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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Today's Post

Nothing much to say about today cause it's pretty early and nothing happened. So, I'm just chatting with my darling BFF, Roxeanne in US. Did you know the end of their school year is in June? Cool right? Be back to edit when somthing else happens!

I just painted my nails orange! HAHA~~ But, I only painted my left hand nails, the right hand, didn't go too well, so I'm gonna like, do it tomorrow... I'm sorry I edited only now, I was too busy trying to get the painting right. I love painting and all, but it's been so long since I actually painted my nails! And it took me way too long to just paint my thumb nail!![lmao! thumbnail... hehe] Well, I just finished book 2 of Gatcha Gacha, reading book 3~ Can't wait to find out what happens!!

Ohhh, I just downloaded The First Mini Album from SHINee[finally figured out it has only 2 'e's...]. I got it from 4share and I am totally in LOVE with Replay!! So, I'm like listening to Replay on replay!!! haha~ I love that song soooo much~ It just has that click to it if you know what I mean... I think I'm gonna finish my fanfic pretty soon. Not a big hit with anyone. I told Rose that if I added a fictional character in it, it would be nicer... But noooooooo, she said, 'NO GIRLS!! DO LAH SOMTHING LIKE JAEHOOOO~~' And here I am reading a great hit, 'Hero... Is my hero?' about Jaejoong being a hero to a girl in the Philipenes... Rose, if you are reading this, SH*T YOU WITH THE WHOLE JAEHO THING!! SO WHAT IF THEY HAD *** IN A FANFIC? IT'S SO HORRIBLE!! IF YUNHO/JAEJOONG SEES THAT, THEY MIGHT DIE!! That girl never thinks about other people... Only her own amusement... T_T... Well, CYAZ!

Yesterdays post

This post is dedicated to yesterday..LOL!! Ironic...

I was at Megamall with cousins, JR, Shera, and Rose. Omo... We actually killed time by bowling. As usual I sucked. But, the good part is, I held a record in my life!! No, I didn't go in the longkang the entire time[Thank God!], actually, I got the highest points I ever got in my life, 39!![at least, I think it was 39. If you are reading this, JR, correct me if I'm wrong.] Haha!! And I did the most embarrasing thing I could think of in the Bowling Alley, put the ball down, squat, push. LOL!! Like Jaejoong oppa!! MUAHAHA!! JR actually recorded me doing that! ><... I don't really mind doing that. It's kinda fun! But, the embarrasing part is, it still went into the longkang T_T!! I suck sooo much!! We met up with Becca later in the day. Then, at about 7pm, my mum picked us up and we went to the Selangor Club for dinner. Omo!! On our way back, Shera saw this advertistment about FT. Island! It was about their 1st concert over here back in May! But, we actually mistook them as TVXQ! So, here is the situation:

We were in the car..
Shera: Is that TVXQ?[pointing at advertistment]
Me, Becca, Rose in unison: WHERE?!!
Shera: THERE!![still pointing]
Me: OMO!! IT ISS!![Mianhae!! I can't believe I mistook them myself..]
Rose: Ahh!! Really larh!!
Becca: Wahhh~
[Got closer]
Becca: That's FT. Island lah!!
Shera: Oh, really arh? Wait until get closer abit.
[Got closer even more...]
Me: Oooooh, chei!
Rose: Who is FT. Island?
Shera: Nehh, the boys that our age de!! 13 years old also got, 16 years old also got, got 18 years old also!
Me: That's really young!
Shera: Yea lorh
[Right next to the board]
Everybody in the back seat: Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
My Mother, driving: [Shakes head]

HAHAHAHA!! I love that situation...

Going to write the 9th chapter of my fanfiction. I don't think the people who read it want to wait for what happens to Yunho oppa who fainted... OOPPS!! Said too much already! hehe^^[deliberately said too much to attract more readers]

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Daddy spilled warm water....

It was kinda like this...We went for breakfast at my favourite Dim Sum shop in Connaught[not sure how to spell] and we sat at this table at the back. While my father briefly washed the plates[somthing we always do] with the water given, he spilled that small bowl of water, and so, right now, my right shoe is wet. LOL!! I just let out a gasp. But the really cool thing is, this little chubby girl from another table came over to our table and offered some tissue paper from her big packet. So, my father just took one and said thanks. Awww, that was so cute right? She was soooo cute!! So, I know she won't be reading this, but thanks little girl!![That felt so cheesy!]

I just finished watching SBS The Star Show feat. DBSK!! And there was this part where the MCs asked Jaejoong oppa to DANCE!! And Junsu was like, 'Actually unlike any of us, Jaejoong has a broad shoulders and a small waist!! So, there is this dance where he uses these features! Show us!!' And Jaejoong took off his jacket to reveal a non-sleeved shirt. And, I'm like SCREAMING!! His muscles sooooo BIG!! Then, he danced this REALLY cute dance, that made me scream EVEN MORE!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~~ So, I also learned that Changmin seems to be the most annoying. Cause he has like all these things in his room and when anybody wants to borrow anything from his room, he'll be like, 'Call me Hyung!'. And when he wants to borrow anything from anybody else, they would say the same thing, and he would say, 'I won't do that!'. I'm like LAUGHING SO LOUDD!! And my grandmother is currently downstairs! LOL!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Chapter 7

I've reached chapter 7 of my fanfiction in just 4 days. Just to let you in on that... Please read my fanfiction! JSYK, it's reached 78 hits!! YAY ME!!

