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Monday, June 30, 2008


*Slap**Slap**Slap**Slap**Slap* I just slapped myself 5 times. Why? Because of Mr Cutiiie~ of DBSK!! Yeap, you guessed it! Junsu oppa! Why I'm slapping myself? THIS is why:


*Slap**Slap**Slap**Slap**Slap* Junsu oppa. You have indeed grown up.... First, the ripping of shirt, then, Taeyeon [SNSD so called 'girlfriend'], and, now, the showing of butt. Oppa, I love you!!! lmao! Unexpected huh?

*Note: If gifs don't work, complain all you want. Or, just go to Xietin's blog. HER gifs work, for some reason.

Watched Music Bank today. Mostly girl performers. Whatever. Important part, Cooking?Cooking! was on!! Lee Teuk, Eun Hyuk, Sung Min, all Suju-H was there! I'm like screaming!! OMG!! They are SO CUTTTTTTTTTTTTE~ I love them soooooooooo much! That's all I wanted to say. Thank you. lol

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Xietin's blog

Okay. So, Xietin is wondering weather to make another blog for her personal life.... I agree. So, to help her out [nothing else to do... That's why I'm helping her! lol. Just kidding. I'm helping her as a sis^^ Bluff one no doubt. But, sis anyway. Xietin, you do not have to thank me! lmao. I so perasan.. ] So, here's the poll!! Vote okay? Good. Thank you^^

Okay. Totally different subject. Should I or should I not change my blog skin? Cause I found this Bonjour Paris one on and I was wondering weather to change it. It doesn't require clicking heads. That's for sure^^ Soo.. Whad'ya think? Poll link Or, vote here~!

I see...

I seem to see my darling idols like, EVERYWHERE!! Anything I see makes me think of TVXQ. Wierd... Pic spam!!

Look abit like the same hairstyle? Got it from a Gatsby brouchure. It was promoting some sort of hair gel. Recomended by Japanese hairstylists!! Think Yoochun and Junsu went to those same hairstylists?

Vote for Suju!!

Vote for our 13 oppas okie?


OMGOMG!! Happy happy happy~ Yesterday I didn't tell you guys... haha~ Sorry~ Didn't get the chance. But, anyway... I SAW TVXQ EVERYWHERE~~ Omg.. I'm serious!! I didn't see THEM. As in in person... I'd be screaming my head off if I saw them in person... What I'm talking about is.... I went to Ikano after my swimming class yesterday. Wanted to buy a few stuff for my birthday party. So, after that, I persuaded my mother to go to Borders. So, over there, I'm like looking in the magazine rack when I saw E-Pop!!! Fliped through... Realized, they are so slow! Only NOW they are talking about Yoochun's Birthday party! You know? The one where he cried? I think he cried. Anyway, looked through the magazine rack again, found a magazine that said 'YG SUPER JUNIOR M' right in front!! I felt like SCREAMING!! Cause in small print, I it said some Chinese letters that I couldn't read and 'SHINee, Big Bang, Hey! Say! Jump!' OMO!! EEEEEEEEEEEE~ Unfortunately, it was all wrapped in plastic. I couldn't see if there was TVXQ!! So, I left the magazine rack wishing I could stay longer, bought 2 manga, archie comic, and a magazine for my mother. Next, to POPULAR!! Walked straight to the magazine racks, searched shelf 1, nope, shelf 2, nope, shelf 3, nope, shelf 4, nope, shelf 5, nope, shelf 6, NO!! Awww man, soooo wanted to read that mag. But then, somthing caught my eye in shelf 5.... Omo, It can't be!! lmao! What do you think it is?? I'll give you a chance to think...

Omg, I nearly screamed till the entire building shook. I couldn't believe my eyes!! And, I couldn't believe my luck. =.=... Wrappped, again. AND, In the type of Chinese that I wouldn't be able to understand in about 10 years. DAMMIT!! Why didn't I go for Chinese class? Stupid me.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Merentas Desa

My first Merentas Desa. lmao. Fun. Christine and I were walking together. I became entertainment, singing...lmao!! I loved today. But, there is a sad part.... T_T!!! My TVXQ calander got taken away by Pn. Raja Faziatul *wails*!! That evil witch. But, it all started with Joanne!! She had to be the loudest girl in the world. Here is what I remember:

I was listening to Christine's MP4. Suddenly, Pn. Faziatul came up. I quickly hid it. Frauline took my bag, searching for something to do. Found Ai-Vee's Unfortunate Events book and saw the calander I used as a bookmark.

