with it. Oh yeah! Just somthing I wanna ask you guys. A Science question, is fire matter?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I give up!

That DBJunior forum said I need 50 posts now! Damn lah wei! That's why I give up trying to be a DBSK mod! I've tried TWICE already! And failed!

Same goes to today! There is this English Quiz during assembly today. I tried. Twice. I lost. Seriously lah wei! SHIT ENGLISH! Haiiz. Sorry for the foul language. Needed to get that out of my chest somehow. I mean, even Ai-vee was mocking me!

Haih. Anyway, I'm REALLY pissed of today. Cause, on top of all that[refer to above text] My Yunho Oppa is not on the MNet Top 50 Guys That You Want To Raise!! But, the rest of TVXQ is! THAT IS JUST WRONG!! Anyway, here is the list...[hesitant to copy and paste]

1 Yoo Seung Ho
2 Cheon Jeong-Myeong
3 Arashi Member: Jun Matsumoto
4 TVXQ!: Xiah JunSu
5 Maddox [The cambodia child adopted by Angelina Jolie]
6 News: Yamashita Tomohisa [aka YamaPi]
7 SS501: Kim Hyun Joong
8 Thomas Brodie Sangster
9 Lee Seung Ki
10 WaT: 小池 $(D??平
11 [Unkown]
12 Super Junior: Kim Ki Bum
13 Kim Tae Hoon
14 TVXQ! Micky Yoo Chun
15 Kat-Tun: Akanishi Jin
16 Kim Dong Wan
17 Jeremy Robert Myron Sumpter
18 Park Gun Hyung
19 Super Junior: Kim Hee Chul
20 Quinten Schram
21 Fly To The Sky: Brain
22 Yuya Yagira
23 Baek Ji Hoon [Leader of Korean Football Club: U21]
24 MC Yoo
25 Brooklyn Beckham
26 Choi
27 Arashi: Kazunari Ninomiya
28 TVXQ: Max Chang Min
29 Jang Geun Seok
30 Kat-Tun: Kamenashi Kazuya
31 Kim Hyeon-jun
32 SS501: Kim Hyung Jun
33 Nairmiya Hiroki
34 Super Junior: Lee Dong Hae
35 Ji Hyun Woo
36 Jake Thomas
37 Seven
38 Shun Oguri
39 Haha
40 ShinHwa: Andy
41 TVXQ! : Hero Jae Joong
42 [A Composer]
43 Park Ji Bin
44 Bong Tae Kyu
45 Buzz: Min Kyung Hoon
46 SMAP: Katori Shingo
47 SS501: Heo Young Saeng
48 F4: Vic Chou Yu Min
49 Cha Doo Ri [Korea Footballer]
50 [An Author]

Super Junior

Monday, April 21, 2008

I got it! yay~~

I finally got that DSLR camera I wanted ever since I heard of it[just a few months ago]. I love you camera~ It's an Olympus E-510. Bought it in Midvalley yesterday. I said if I went there, I would buy the Canon right? Well, apparently, the exact same camera I saw in Digital Mall was there at a CHEAPER PRICE! I even got a free tripod! Isn't that cool? Well, I didn't want the tripod cause I saw no use of it! I don't think I would use a tripod. But, my mother said we MUST have it, so like, WHATEVER! The best part of yesterday was I got to miss ballet all for that one camera!~ YAYYYY!~~

I also finished Absoulute Boyfriend book 1 yesterday. Here's MY review:
It's a shoujo manga that I have never seen before. As in, it's plot has never been written before as far as I know! It's cool. It's about this girl who can't seem to get a boyfriend. She found this phone with a weird ringtone at a park. She met up with the owner of that phone who happened to be a guy. He dressed up like he was going cosplay-ing. So, that guy wanted to give her a present. She didn't want anything but a boyfriend and just blurted that out. Then, the guy gave her his card and asked her to go to the website on it. It was an online shopping website, for dolls, LIFE SIZE. So, she ordered the trial one, without giving it much thought. Next morning, she got the doll. Apparently, she ordered a sex doll..[wth!] And it came in a box, naked. She then got to know him. It could actually walk, talk, eat, whatever a normal human can. The only difference is that it's actually a doll! She gave him a name and it all went well. It was a 3-day trial. She didn't give it back in time. So, she has to pay. She didn't realize how much it cost, 1million dollars. So, she tried work. The doll came along too. [FYI, it's name is Night] It didn't work out because, it was a strip club[=.="]. So, the weird cosplay-ing guy gave her a deal, she has to help the doll collect data so that the data can be used for other models. And it went on, and on....