So, this afternoon I liked played Maple for nearly 4 hours with Xietin. For some reason, when I asked Frauline to go in first while I restarted my computer, I went in Maple, and she was no where to be found.... FREAKY!! LOL!! But, finally, I LEVELED UP!!! Currently level 27! Still low. I accidentally told Yennee I was 28. I have bad memory.. LOL!! Suddenly, this dude asks me to do him a favor. And I'm like... OK? He comes up to me and asks for a trade. I was like, in shock. I didn't know what to do, I actually told Xietin about it. Then after all that, the dude just asked me to double click on somthing he gave me then give it back to him. Then, he gave me 100k and some bowman cape thingy. But, like, right now, I FEEL SO RICH!! Moving on.Then, after that, we played 3 games of Pangya, to RELAX... Cause my fingers were like, frozen from the air-conditioner and so tired from playing too much, non-stop! I wish I could swim/do homework like that.. Ahh well. But you know what? I've never had such tired fingers before! Until I cannot putt in Pangya! And I'm like, THE PUTTING MISTRESS!! I could hardly even type!

Right, I'm like, talking to Rose on MSN. And she told me that MC Mong was on Music Bank!! [FYI, that's on Mondays, KBS World, Astro 303 at 6pm] And, EPIK HIGH ON STAR GOLDEN BELL!![Tuesdays, KBS World, Astro 303 at 6pm] And what's so sad is... I MISSED EVERYTHING!! I feel so SAD!!T_T... Sombody remind me to never miss anything good on KBS ever again!

So, there was Ballet class today right. Started earlier cause of school holidays. And, guess what? Not many of you might know this, so I'm just gonna tell you, in ballet, you actually have 2 types of shoes, point[the one you use to stand on toes] shoes and ballet slippers[normal]. So, when I put on my ballet slippers, I realized, I forgot to glue the bottom of the shoe back!! Cause, you see, like all shoes, ballet slippers have the bottom part too. And it came off a few weeks ago. Like half way. So, the other half is still stuck to the shoe. So, it's like.... Really uncomfy.... But, like... Not caring right now! LOL!! Have to ask my mother to glue it back soon... Oh, and YAY!! Next week no class!! Can play more!! Update my blog more!! Make more chapters for my fanfic!! Finish my fanfic!! Advertise my fanfic!! Too bad I don't have photoshop! And the edubox classes don't go on on holidays.... WTF lah wei!! I want those CDs!! I want stuff to do with the Photoshop!! I want to, like, HAVE THAT F-ING ASSIGNMENT!!

PS: Sorry for bad language. A LITTLE cranky cause Rose has a Jaeho picture and put it as her Display picture on MSN, and I'm like, WTF!! DEY ARE SO HOT IN THERE!! Eeppp~ And, Xietin finally finished her Yoochun header for her blog. She says it's simple, but it's just so BEAUTIFUL!! I actually screamed!! Check it out!Click here to go to Xietin's blog. If you are using Internet Explorer, it might be a little slow. Alot of things in there... But, if you're using Mozilla Firefox, I'm not so sure. Cause I don't use it! LOL!

SHINEee pics

Thanks to Xietin for the pics and gifs!! Omo, I love it sooooo much! You don't know the gratitude I have for you! Saranghae~ Kamsahamnida!! The gifs will be uploaded when I figure out how to make them work =.=" Proves how noobie I am...

[This is because she is the one who gave the pictures to me~ So, don't credit me. Credit her!]

Doushite kimi wo tsuki ni natte shimattan darou?

Why did I end up falling for you. That's their latest song. Though, it's not actually out yet. It's supposed to come out 23 July. I actually knew this for quite a while. I was just too lazy to post about it. Sorry. Haha. But, click here for the link to the lyrics. And I've got this blurrish version of the song. If you want it, you can get it from me. Just email me or somthing, CONTACT ME! That's the right word! haha!

A few words to Xietin: If you think that blurrish version of the song is the one you gave me, you're wrong. I actually got the less-blurrish version from TVfXQforever!^_^ Get it from me if you like=)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

*slap* Right, I just slapped myself! Haiz... Long story, but I'll tell you guys anyway! I went to watch Narnia this afternoon about 3pm and there was this part where these 2 horrible looking dudes that didn't eat/drink for a 100 years[or was it days?] trying to 'help' Prince Caspian. And they actually summoned the White Witch! Well, actually at first it was a wall of ice. So, when the wall of ice came out, I just thought to myself, "OK. I swear, if the White Witch comes out of that wall, I'll slap myself" and so, the White Witch came out of the wall and now, here I am, recovering from my own slap. I hurt. LMAO! Go watch it! It's like, awesome! Susan is chubbier than I remembered. And Peter got a little hotter! LOL! But my love still belongs to my darling Yunho oppa... Saranghae... *Sigh*[dreams about Yunho and clicks on the 'Publish Post' button]

I feel like an idiot.

I feel like a GIGANTIC idiot! I cannot believe that both Tiffany AND Jessica of So Nyuh Shi Dae WAS ACTUALLY BORN IN THE US!! I actually slapped myself when I read that! I have no idea why though! I don't even have the slightest idea why I currently hate myself! LMAO! I'm like, OMO! Haiz... At least I finally found out about SNSD! OK. So this is what I found out. SNSD as everybody knows consists of 9 girls. But what I didn't know was their names, Taeyeon, Tiffany, YoonA, Jessica, Sunny, Sooyoung, Seohyun, Yuri, and Hyeoyun. SNSD was born last year! Now THAT was really surprising! I thought they would be older... lol! OK. So, their age range is 16-19!! I thought they were older! LOL! No offense to SNSD fans. I didn't know a single thing. haha! Now, Epik High, I didn't know that Tablo was in there! Well, Rose has been telling me over and over but I just coudn't believe it! So, Epik High consists of 3 guys, Tablo, Mithra Jin, and DJ Tukutz[this is so hard to pronounce...] Born, 2003. They are this hip hop band... And, well, there isn't much about them. haha! Finally, SHINee! debuted just 2 days from today[LMAO!!], 5-member-boy-band, Onew, Jonghyun, Taemin, Minho and Key! I feel like going up to Taemin and just kissing him on the cheek! That guy is SO YOUNG! And he dances! I seem to have a soft spot for dancing guys[eg. Yunho!!] What's more, his birthday is so near mine!! Walao, I feel like asking him to be my boyfriend! Mianhae Yunho oppa! So, they have already released an album, 누난 너무 예뻐 Mini Album and I so feel like grabbing it! I hope it's on sale here!Click here for....The official SHINee site They actually have English!! BO YEAH!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Currently Addicted to One-Epik High

I don't know why but I'm like, totally addicted to that song!! Time is tickin' t-time is t-tickin' tickin!! Haha!! Listen to it! Gonna put it in my now playing. ^^... Ooh, and FYI, I'm like guessing, maybe if you guys want to really hear a song. Any song at all... You can request it on my CBox! I'll change it whenever I can! Okie?