Frauline: I wanna borrow!!
Me: NO!! It's not minee!
Frauline: Who's is it?
Me: Ai-vee's.
Frauline: oh.

I take the calander and put it on my lap being careful not to put the TVXQ pic on top so it's not visible. Christine then takes it, examines it, and wants to give it back to me. But, Joanne, gigantic busy body, took it and was shouting:

Joanne: JAS ARH!~~ I SEEE ARH!!!
Me: NO!!!!!
Joanne: WHY!!!!!???
Me: Give it back.. NOW!!
Joanne: I SEEE ARH!!

Pn. Raja Faziatul swooped in the scene and just took it. I just looked at her walk away with MY calander!! T_T!! And Yoochun was so hot in that too! Yunho had his old spikey hairstyle....*sob* I saw her take a camera or two from a pack of boys next to us. Then, she took a note book from sombody. Don't know who. She just took everything in sight that is not about food! I'm like going. =O... Then, a few mins later, she gives back the cameras. ONLY!! The book and MY calander was still in her hands. Christine was too busy trying to ask me where she can get one for my birthday. I felt like crying... My eyes were actually filled with tears. Still are.

So, yeah. That's the sad story for today. *starts to cry* Screams: AJJUMA!!! PLEASE GIVE ME BACK MY STUFFF~ IT'S ONLY MERENTAS DESA!!!!!!!!

Get Well Soon Oppa~


This hasn’t been posted anywhere official yet, but over at the daum bulletin boards, Cassioppeias’ are outraged.
Micky Yoochun of DBSK was taken to the hospital on the 26th of June after vomiting after filming. He was taken to the hospital and made to rest, meanwhile cancelling all the rest of his daily schedule.
It seems that the reason for his illness is overwork and not eating meals on time, or at all.
It’s not clear where or how the Korean Cassioppeias got their news, but I think from past experience they are quite a reliable source.
Recently, plenty of stars have been sent to the hospital for exhaustion, (just last week MC Mong, Lee DaHae and Big Bangs’ TaeYang were admitted to hospital for just that reason), and it’s bordering on inhumane from their management companies. I have heard of plenty of stars being sent to the hospital after fainting, but waiting for someone to start puking before getting them checked out is ridiculous.
These management companies need to stop thinking about making the most money as possible and realise that they’re stars are only human beings and need to be taken care of accordingly.
Health and mental well being will elongate a stars career, allow them to perform better and thus create more opportunities to gain money. Management companies are solely responsible for their health and must see it as their number one priority.


Source: Daum DBSK Bulletin Board
Credit for noonoo_shoo + soyboy

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Omo omo omo!! RAT IN THE CLASS!! I DON'T DARE TO GO TO CLASS TOMORROW!! T_T >.<... It's so GOD DAMNED GIGANTIC!! It started like this:

I saw Imran[boy in class] being pushed towards the Sudut Bacaan at the back of the class by Harrish and Azrain [porny people.] And Anukul was using a protractor to poke this *ahem* little thing behind the table. When I went over to check what was going on, I saw this really.... urmm... long *shivers* tail! T_T~ It was so scary!! Suddenly all the girls were screaming their heads off and I ran out of class to give my friend the Buku Kawalan Kelas to hantar for me.[We have a deal. I take she gives back^^] So, when I went back to class to look for Rose, Harrish, Anukul and a few others were still there bothering the rat. I was going closer to see weather the rat was dead or somthing, actually, I saw it run towards this cacat locker.[It's door was bent inwards] It tried to go IN the locker and, as usual, I screamed my head off and ran away. Then, I met up with Rose. On the way out of school, we met Anukul and Jasvin. Jasvin is such a bully!! T_T~ BULLY!! He gave me a vision that I DID NOT want to see! Not describing it. >.<*Runs away*

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Ahh~ Gomene, Mianhae. I didn't update yesterday. lmao. Got too much to do. At school right now. Computer class sucks. Anyway, here is my story for yesterday...

Anneong! lmao!! haha~ Happy today? I ain't. Stress is getting way in my head. I hate school. At least after school was good enough. Edubox rules man. Taking pictures like hell... Haha~ No photoshop today. At home, I just got my homework done. But, I still haven't finished it. Ahhh~ Who the hell cares.