So, yeah. Today? Oh. Nothing much. Just that Jasvin, Mandeep and gang were playing truth or dare. I was OBVIOUSLY a victim! Jasvin had to untie my hair and hug me from the back. Culprit? Mandeep. I'm thinking he either watches too many anime or reads too many manga. Cause, boy, that don't work on me!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Absolute Boyfriend

I finally read it. Recommended by Khalisah. I only read half of it at Borders, Gardens today. There, I met Frauline. Second time I met that girl at Gardens. She seems to go there a lot. Well, so do I! HAHA! Anyway, my mother and I were at Megamall[she wanted to see the Home Dec Exhibition], we happened to pass by a Camera Sale[well, I don't really know it's called...]. ANYHOO, we saw this Canon camera, DSLR. AND, My mother says, I CAN BUY IT!! Did I? No. Tomorrow is the last day. We want to go there again tommorow, I'm supposed to make up my mind then. Plus, I get to finish the Absolute Boyfriend manga! Hopefully, I can make up my mind. Here's all the stuff about it:

Name: Canon EOS 400D
Made in: Japan
Basic Features: 3fps shuttle speed, 18-55mm lens, NO Live View Finder, Digital Single Lens Reflex[DSLR]
Price: RM2300+[without extra zoom lens]
RM2800+[with extra zoom lens]
My thought: Not as good as the one I saw at Digital Mall was a Olympus somthing somthing. That was much lighter, had Live View Finder, and so much more zoom at RM2900+.

Help me choose kay? And you people better help me FAST! I only have till tomorrow morning around 11 at the most!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Vote Purple Line For Airang

You don't have to. Just that if you wanna, do it! K?

You know what to do! I mean, it's in English after all!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Homework, homework, homework!

I hate homework. I hate photocopying and collecting money from others for stupid computer literacy class. I hate KGT. I hate SCHOOL!! Have I told you that the only reason I go to school and NOT sulk about it during school hours is because I like the friends there? Haiz... Sejarah got so much homework~~ To top it all off, I'm always in the middle of every fight going on in the STUPID 1K!! May I PLEASE change school to like, a private school? With stephy! Ooh yeah~! Stephy!! I saw her online today during school! I was online during computer literacy class... hehe! She doesn't seem to know that I HAD A BLOG! It was posted EVERYWHERE! My MSN, my Friendster, my DBJunior profile[OK. I don't really mind if she can't find it in DBJunior...]. Haiiz. She very clever lah wei! Ponteng school! All because of a stupid ceramah. HAHA!! I wanted to watch Hey! Hey! Hey! on Youtube/crunchyroll but can't understand a THING! So, anybody out there reading this post who actually understand Japanese, please put in subbies or tell me the transalation! THANKS!

Note to Stephy: Next time, leave a message on my CBox kay?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Everything. Gone. Well, almost everything. THANK GOD!! We finally did somthing about those STUPID signs on the walls of the class. Now, our class looks SO much better!! So happy!! Well, gonna go play Maple. Or maybe Pangya. I'm not so sure. Ahhh well... Either way, I'm gonna go play! Ooh. BTW, I FINALLY found the Beautiful You lyrics[cheeer!!]. Here it is!