OKOK. So in Penang, I'm like totally confused! Why? Cause I always mistook Penang for Melaka! Cause my grandmother came along! HAHA~~ So idiotic. Well, I took like, A WHOLE lot of pictures during the trip. And I officially make 'My Photoshopped' to 'My Gallery'. So, I don't actually always HAVE to photoshop it! That's okay right? Cause I got like 115 pictures in my camera and more already downloaded to my computer just waiting to get on my blog!! haha! So, I don't really want to totally elaborate about my trip. You can view the photos in 'My Gallery' to tell you the story! Kay?

I'm trying to figure out more about Epik High and Shinee! Have you seen them? Well, if you have ANY information at all, email me at okay? Kamsahamnida! Also, making new category for index, K-POP!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Dong Bang Shi Dae Story...

The Dong Bang Shi Dae Story is about the conflict of couples of DBSK and SNSD. Fanfiction by moi! Have fun!

Maple and Fanfics

I've been playing Maple like, the ENTIRE day, and I still didn't level up!! I'm gonna play with Xietin on [maybe]Tuesday so, like Xietin, if you're reading this, I'm in Floating Market aka Thailand! And, FYI, DAVID COOK IS THE NEW AMERICAN IDOL!! BOOYAH! So happy so happy!

School? Ahh, not too bad! Especially for the fact that I brought my phone which allows me to listen to music and take pictures! I took some pictures for Faez too with her camera! Omo! I just remembered! I forgot to give her my email to email me the pictures! SHOOT! Anyway, I'm like totally happy. So, anyway, today was Sambutan Hari Guru and as I thought, we just had to sit there and listen to teacher! But, we, class monitors, had to give teacher these presents and a [cute] cupcake! At least we got to stand right? The presents were from the prefects. We just represented them. We gave them to our respective form teachers. Then, there were the games, before that some performances. AH! Performances! There was this 'so called band' and they consist of 2 singers, a guitarist and a drummer. Drummer, good [he even got a small solo at the end of the song. FU YOH MAN!]! Guitarist, okok. Couldn't hear anything.... hehe! Singers, BLEH! They actually tried to sing When You Look Me In The Eyes by The Jonas Brothers! And I say TRIED because they sucked! No offense. It's just, they can't be as good as the Jonas Bros man!

My fanfiction might just be a little late. Gomene. But, keep looking out for it on! my user is jasm12341995. Okie? I'll post the URL if I got at least 1 chapter going. Ooh, yeah! And, like quite a few people I know, I'm going on Holiday! Ok, it isn't somthing like out of the country or anything. Though I wish I can go to USA! Maybe I'll get to meet DBSK! If they are still there. Some say they are in Vegas? Ahh, whatever. Anyway, I'm going Penang. And the only thing I can think of is FOOD! Char Kuey Teow I love you! Lobak, WAIT FOR ME!! And for breakfast, Ipoh Kuey Teow in Ipoh!! BOOYAH!! MUAHAHA! Food, darling food, come to me soon! Saranghaeyo! Right, anyway, my point is I won't be updating until Monday. So, happy holidays!

Ooh, I've just heard[I'm so slow] there is this new band by SM! It's called Shinee. It consists of 5 boys ages 14-18 years old. I know! That's like, really young right? The youngest, 14 Taimin looks like someone I know. Maybe a Suju member? I don't know! But there is this guy, 18. His name is Kim Kibum! It's the same name as one of Suju members! haha!! Coincidinc maybe? Or is it really the same person? I don't know. I'm like, not that knowlageable about Suju. Mianhae all Suju fans! Here is the link to the article on DBJunior.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Celebrate good times COME ON!!

Last day of exams!! I'm FREEE~~~ I played Maple just now! I'm gonna go play pangya now!! wheee~~ Well, not EXACTLY now, but soon!

Although it is soon to be school holidays, teacher gave us like, A TON of homework!! And did you know there is Kerja Kursus for Sejarah?! I didn't! Nobody told me about it anyway!! There is BM, Maths, Sejarah, and Geografi!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~ But at least I get to play for a few days right? HAHAHA~~

Tomorrow is Sambutan Hari Guru, and I am gonna wear my baju kurung[not going to care about that stupid rule!!] and bring my phone to listen to music instead of listen to the horrible speeches that will be given by teachers. Good idea? NO? Well, tell me your opinion then! HMPH!

I still haven't leveled up yet on Maple, but it ain't that easy! Anyway, I'm gonna play SO MUCH PANGYA! MAUAHAHAH!!