Dudu dudu du dudu dudu du dudu dudu du dadada~ Haha~ Yunho sang that as background music for a Gag Dance by Yoochun and Junsu during a fan meeting. It's soooooi funny. Though, I don't get it. And The PV for Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natte Shimattan Darou came out!! Whhheee~ But, It's only 13secs. WTH lahh~ I can't wait for the real thing to come out. Go to to find it. I can't do it now. In school. Remember?

School still sucks. Nothing much to elaborate about that. Sitting next to a row of porny people right now. A DBSK freak behind me[Hui Wen, no prob with her!^^] and next to her, a girl reading a DBSK freaks blog [Yi Hua, she ain't a prob either] Well, gtg. Cyaz~

Ahh~ Photography never fails me. It always makes me so much happier. I forgot to tell you guys I brought my camera to school huh? Not against the rules. Teacher asked to bring^^... So, I took a few pics. Acutally we brought it to do a treasure hunt. We were given a piece of paper with a list of things to take pics of. And we got 3rd place!! Not bad for a bunch of Form 1s^^ Here are the pics I took for the treasure hunt AND for myself[during BM time, last period. Teacher said we could do anything we like cause we finished her homework^^].CLICK HERE

Doushite pictures:

CD Cover

DVD Cover
Melting yet?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Emergency post!!

OMGOMGOMG!!! OK. Here's the story. I was thinking of going to KBS website and I went to the entertainment section. Guess what I got:

Namie Amuro and TVXQ to Perform Together at A-Nation Concert

Korea's popular male vocal group TVXQ will perform with top Japanese female artist Namie Amuro.

TVXQ and Amuro will perform together at the annual "A-Nation" concert which was first launched in 2002 by Japan's largest entertainment agency, Avex.

Amuro's management agency announced last week that the artist will be performing at this year's A-Nation concert. It will be her first outdoor performance in six years. Amuro will take part in eight concerts starting with the first at the Miyazaki Prefecture. She will also perform at the Ishikawa Prefecture, Aiichi Prefecture and Osaka as well as Tokyo.

Namie plans to release a compilation album of her best hit songs on July 30 and begin a five-month concert series starting in October.

Meanwhile, TVXQ has been invited to perform at the A-Nation concert for the second consecutive year.

And this!!:

SS501's New Single 'Lucky Days' Climbs to No.2 Spot on Oricon Chart

The popular male vocal group SS501's third single "Lucky Days," which was released in Japan on June 18, climbed to the number two spot on the Oricon Daily Single Chart on the same day.
What makes the feat so significant is that all of the songs in the single album were written by a Korean composer.
The album includes the title song "Lucky Days" written by composer Hwang Seong-je and "Summer Blue" by Lee Joo-hyeong. The Japanese version of "A Song for You," a number which had previously only been released in Korea, is also included in the group's latest single.
SS501's management agency DSPent said the group will focus on its promotional activities in Japan until early August. Member Kim Hyun-joong, who makes a regular guest appearance on "Just Married," a popular segment of "Sunday Night Entertainment," will travel back and forth between Korea and Japan.
SS501 plans to hold three concerts from July 12 to 13 in Tokyo and two concerts from July 16 to 17 in Osaka.

OMG!! Saranghaeyo KBS Global!!



I am so God Damned unlucky. My birthday, I mean. It's like, soooo unlucky!! Let's list it all out:

a) 3rd July: Oral 2 for English starts. Role Play? New, still, suckish.
b) 4th July: KKS hantar. Damn!! Shout like hell you know!
c) Early in the month is my time of month. [Girls...]
d) Bowling. I hate En. Fahry you know? He like, REMEMBERS ME!! >.<...

Trying to cool myself down here...

Got alot of homework to do. Music Bank is coming up soon.... Better finish up..T_T cyaz!~

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Melaka Trip

Hiie~ Sorry I haven't been updating lately. I went to Melaka and forgot to tell you guys T_T.. Anyway, today is STEPHY'S BIRTHDAY PARTY!! Whheee~ Going to her party at noon. So, lmao! Woke up early^^

I'm not gonna talk about Melaka Trip cause it was totally nothing. Just went for Wedding Ceremony, eat, sleep, wedding ceremony, eat, go back home, ballet, wedding dinner. That's it. But, there is somthing WAY more important I have to tell you guys!!