Sono koe ni sawatte nemuretara ii noni
Aenai yoru mo daiteru mitai ni

Kimi da to wakaru me wo tojite mo
Amai taion ga kikoete kuru

You're such a beautiful woman
Ima sugu ni hoshii yo kimi ga iru sekai wa a beautiful dream
You're such a beautiful woman
Suki de doushiyou mo nai everything oboreteku fukaku so sweet
You're such a beautiful you


Chiisana PIASU wo hazusu yubisaki mo
Shinayaka ni asu wo shinjiru tsuyosa mo
Tamaranai hodo ni boku wo sasou
Jibun no himitsu ni kizuitenai no?

You're such a beautiful woman
Donna kiss ga ii no? Bokue dake ni oshiete a beautiful world
You're such a beautiful woman
Mou tomeraresou ni nai my baby soba ni kite koko de feel me
'Cause you're so beautiful

Kimi dake ga motsu ai no imi yeah
Dare ni mo sawarasetakunai yo
You're such a beautiful woman baby

Ima sugu ni hoshii yo kimi ga iru sekai wa a beautiful dream
You're such a beautiful woman
Suki de doushiyou mo nai everything oboreteku fukaku so sweet

You are beautiful
Baby you're special one
You're such a beautiful dream
You are beautiful
Baby you're special one
You're such a beautiful dream


I wish I could fall asleep to the caress of your voice
Even on the nights we can't meet, it's like you're embracing me
I know it's you even with my eyes closed
Your tender warmth... I can sense it

You're such a beautiful woman
I want you right now... A world with you in it is a beautiful dream
You're such a beautiful woman
I can't help but love everything about you...
I'm drowning in the depths of your sweetness
You're such a beautiful you, yeah

You remove your small earrings and your ring too
You're so graceful, even in your strength to believe in tomorrow
It's maddening, how you tempt me
Aren't you even aware of your own secrets?

You're such a beautiful woman
How should I kiss you? Tell only me... a beautiful world
You're such a beautiful woman
It seems this can't be stopped, my baby... come to my side, feel me
'Cause you're so beautiful

Only you possess the meaning of love
And I don't want to let anyone else touch you
You're such a beautiful woman
I want you right now... a world with you in it is a beautiful dream

You're such a beautiful woman
I can't help but love everything about you...
I'm drowning in the depths of your sweetness

You are beautiful
Baby you're special one
You're such a beautiful dream
You are beautiful
Baby you're special one
You're such a beautiful dream

Credits to

Monday, April 14, 2008


Man, I'm SO HAPPY that Jasvin didn't come today. Let's have a moment or two to celebrate his abscence:


OK. I'm done. So, like, whatever. Anyway, I STILL am ABIT mad cause there isn't anybody to ask to do half my work for me, LOL!! But I don't have to fight with that idiotic dude, which is, AWESOME! So, Mandeep broke his hand while doing taekwondo, I have a VERY painful neck/shoulder, Lam and Janice have the flu, and Rosie just won't stop being hyper!! So, like, it's kinda mind boggling. Ahh well... This week is science and maths week. I feel like killing myself. That is why I'm going to relax as MUCH as I can with golf. Online golf, so that I don't get a tan on top of the one I have now. Cause then I would have two tans. WHICH would be weird. I'll stop typing. FYI, I'm still listening to beautiful you!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


I finally finished my Sivik project!! Now, it's just Moral. I'm still thinking about weather I should memorize or do a folio... Somebody help me with that. Please. Anyway, I totally forgot about putting a siggie on my photoshopped pictures!! And I posted them already!! Doing now... Can't waste time then. Biie!

PS: I'm still addicted to Beautiful You! Still listening to it. And still looking for a place to give me the lyrics. AND still trying to download it... HELP!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Camera galore

Shopping for cameras on the internet. OK. So, I didn't really buy anything. But my mother said that I would get a camera for my 13th birthday[YAYYYYY!!]. Somehow, I have a feeling that this year is gonna be REALLY great excluding school. I mean, mummy even promised to buy my cousins and I tickets to TVXQ 3rd concert!! And I don't think that they won't come because if they don't come, I would have that feeling right now. But, YAY!!! Anyway, I'm TOTALLY addicted to Beautiful You right now! I'm listening to it till i can catch the lyrics! HAHA!