Here is somthing on Junsu and SNSD's Tae Yeon:
During Hollywood bowl 2008 in more than one or two occasions fans randomly stumbled upon dating-like behavior between Junsu and SNSD’s Leader TaeYeon.The "couple" was seen around a mall hanging out together alone …Fan accounts (more than one or two) having it that she had her arms around his waist and he had his arms on her shoulder while exploring the shopping mall … Junsu was told that at some point even grabbed on TaeYeon’s Cheek (?) then on the concert night .. people noticed during the “Balloon” performance Junsu got closer to her on the stage, the event was called off by Brian Joo who personally walked into the stage and demanded TaeYeon to move away from Junsu and stand in front of the stage .. all the facial exchanges between almost all the DBSK memebers shows something is just off! at the end of the performance the two had some sort of an half-ass high five that caught everyone’s attention .. then again while leaving the stage the two were still walking next to one another and then TaeYeon were seen giving Junsu a pat on the back or something ..All of these events came with pictures that confirmed the occasions!However, in the fear of spreading the rumors to Korean news all the pictures were removed by the fans! Videos were proof-- proof 1-- idol groups at their peak, their members are rumored to be dating.Recently there has been a speculation among the netizens that DBSK’s Xiah Junsu and SNSD’s Taeyeon are dating. These two have been caught on camera.A photo shows the two holding hands as they come down from the stage after the final performance. However, the picture is so poor in quality that no one is sure what exactly was captured on camera.People have commented by saying “Are they really dating?”, “it looks that way because of the angle”, “you can hold hands even if you aren’t dating, you could be good friends”; this has generally been the reaction to the photo in question.The words “Xiah Junsu and Taeyeon” have not been seen in the top places of search ranks as of yet.proof 2-- note: None of the DBSK were seen after the HB. They are now rumored to be in Vegas for a show.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

100 postss!!!

This is my 100th post!! BOOYAH!! I'm soooooooooo happy!! Haha... Would have been faster if it weren't for that stupid exam.... haiiz...

Anyway, I've already come up with the theme and the whole story line and stuff... Rosalyn is helping me too. If she doesn't give me her story line soon, I'm going with mine... MUAHAHA!! It's gonna start this Friday, so be there!

I'm at school right now, next to Quah Ee Yin, and Yen Nee peeking off my back... I'm at the computer class that I was SOOO dying to go! You know, the one that gives away FREE Programmes like PHOTOSHOP... haha! I can't believe Jarrel Kok is here though... He is SUCH an idiot. With great hope he doesn't know I'm talking about him...

It's starting!

Jarrel is OUT!

Monday, May 19, 2008


I've been studying my head off. Exams are on in school. Getting on...

OMO!! I just visited Xietin's blog, and I realized that she has updated SO MUCH! I've only not touched the computer for like, a week. OK. So that's a long time too, but still, like, if it was any other blog, it would have been 7 posts that I missed right? This is more like, what, 15?! I could hardly believe my eyes! OK. I could. But it wasn't really expected. I mean, doesn't she have to study HER head off too?! Ahh, what ever.

Haptic game is the last CF by DBSK & SNSD. AIIYOOO SO NICE!!! I just watched it a few minutes ago! Haptic~~ I just would LOVE to have that phone!! EEEE~ Especially if any DBSK members have even touched it! Haptic Game is just kinda like this, it's literally a GAME. With the whole lot! ALL of SNSD and DBSK! So, they are at an airport. They go up an escalator and go [in korean] 'If you Haptic, you can shake' and other features... They go in pairs up the escalator and keep chanting until sombody loses. You lose if you reach the end of the escalator. If your turn is done, go to the back of the line. Yunho and Junsu lost in the end. So, their punishment is, they have to carry EVERYBODY'S luggage! The full chant is supposed to be [in korean] 'If you Haptic, you can shake, you can push, you can lean, you can connect, you can turn, you can pull!!' Haha... The action oso so funny! You can find the video in youtube... I'm way too lazy to link you, mianhae.

OK. So, yesterday was the day before Wesak Day, therefore today is WESAK DAY! I have no idea why this day is a public holiday or what Bhuddists do on this day other than pray. But I'm so happy it's a holiday!! Anyway, back to yesterday, I went to bathe the Buddha at a temple. Damn, it was a long line. But it was either this or pray my life out with Annie Ee [she is my mum's sister] which would be horrible! Plus, if I prayed yesterday, I get a nice pork knuckle for dinner[not to be eaten by yourself. And sorry to all Malays reading this.]. So yeah, anyway, after temple, obviously, men wanna go drink. Even if it was 11PM already! Finished drinking at about 1am. Went out and saw a buggy. Just for your information, that's the thing that you drive on a golf course. It reminded me about America, where I drove that thing! The passengers at the back called it a roller coaster ride. I called it, FUN!! Back to reality, this girl, my age, who came along for the praying/bathing sat in it. Her dad got in too and they had a ride. Suddenly, the buggy sped in front, smashing a flower pot. It kept going, though it was stuck, the wheels just kept turning, got out of the curb, crashed into plants and finally stopped. So it was stuck there. On a plant. It was considered lucky because if it weren't for the plant, the 2 in the buggy would be dead by now. Adults helped carry it out of the curb, and guess what, it was just a problem leading to another. My mother tripped and fell. I had my music on, holding 2 handbags and my camera. I didn't know what to do, I was shocked to death! So, long story short, she went to the hospital, got a stone out of her right eyebrow, [luckily, her eye wasn't hurt] got home, slept, and now, she is at a hospital, sleeping, after stiching her wound. So there you go, my heart still stops everytime I think about it but, is there anything more I can do?

I saw Yen Nee playing maple on my computer. All these maple leaf like things kept coming out everytime she killed a monster. She told me it was some kind of Maple Anniversary or somthing. But it an event none the less. I so wanna play. So I promise you, after my exams I'm gonna spend a few days catching up on my playing and updating! OK? Just a few days to go anyway. So, don't wait up!

Hwaiting/Gambatte/Jia You/Good Luck to all taking their exams soon! Ajushhiii~~[very attracted to that word for some reason...]

Going to make a fan fiction in My mind is set. I'm just gonna think about what it's gonna be about after finishing each exam. You know, when the room is like, tre quiet. Some asleep... Me, bored to death... Yeah.... Perfect time huh?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tagged by Jarrel Kok...

Instructions : Remove 1 question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged.