THIS!! Remember, if you want FULL torture, watch the entire thing. I did, I ended up hitting myself like crazy.... here:

OK. So, you've watched it. Here's what it is:
  • Definately NOT TVXQ!!
  • Viatnamese? WTF!!!
  • Rising Sun fakes =.=*
  • 5 Viatnamese boys who call themselves 535
  • Claims that that song was written by... here goes, Huynh Hoai Phong! That's it, you just gave yourselves some extra punching by moi!

And the first thing that came to my mind?

  • Idiotic much??
  • Man, they SO CANNOT sing
  • Did that dude actually TRY to copy MY Yunho's dance moves at the end?
  • Isn't TVXQ's songs copyrighted?>.<

OMG... I feel like pondering them! How can they do such a thing?! Die evil fiends! DIE!! But, here's to recoop all of you fans who have just been tortured....

Source: guopinchao@YTCredit for Ochibi

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Thursday without Computer Class is just wrong. T_T. Thursday without Pn. Noor Zuraidah, awesome!! XD... Perhimpunan time though, I saw a worm like, crawling in a big circle. Yeah, that wasn't nice. But I wish I took a picture of it. Then I can like, close up for you guys! MUAHAHA!! Kidding XD...

Woah. Rose and me are like watching Star Golden Bell on youtube. Suddenly, Shera came in and shouted, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH~" Omg. Killed my ears man!! Sitting in the middle of two crazy fan sisters, BAD thing to do!! We were watching the one where it featured SS501 and SNSD. lmao!! Funny man~

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


At school again. Hi!! Sitting next to Hui Wen this time^^ lmao. Her first time blogging at school. So, anyway.... lmao lmao!! Teacher just said, "Siapa buka apa ni? Dong Bang apa? Aiyah, tolong tutupkan sekarang!!" HAHAHA!! That's my blog!! lmao!! Then, she said this, "Siapa yang buka lagu 'Hug' sila tutpkan sekarang!!" rofl!! Rose is suspecting that it's Jasvin cause I asked him to download that song^^

MTV Asia Awards 2008 Malaysia. Sucks that only people who are INVITED can go! >.<>

Credits: Sin Hui Wen

TVXQ is officially NOT going for the MTV Asia Awards. Sad lah wei~ They have worked SO HARD!!*Cries for TVXQ*

After school time... Which means, co-co!! Guess what we did for Pandu Puteri? COOKING!! We baked cakes^^ Mini ones though.. But cakes none the less...=) Though it was butter cakes, it tasted good!! I helped!^^ But, we only get one each person. Sad. Well, I'm doing my siggie for DBJR right now... trying to finish it before ballet class. haiiz... cyaz^^

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Have you laughed till you cried?

Really, have you laughed till you cried?? Afifah did. I did too. Cause? Mandeep and Azrain. Sometimes, they just look so perfect together... lmao!! Okay, so it goes somthing like this, It was the presentation day.... For Science.... And we were doing a presentation on The Variety of Resources on Earth.[YES!! GOT THAT RIGHT!!] So, Mandeep, Azrain, Avitra, Rose, and Afifah were a team doing Fossil Fuels. And guess what? Azrain and Mandeep actually MADE A SONG ON FOSSIL FUELS!! ROFL! And they sounded soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny!!! LMAO!! I can't stop thinking about it!! I actually cried!! XD It was just so funny! So, to people who want to hear the song, please ask Mandeep Singh / Mohd Azrain from 1 Keruing! Thank you. And then, Hui Wen went totally crazy! We [as in I got crazy too] were pretending that we had a TV Show and we were trying to promote selling things [eg: Jasvin's pencilbox for RM0.50 only!! This is because, it sucks hard...]... Then, from things, we went to people [eg: Jasvin for only, RM1!! He is totally useless but can keep you company! But, we bet you would throw him out very soon!^^]... lmao! It was so fun XD.

Then, it was time for Multimedia class... We did the Wallpaper drawing thing.. Since I did it before, I ended up teaching everybody in my row, who happen to be, Celeste who was paired with me, Quah who was paired with Fatin Nabila [sorry if spelled wrong.], and Yennee who was paired with nobody. =.=... So, that's 4 people I have to teach! And nobody wanted to listen to teacher anymore. It's sad. I guess they have never been scolded by Pn Iswani before... foooooo~ Death is near when you make her mad... Rainbow is STILL hard for me =.=... Damn.

And now... *drum roll* I present to you, YOUR DAILY DOSE OF K-POP!!