Friday, April 11, 2008


Teacher announced that today had bowling practice, TODAY! I mean, that's just sad. I got the worst marks, as usual. HAHA! I just play for fun man! But En. Fahry kinda like, helped me, in some kinda way. I guess. Apparently, Dilis was also in Bowling. I didn't really realize. Dilis is her nick name. Her real name is Ng Xian Hui. She used to be in my ballet class. She dropped out when she had to face UPSR. Anyway, now, my right thumb kinda hurts and En. Fahry OFFICIALLY knows my name. It's sad in so many ways. Haiz.... Well nothing much to say for today about DBSK... SORRY!! All I can say is I'm applying for DBSK mod in DBSuju forum I entered. So like, I hope I can get it considering that I don't really have any experience. hehe. Wish me luck then!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Beautiful you MV

OKOKOK listen up everybody!! I've JUST seen the Beautiful You MV, OK, I saw it yesterday, AND IT WAS AWESOME!! So, I'm gonna share it with all of you who just realized that they haven't seen it and feel behind time. Anyway, my analysis:

Video: It has 2 parts. 1 part is where they dance the night away and another is them practically posing. It's all mixed up....

U-Know Yunho: My darling Yunho oppa looks great in the posing part with JUST HIS SINGLET ON!!! EEEEEE~~ AND he is in front of the mirror the entire time! But when it comes to the dancing part, no matter how good he is at dancing, his hair just ruined EVERYTHING! And to imagine, I think that is the hair he will have when TVXQ comes to Malaysia!! What is his hair like? It's long. He tied it into a ponytail. It looked HORRIBLE!!

Hero Jaejoong: He looked DASHING in his V-Neck shirt leaning on the pillar. That's the posing part. Acutally, I have to agree with whoever that says Jaejoong looks good in everything he wears, cause he does. LOL! But he's just second best to me~~

Xiah Junsu: He just simply looks hot! For the posing part, he is just sitting on the floor with one leg flat and the other, he hugged! But I didn't really observe him in the dancing part. Sorry!

Micky Yoochun: Hair, just HORRID! Yoochun oppa!! You're supposed to be THE most sexy guy of the group!! WHAT HAPPENED?! His hair was neck long. And he had the end of his hair dyed blonde.=.=. What a waste of beauty! He was just sitting on what looked like a hotel bed.

Max Changmin: I think, in this video, he took Yunho's second place on the hottest list of TVXQ. SERIOUSLY!! He looked HOT! Like, HOT HOT!

Girl: Don't know her. Cant see her eyes. Just half her hair, her nose, mouth, legs and [ahem] chest. But she looked really beautiful from that. Who knows? Maybe she has only one eyebrow?

Venue: The place looks kinda mysterious and freshly polished. LOL! The entire video is practically black and white. AND a little blonde...

There is also this not very sure weather it's new, but it's new to me, it's called Kiss Shita Mama Sayonara. It's a REALLY sad song. I'm gonna go hunting for the MV so, here is the song and MV:

Lyrics and Transalation: Kiss shita mama sayonara:

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Today, somthing REALLY embarrassing happened to me. SO embarrassing that I can't tell you! All guesses are allowed in CBox. Consider it a game! Anway, today, the entire day is totally PORNY!! Lets start:
First of all, the thing that happens everyday, Anukul. He just can't stop thinking about porn!! I mean, he even changed Sejarah, the most BORING subject I have ever known WITH the WORST teacher IN THE WORLD[not that she is lazy. She is just HORRIBLE!], into PORN!! Haiiz, I don't know how he even lives in this school saying all that porny stuff without getting expelled for sezual abuse!
Secondly, even photography was porny! Teacher was showing us some pictures that have MEANING and, there was this picture of a lady, naked, a man, holding the naked woman= PORNY! There was another one with 2 naked girls covering their parts=PORNY!! Seriously!! What is up with this school and PORN!?
Conclusion: I hate this school. I only come for NON-PORNY friends.^^[not porny myself.]
Oh. And everything with En. Fahry went fine. PHEW! Okie then, gonna go do.... somthing. BYE!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Sorry you guys!! I didn't post yesterday over here because I was too busy trying to post all the photoshopped pictures and non-photoshopped picture in My Photoshopped..... GOME~~