1. Who do you want to marry?
That's obvious, Jung Yunho! DUH!

2. If you have the chance, what would you probably say to your beloved one?
SARANGHAEYO!![Joins hands on top of head] You are the best person I've ever known![Hopefully by then, I would know how to say that in Korean...]

3. If you were to be stranded on a desert island, who are the 3 blog buddies you would take
Xietin, Hui Wen and me[I'm not so sure weather that counts though...]

4. Where is the place that you want to go the most?
Well, there are so many... Korea, Japan, Paris, England, Miami, Florida, And anywhere else TVXQ has gone to!

5. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
Be related to any TVXQ member. Preferably, Yunho!

6. Do you believe you can survive without money?
No. Definately not.

7. What are you afraid to lose the most?
TVXQ!! They are my world [hand gesture]

8. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
Buy TVXQ for my brithday, invite all my TVXQ fan friends, and hopefully, TVXQ will get to know me for the true fan I am.

9. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
DUH!! I only love ONE person, or five... hehe!

10. List out 3 good points of the person that tagged you.
Omo, this is gonna be hard
Funny[at times]
Not related to me!

11. What are the other requirements that you wish from your other half?
Laughs a laugh that makes you wanna laugh too[Junsu]

12. Which type of person do you dislike the most?
The type that calls sombody[eg: TVXQ] somthing he/she/they are not[eg: gay] and he/she/they[eg: Harrish, Anukul, Jasvin, Lam, Mandeep] don't even know him/her/them[eg: TVXQ]

13. What is your ambition?
Engineer, maybe teacher... But, my true dream, is to be a singer featured in all of TVXQ songs!!

14.What is the thing that will make you think he/she is bad?

15. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
THINK??!! I KNOW! TVXQ, Handphone, my life, my friends and family, and of course, computer to blog in!!

16. If you are to die one day, who you wish to spend the last day with?
TVXQ without their fans, my family, and of course, my friends [not included Yenteng who would most likely MAKE me die of torture]

17. If you have a chance, which part of your character would you like to change?
My laziness, so I would get up and run to my darling oppas!! Or get more 'A's...

18. Who is the person that you can share all your problems with?
Nobody really, everything is still packed up in me...

19. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend or someone you admire ?
Boyfriend? nuh uh! Totally single here! Admire? yeah!!

20.wats ur size?
Normal... [Thanks God]

People I tag:
Xiemin[sister of sister who would be my sister too!!]
Hui Wen[class friend]
Lai Hoong[school friend]
Alyssa[dad's friend's daughter, A.K.A, friend]
All DBSK fans who read this post
Anyone else who are interested....


I went to Borders again. That must be like, my favourtie hang out place isn't it? Anyway, I bought this manga called, well, I forgot what it was called. LMAO! I read Absoulute Boyfriend book 2 too!! It's SO funny. You know, at the Gardens, I realized somthing, everywhere I go, people just keep staring at me. I'm like, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU LOOKING AT?!!!! It's seriously bothering me!! Ooh, I forgot to tell you huh? I got 20% off that manga I bought. I got the coupon from Otaku Zone from the Star. Just so you know, Otaku Zone is out every Sunday in The Star in between Fashion Police and the comics ^^. Oh yeah, and I bought a new watch! I bought it at some really famous watch shop that is NOT called Swatch. I can't seem to remember any stinkin' names. How the hell am I supposed to ace my Sejarah?? T_T...

I'm talking to JR on MSN. And he doesn't know how to navigate around my blog. So, to help my cousin and for the convenience of all of you who read my blog, I will put and extra sign in the front in BOLD saying, 'CLICK ON THE HEADS OF THE FOLLOWING TVXQ MEMBERS TO NAVIGATE'. Okie?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Realized somthing?

I changed it! Again~ And it's still not satisfying! At least now it tells you the navigation, but, DOES IT HURT SO MUCH FOR SOMONE TO MAKE A NICE SKIN FOR ME THAT CAN FIT IN POSTS WITH YOUTUBE VIDEOS? I mean, COMON!! Divine Wings hasn't really put in any new skins. So, I just took this from Blog I did it last night. Actually, it ain't that hard once you know what to do!

Bridget SMSed my last night asking me to go for a Hang Out Party at her house[YenTeng's idea]. I replied her this morning with the answer, yes. But she said that 23 May[original date] was not a good day, so she changed it to her birthday. And, I just figured out, she has the same birthday as Yoochun oppa!! OMG~ I was so shocked! I didn't believe that she had the same birthday of THE SEXIEST member of TVXQ!! Eeeeeeep~ It's on a Wednesday this year. I adviced her to put 'Happy Birthday Bridget and Micky' on her birthday cake!! HAHA~ Maybe we will sing the happy birthday song to both Bridget AND Yoochun oppa! That'll be SO GREAT! haha!! Well, I said yes to that too. We're going to Jalan-Jalan at a mall[not sure which] then go to her place and celebrate her[AND YOOCHUN OPPA'S] birthday~ Wheee~~ Hope I have fun!

Friday, May 9, 2008

DBSK & SNSD Anycall Haptic CF[with subs]

Hope you guys like it. Credits to myhero1991 and usaeve74 from youtube.

Let's Haptic

Haptic Battle

Haptic Scandal

Feel like changing this skin. Driving me nuts here~

Officially over Tiffany

Now, I'm not so jealous of Tiffany. Though, both Jaejoong and Yunho are trying their best to get Tifanny's attention, Jaejoong gets her. So, I'm like, not really caring because she doesn't really like my darling, Yunho oppa in the CF. Which is good! MUAHAH!! I know I'm kinda slow. Actually I watched it yesterday. After I posted here. So, yeah. AIYO!! I LAUGH LIKE HELL!! But hey, here is the link to the Haptic Motion and Haptic Line. Note: All true fans, get ready to laugh your heads of or maybe even shout! Episode 3 is coming soon. So, if you guys check like, everyday, maybe you can get it. And if you do, do tell me! I SO WANNA SEE IT!! Aiyo, Junsu so damn funny~~ But, I kinda feel sorry for Tiffany cause I read this article on DBJunior about Tiffany being hated by her own fans! I was like, 'WOW!' ... Anyway, if you check out
Xietin's blog
You can get these pics she got from the Haptic Line. I don't know how she does it. It's just so, TIRING! And you have to be like, really really patient.... Well, gtg do my BM homework. Ja~~

Thursday, May 8, 2008

2 days

I'm gonna write for 2 days here. Sorry about yesterday. I didn't manage to use the computer much.

Well, it wasn't much at school yesterday. Except, somthing happened during Sejarah. Teacher was talking about, well, somthing about kegemilangan Melaka. And somehow, it lead to teacher asking everybody weather I'm a good monitor. And, in my heart, I'm like, "WTH!! Sure the enitre class say 'no'!" and guess what the entire class answered, YES! I was so shocked! I could even hear Harrish and Jasvin and Mandeep. I'm like, SHIT! They actually like me! Man, that was SUCH a relief!

I slept again after bathing. Damn, this is starting to be a habit. Me like! LOL!! Then I watched American Idol. Wasn't too bad. Rock & Roll night. BORING!! Why can't they put some mentor like TVXQ?! I know it's AMERICAN idol, but Yoochun is an ex-American! That totally counts right?! And TVXQ is like a total star EVERYWHERE around the world that has TV and Internet. I mean, their even going to LA for the bowl! COMON!!

OK. So, today, was like, a really great day. Reason? I got like RM5 or more profit from photostatting somthing that I have been delaying for a week or so, used that money to buy e-pop, saw TVXQ on the front cover, and ate a lolly-pop~! HAHA!! Other things that happened? Well, Hui Wen, Yi Hua and Lam were playing this game-that-I-forgot-what-the-name-is and all I know is that if you lose the round you get a punishement. So, Rose and I watched them play. The punishment was, Writing somthing on your arm. It's kinda unfair for sombody who wears short sleeves cause you're easily gonna get caught by your parents [speaking of Lam], but it looked really fun! Maybe I will play it. Someday!

Studied Sejarah. I actually had Harrish helping me get away from Sejarah studying by letting him SMS me. And so, the story goes on, study, SMS, study,SMS, you know the drill!

I watched this interview by this korean show called MBC. I only watched half of it cause I know that I have to talk about it over here! So here I am, talking about it. Anyway, it featured TVXQ, OF COURSE! And well, they were talking about their lives before they debuted. [FYI, this interview wat in 2007] And so, here were the 3 problems that happened to the TVXQ members that I remembered:

1. Xiah Junsu: Had voice changing problems when he was still a trainee. Lasted 3 years which is unusual for most people. Normal period is 1 and a half years. He even thought about forgetting about his dream of becoming a singer at some point.
2. Choikang Changmin: No relationship with his friends because he started being a trainee at his 2nd year of high school.
3. Micky Yoochun: Had to earn his own money for ticket from America[don't know exactly which state. But it has to be either LA or Washington D.C. cause those are the only places with international airports] to Korea. Only had 1 year of training.

Then, I also learned about the meaning behind their stage names.

Yunho: He was named 'U-Know' because he is the leader of the band and he wants everybody to KNOW him
Jaejoong: His Korean stage name is 'Youngwoong' which means 'Hero' in English. It was made so because he wanted to be the HERO of the group.
Yoochun: Named 'Micky' because in Chinese letters, his name is 'Bigi' which means he is the 'prized weapon'
Junsu: It's just Asia without the A. So Asia=Sia which is how the say Xiah in Korea.
Changmin: His stage name, 'Choikang' means he is strong.

Then there are the things that obsessed fans[eg: Xietin, Hui Wen, and ME!] should not do:

1. Stand and shout in front of their apartment(s) and work stations because it bothers other [non-DBSK loving] people around them.
2. Follow them everywhere they go. They gave an example for this, there was one time when this fan was chasing after their car. They went 100m and stopped at the traffic light. And the fan was banging on the car. And the light went green and the boys went off. They looked behind and saw the exact same girl still running after the car. And so, it goes on...
3. Don't copy their handphones. One day, Jaejoong invited Yoochun to Han River. And so Yoochun said yes. Then, all of a sudden, a girl calls Jaejoong and says 'Why did you call Yoochun oppa?'. Jaejoong was shocked. Conclusion: the girl actually LITERALLY copied Jaejoong's phone and can see who Jaejoong is SMSing/calling.
4. Pretend to be their family members. Because Yunho oppa has a little sister, one fan wanted to get somthing from DBSK in advantage of that. She posed as Yunho oppa's little sister,Jihye, calling him one day. She said, 'Oppa, this is Jihye. How have you been? Let me speak to the other members.' Yunho was confused thinking how his little sister can speak a Seoul dialect when she is from Gwangju. So, in his Gwangju dialect, he says 'What are you doing?'. The girl got confused because she doesn't know Gwangju dialect. So yeah!