Anyway, today was the day Christine, Kartiga and Avitra went for the International Book Fair. And, the day I brought my VERY old camera. And, the class was actually controllable! I guess it's cause Kartiga, Avitra and Christine aren't around for Anukul to bother. YAY!! I kinda did somthing to the class today. Since there was a board in the class that was on the floor and supposed to be hanging on the wall next to the whiteboard, I just couldn't stand it anymore! So I took one of the computer tables at the back of the class, put it in front and put the board on the table. It's SO much more convenient! Haizz.... Thanks to my mother for giving me the idea!

Bringing camera to school was SO FUN!! I mean, the camera and the fact I'm doing it for a sivic project is like, a pass to EVERYWHERE!! I took like, 20+ pictures during rehat. I'm gonna choose the good ones tomorrow, and do the brochure by the next day. Finish by at LEAST Friday[OMG! I'm organised!! Did an alien come and do somthing to my brain or somthing?!]. Well, other than those two things, I also plan to join the sudoku contest for PSS week[this week]. Oh, and I sent the bowling form to En. Fahry[more like his table] but, forgot to put the RM50 in the paper. LOL! Gonna do it tommorow. He might like, hit me, scold me, or just act like the PONDAN he is... Not very sure what will happen. But I hope it would be the PONDAN one, cause I really don't like him when he is angry! PS: DO NOT tell him that I just called him PONDAN ok? THANKS!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The very long post...

To all readers that don't really like reading long posts, i suggest you don't read this post. Cause it's gonna be one HELL LOTTA long! I mean, it's for 2 days!! Just a warning... But if you do skip this post, you may just see the pictures in My Photoshopped. If it's not there yet, sorry. You came too early. Moving on, I went to Alor Setar for Cheng Beng on Friday after school. I missed ballet yesterday and wish I'm gonna miss it again today. But I don't think that's possible. Ever since I started this blog, I never really introduced my cousins to you guys, my precious readers. Rosalyn is my closest cousin, she is in SMKSBS with me. She just moved. Her sisters Shera and Becca are pretty close to my themselves. They are 16 and 18 respectively. Rose[what I call Rosalyn] is 13 this year like me!
Their mother is Sam. I call her Sam Ee. Father, Uncle Roger. JR is 18 this year too. His real name is Lai Jin Ren. His idol? Superdan AKA Lindan. He calls himself that in my CBox. His mother is See Ee... Father, Uncle Lai. Sometimes I call JR uncle Lai too, cause he starting to get old. AHAHA! Brian and Ellie are the smallest, at 7 and 5. Their parents, Keong Kuku[dad] and Sin Chim Ee[mom].

We were eating at a corner shop at Ipoh for dinner. It was dark. Some ate laksa, and others, kuan loh mee[That includes me cause I don't take any type of spicy stuff]. Everybody was chatting their hearts out. I just sat there. Cause everybody was speaking hokkien. Which is a language I may never understand. Coming from a girl born by hokkien parents, it's kinda stupid. When I just finished my dinner, everybody was still chatting. So, I looked at Sam Ee. I saw this guy bending down next to her in a motorbike helmet. Everybody gasped. Sam Ee shouted,"WOI!". Shera started running. Keong Kuku[that's what I call him] ran after the guy too. So did Sam Ee. People eating in the shop, the guy who sold us the food, almost everybody went after him, bringing what they thought would be a good weapon, chairs, so on... Her bag was snatched! All I could do was sit there. Shocked. I lost all my vocabulary. I couldn't say a word. Brian and Ellie clueless to what just happened. After a very terrifying 5 minutes, I found some words and put them together: "Everybody tak ada selera makan liao.... heh.". That broke the silence. Rosalyn soon realised her handphone was in there,"AHH!! MY PHONE ARHH!!" she shouted. I started laughing. Everybody did. Sam Ee came back. She then wanted to go to report this to the police. My mother brought her. So we were left alone, just Rose, her sister, Ellie, Brian, See Ee and me. JR didn't come. He had lessons to go to back at collage. The 2 sisters started eating again. Brian and Ellie asked me so many questions. I WAS ABOUT TO BURST OUT! About 15 minutes later, Shera and Keong Kuku came back. Shera told us everything. How she regretted sitting so near the entrance, how she wished her mother would have been more careful. Most importantly, she told us about the chase. The guy ran till there was a left turning. He immediately turned and jumped on a motorbike, with a friend there driving, they rode away. Shera was so sad. Only for one reason, her facial money! She started going, "AHH!! My facial!!", "How am I supposed to do my facial now?!". Gosh. Then, luckily, we had cousins in Ipoh. So, we went to their house. Waited there. My mother and Sam Ee came back. Sam Ee was so sad. Not because of her money, or keys, or phones, or cards. It was because of her work. She had 4 thumbdrives in that purse, containing all her work! Poor Sam Ee...