This hurts TVXQ alot. So please do not that. If you can't do that, don't THINK about doing it okie?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Song For You Lyrics

Song For You Lyrics

[JJ]So wo ki mi no so ba ni iru

My Life to mo ni e ru iteku
Itsu demo itsu ma demo

[JS]Kokoro ni kime te ita omo ii wo
I ma ko so ma yo wa zu ni tsu ta e ru yo

[CM]Futari de kasane teta Good Time of Love
Mirai ni tsu zu iteku sono tame ni

[YC]Shiro i tsubasa wa
ka jie wo oyo i de
sono mune ni okuru yo Song For You

[JJ]Mou kimi wo hanasani
tee boku no soba ni ite
muka e ru ki se tsu wo
ka jio e yo wo

So wo kimi no soba ni
Iru my life to mo no aru iteku
itsu demo itsu ma demo

[YH]tsubasa ga itamu himo aru darou
yo jio ra ni ho shi hitostsu na i toki mo

[YC]you u no kimo jiwo omoi dasouyo
futari nara kanarazu Dreams Come True

[JS]Sowo sora no kana tamade
For you koe ga todoku ma de
ashitamo negaiwo kanadeyo

[CM]Your Smile Boku wa kokoro kara
So Shine kimi ni ji kau kara
Mamoru yo eien ni

[JJ]Mou kimi wo hanasani
tee boku no soba ni ite
muka e ru ki se tsu wo ka jio e yo wo

So wo kimi no soba ni iru
my life to mo no aru iteku
itsu demo itsu ma demo

Today, they postponed the multimedia class. Now, our first class is on the 20th. I FEEL LIKE KILLING! I met that 'Abang Leong' guy again today. Just sitting there, smiling at everybody who passes, HMPH! He said that we would get that CD on the 2nd class. That would be like, 27th!! Talk about shit lah wei!!! I wanted that free photoshop ASAP! Oh yeah, and I did my lisan today. It wasn't too bad. I mean, I expected it to be like, a WHOLE lot harder. And I actually held a conversation with teacher without saying a single English word! Hooray for mwee!!

I wonder weather Xietin would do the banner for me. Anyway, Xietin, If you're reading this, please consider it! All I need is for you to add 'Navigate with green circles on the left<<' Or somthing like that. Thank you!

Wow, After school, RIGHT AFTER I BATHE, I slept. Wahh, so nice lah wei! 2 hours! 2 Hours of pure sleep. SO niiice! Well, I gotta go. I have to study BORING sejarah! Damn Sejarah...

Monday, May 5, 2008

It's really hard.

It really is! That layout is REALLY REALLY HARD! Especially since I'm used to using the blogger layouts, and they actually automaticaly do the widgets and stuff for you. Now I have to do everything MANUALLY! I'm trying to do the Index. And change the banner abit. Just so you guys know, YOU HAVE TO CLICK ON THE GREEN CIRCLES ON THE LEFT TO NAVIGATE...

School was kinda boring today. It was like, so boring, I can't remember what happened. LOL! Oh, and I gave Harrish my number. After I did that, I asked myself a very stupid question, "Why did I do that?!"

The lyrics for 'Song For You' is coming up tomorrow. I'm copying it from Joanne's magazine. The one that she always buys after school on Wednesdays, E-Pop... hehe~

Will not do banner until I get another photoshop. This photoshop won't work anymore. What?! I only bought it for RM10!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

New Layout

Done, you like? Gave me a headache. Took about 2 hours. But I did it! FINALLY. No index... Sorry. Will do another day... gtg

Happy together

I love Happy Together. I mean, I only watched the one with TVXQ in it [of course!]. Awww man, was it FUNNY!! Kesian Yoochun I tell you! Well, lemme explain it to those of you who haven't watched it yet. TVXQ with these 2 guys and 2 girls[don't know what their names are. But lemme tell you, no offense to them, but they are UGLY!]. Those 2 guys and girls were kinda like the MCs i think. Whatever, anyway, the last part of the show is when they go into this sauna and to get out[to eat and refresh themselves in the big tub of water, supposedly cold...] they have to sing this song. You'd think that that was easy, but it's not really that easy at all. Cause it took some time for all of them to come out. The only one left inside was Yoochun oppa! Aiyer, pity him lah wei! Yunho so CUTE! He actually rapped himself out! The first to get out was Changmin. Owh yeah, forgot to tell you guys that if they were lucky, they can get a chance. A chance is when they do somthing else instead of sing to get out. You choose which chance by kinda like playing darts. Changmin got out because he won one of MCs in a 'Who has the biggest mouth' contest. LOL!!

That Jarrel Kok.... Haizzz... I linked him and he never repaid me! I know that like, not honest or somthing like that, BUT I HATE THAT DUDE! Do you know how it's like to link sombody you hate? I DO!! Well, the next time I go to his blog, he BETTER have my name in his link box. Hopefully, he realizes that I'm Yunho's wife. Cause he put Xietin as Jaejoong's wife, so, you know! Just in case you guys are lazy, here's the link:

Trying to change boring layout to Jung Yunho, my darling...

Saturday, May 3, 2008


From now on, I'm gonna be using Arial as my font. And make my posts more colourful kay? MUAX~

It's cancelled! IT'S FINALLY CANCELLED!~ My swimming class IS FINALLY CANCELLED! BO YAH~ I'm not actually supposed to be on the computer right now. But I wanna finish Happy Together feat. TVXQ~ I finished Variety Show last night.

And I SO don't know what else to talk about right now....[thinking~] OOH~ I could talk about the Variety Show!!

OK. So, it's this show with TVXQ. It's a live show that includes 5 segments:
-Cooking Contest
-All about TVXQ
-Brother News
-Radio Talk
-Fave songs[TVXQ faves and fan faves]
I love the All about TVXQ part. OMG!! IT'S SOOOOOOO FUNNY!! It's kinda like a question and answer activity. Question is by this host guy that never showed his face[=.=] and answered by TVXQ themselves. The questions are ALL ABOUT TVXQ! And it's also the part where Jaejoong, Changmin and [my]Yunho show their abs!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~~ I tell you arh! I would have shouted if my parents weren't at home[they would think I was getting kidnapped or somthing]!!! Aiyer~ Then they talk about Junsu's laugh AHAHAHHAHA~~ The question was describe Junsu's laugh in three words. So, Changmin, Yoochun and Junsu[of course] said Eu Kyang Kyang and demonstrated it. Junsu was the last to demonstrate because that was the answer.... LOL! Yunho spelled it wrong, Eu Kya Kyang...[WHY? WHY YUNHO!!?] Jaejoong on the other hand gave an entirely different answer. I don't know how to say it cause it wasn't in the subs~ Haiiz... Then Jaejoong showed that guys only cry in their heart. Not in their eyes. And they only cry 3 times in their life:
1. When they are born
2. When they get dumped/rejected by a girl
3. When their manager doesn't give them food.
[Starts laughing like Junsu] I can't stop laughing when he said that!!

Jarrel blog is linked in my 'so called' link box

Friday, May 2, 2008

Oh yeah!

Sorry, I didn't tell you guys about this yesterday. I enrolled myself for this multimedia class by Edubox. It seems to be going on really well. Alot of people lined up[for the first time. I mean, I've never seen so many people line up before! Without encouragement.]. Luckily, I had Quah. She lined up for me and signed me up! I love you Quah! She went early cause she is a Pengawas PSS. Therefore, recesses early. YAY! I seriously am in NO mood for studying. I swear! I studied so much this week, I could kill man! Anyway, right now, I'm totally addicted to Song To You and My Girlfriend[Micky]. AHHH!!

Here's the link to the lyrics:

My Girlfriend:

Song To You: Coming Soon. Kindly check newer posts~

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Sorry I didn't update much. I was REALLY busy with studying. I still am though, I'm just taking a quick break after FINALLY completing Miniti Kaca. Haiiz... Anyway, You guys have alot of catching up in my life. I actually became a trial mod in DBJunior! I'm SO happy! Haaa~~ I have these cool stuff that only a trial mod can do! YAY! So as a DBSK fanatic, I'm gonna give you this update about DBSK. Got it from DBJunior.

1.bae yong jun - actor jong hak - drama pd, kimjonghak productions president
3. kim kwang soo - mnet media and gm ceo
4. lee soo man - sm ceo
5. cha seung jae - sidus co-ceo
6. lee mi kyung - cj vice president
7. Park Jin Young - jyp ceo, musician
8. kim shin bae - skt president
9. nam jong soo - sk president
10. lee hae jin - naver & nhn cso founder
11. lee hwa kyung - orion president
12. kim joo sung - cj entertainment ceo
13. kim woo taek - showbox president
14. jung hun tak - iHQ ceo, korean entertainment managers union president
15. kang woo suk - film director, K&J ceo
16. shin dong yup - DY entertainment ceo, comedian
17. jung yun joo - KBS president
18. RAIN - musician, actor
19. Yoo Jae Suk - MC, comedian
20. um ki yong - MBC president
21. hong suk hyun - jungangilbo (newspaper) president
22. yun sae yong - SBS president
23. ahn pan suk - dramahouse ceo, drama pd, film director
24. koo bon geun - sbs drama bureu director
25. shin hyun taek - samhwa networks president, korean drama producers union president
26. kim soo hyun - drama script writer
27. park chan wook - film directpr, mohofilm ceo
28. kang suk hee - cj media president
29. kim min sook - bareunson entertainment ceo
30. seol do yun - seol & company md
31. song chang ui - tvN president
32. kim kwang seob - lotte entertainment md
33. lee jae woong - daum founder
34. jung tae won - taewon entertainment md
35. yang hyun suk - yg entertainment md
36. kim ki bum - chorokbem media md
37. kim sung soo - onmedia md
38. lee byung hoon - drama pd
39. jeon do yeon - actress
40. song kang ho - actor
41. kim jong shin - yedang entertainment md
42. kim dong ho - PIFF committee chairman
43. park yong suk - pan entertainment md
44. YOON EUN HYE - actress
45. ko hyun jung - actress
45. ko hyun jung - actress
47. jung chan woo, kim tae kyoon - cultoo md's, comedian
48. yoo in chon - culture, sports tourism bureu minister
49. kang ho dong - mc, comedian
50. park myung sung - shinshi musical company md
51. park jun hyung - comedian
52. kim ui jun - lg art centre theatre manager
53. choi si jong - broadcast communication commission committee chairman
54. park moo seung - km culture md
55. park seung dae - smile mania md, comedian
56. ahn hae ik - jaeil advertisements planning director
57. lee ji na - musical director
58. lee jun ik - film director
59. kim yoon jin - actress
60. lee joo hwan - mbc drama bureu director
61. shim jae myung - MK pictures director
62. jung ku ho - kuho creative director, fashion designer
63. kang je kyu - film director
64. kim byung wook - sitcom pd
65. jang dong gun - actor66. song seung hwan - pmc md
67. lee yoon taek - producer, poet, theatre art director
68. ju chul hwan - obs president
69. ko dae hwan - olive9 rep
70. yoon shin ae - sakwanamu pictures rep
71. jo sung woo - m&fc rep, film music director
72. lee hyori - singer, cf model, actress
73. yoo yong jin - composer, album producer
74. choi yong bae - chungaram rep
75. jo jae hyun - actor
76. lee yoo jin - jib (film production company) rep
77. jeon ji hyun - actress
78. son suk hee - announcer, sungshin womens university professor
79. kim jong do - namu-actors rep
80. oh min ho - yellow entertainment rep
81. jung won kwan - bugsmusic rep, singer
82. yoon ho jin - acom international rep, korean musical producers committee president
83. lee jang soo - logosfil, rep
84. boa - musician
85. jo sung kyu - sponge rep
86. chun ho kyoon - ssamzie rep
87. na hoon ah - singer
88. lee won jin - google korea, youtube korea rep
89. ha jung woo - actor
90. park keun tae - composer, album producer
91. shim hyung rae - film director, yongoo art movie rep, comedian
92. dongbangshinki - idol singer
93. choi wan kyu - drama scripter writer
94. jung yoon ki - in-trend fashion promoter, stylist
95. bigbang - idol singer
96. kim ji hoon - imm investment rep
97. kang poom - cartoonist
98. Heo young man- cartoonist
99. kim yong ha - author
100. seo taiji - musician

Unfortunately, TVXQ was ranked 92. But at least they were in it!^^