We finally reached Alor Setar. The picture of the bag being snatched still in my head.Next morning, we went Cheng Beng. My mother was driving her Mercedes. She kinda lost track. So we ended up going through the kampung then to the cemetry. Haiz.... It was hard finding those three tomb stones. Rose and I were appointed as the photographers. I took quite alot of pictures. I loved taking pictures. That's when I decided I wanted a SLR Camera, and nothing else for my birthday! I don't care if I don't get a cake or a birthday party at my new house, I JUST WANT THAT DSLR CAMERA!! Gonna tell my mother about that soon. Anyway, as usual, Shera started singing, I joined in and so did Rose. We were all singing Love In The Ice and Rainbow and well, some other songs the entire time. LOL!

That same day, we went to Kuala Kedah for dinner. Bought some fish and prawns and squids at a pier. At that pier, we saw a fish head the size of a basketball!! And it looked shoked like, =0. LOL! Then we went to a nearby restaurant and saw king crabs. I don't know which side is the right side up... You can see the pictures in My Photoshopped link. Well, soon at least. Cause I'm gonna photoshop them! WHEE! Then, I took a few pictures of the sunset. A picture of Ellie. So on.

Next day [today] we went home. And here I am. Typing the longest post I have ever typed. Well, to the very patient reader of this post, I congratulate you for reading the entire thing and NOT fall asleep after the second paragraph. And kamsahamnida/arigato gozaimas/thank you!

Friday, April 4, 2008


Going Cheng Beng.... Alor Setar. Not writing for 2 days..... WISH ME LUCK!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Computer class

I love computer class!! Cause I get access to ALL things TVXQ DURING SCHOOL HOURS!! It's SO cool! I actually went to in SCHOOL! Isn't it just great? Ooooh! And I FINALLY found a way to keep the class quiet. And somehow they keep falling for it! HAHA

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Short Post

Sorry. Today is a short post cause I'm REALLY late.... HAHA!! Today, I was doing to much homework and Shera, Rosie's sister[biological], came over. And because of the rain, their mother was late to pick them up! And it's hard to live with that girl cause she shouts LIKE HELL whenever she thinks about Yunho! She is a GIGANTIC SHOUTER!! Well, gtg now! BIIIE!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Friendster Picture

HAHA!! Nabil keeps saying things like, GET THAT PICTURE OFF FRIENDSTER!!LOL!! Here's the picture:

well, I took alot of pictures of this taekwondo thingy. Cause Nabil and Mandeep were in it. And I just couldn't miss it!! It's from sports day! Anyway, Nabil, if you finally find this blog and see this picture in front of MILLIONS OF PEOPLE, please feel free to be angry ^^. I still WILL NOT GET OVER WHAT LAM TJUN MENG SAID YESTERDAY!! That dude is SO gonna pay for what he said! NOBODY CALLS JUNSU GAY! YOU HEAR ME?! NOBODY! NOT EVEN MY FAMILY!!!!! That's all I wanna say for today. Muax! Aishitshitemo!