The following groups have been nominated for Favourite Artist: Korea on MTV Asia Awards 2008:
  • Big Bang
  • So Nyuh Shi Dae
  • Super Junior
  • Wonder Girls

Some of you might be wondering “Why isn’t DBSK on that list?!” Well, if you were up to date with those overworked boys you’d know that they spent most of last and this year working their butts off in Japan.

With that being said, these nominees were chosen through a survey among music industry officials and journalists, but the fans, who can vote online, can choose the winner.

And, here's a little dose of our 13 men, SUPER JUNIOR!!

Super Junior originally debuted in November 2005 as twelve members with the name Super Junior 05, but after the addition of member Kyu Hyun in 2006, they dropped “05″ and were said to be a permanent group. The boys awards’ list include Photogenic Award, Best New Group, Mobile Popularity Award, Newface, Most Popular Music Video, Best New Asian Artist, Best Performance, Appreciation awards and many more (there’s a whole freakin’ page dedicated to their awards!) Since 2005, the boys have released multiple singles as a whole group or as sub groups such as Super Junior-K.R.Y., Super Junior-T, Super Junior-M, and their current sub group, Super Junior (H)appy. Singles from Super Junior as a whole and their sub group Super Junior T equaled to a very nice 137,414 copies sold. That tally does not include Super Junior’s Happy current popular single “Cooking? Cooking!” Their two albums, SuperJunior05 and Don’t Don combined to an amazing figure of 259,579 copies sold.

Thanks to for all the information you have gathered here today^^. JSYK, the MTV Asia Awards will be coming HERE!! So, be ready to buy tickets if you really wanna see SUPER JUNIOR!! Or, SO NYUH SHI DAE!!! Hehe... I don't think I'll be going. I only look forward for TVXQ.^^

Monday, June 16, 2008

Countdown STARTS!!

I just checked the calander and realized that there are only 18 days to my birthday!! Yay~ Can't wait. I don't think I'll be able to have the party I wanted to have looking at the so called 'progress' I've made... But, hey! I will DEFINATELY have a party!! I don't even care if it's at my shabby old house!![Sorry house.] Haha~><>

So, anyway, I'm sorry I didn't update for a little while.... I suck. I'm sneaking in time. HAHA!! XD. I currently can't remember much about what happened today, so, I'm just gonna write what I DO remember...

So, we had a taklimat on disiplin EARLY in the morning, right after perhimpunan and before I got the new time table... So, so, VERY boring. Haiiz... It's like, almost all the same rules except, MORE! I was like noting everything I heard down cause teacher asked us to copy it all down in our Sivics exercise book. Stupid much. Anyway, I was sitting in front right? And I was looking at Pn. Raja Faziatul's shoes. She wore those kind of shoes like the men wear! [No offense to men. Although, I don't think men would read blogs... But still.] You'd think THAT was bad enough, but NO!! She wore socks. Not the normal socks that grown ups wear. THE TYPE YOU SEE ON BABIES!! ONLY IN A LARGER SIZE!! I'm like staring at her feet, thinking, 'You, teacher, have NO sense of style WHAT SO EVER do you? =.=... A baby can dress his/herself better than you do!!'. This world is suckish. What is NOT suckish, is that, WE CHANGED SEJARAH TEACHER!!! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~ I was like high fiving everybody who celebrated the fact. OMG! SO HAPPIIIIE~~ The entire day, I felt like an idiot. HAHA!! I was like saying stuff like 'Dum Dum Marida'[not sure how to spell it][quote by Yoochun in the Haptic CF in the ride...Transalation: pitter patter] and trying to do Haptic Game!! 'Haptic Kamya, duru nuru ikko, somthing nuru ikko, kyu nuru ikko, it nuru ikko, somthing nuru ikko, somthing nuru ikko!!' LMAO!! I was so crazy the entire day through~ And, I passed up my KGT like, right after I got my Geography marks: 88!! Not too bad for sombody who didn't study the last topic that came out! HAHA!! I'm even FIRST!! As in, I got the highest marks for Geo! Cool right?

And now, your daily dose of TVXQ!! Please randomly click these links:






Credits to DBJR for all the wonderful info you have now recieved. ^^

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Going to JW Marriot

I'm going to JW Marriot. I might just be blogging there too, because according to the website, Every room gets COMPLIMENTARY internet access. So, this is just a just in case kinda just-in-case post. XD... Anyway, last night I actually managed to do a siggie. I still think my photoshopping is totally simple. >.<. But, here it is. It's supposed to be for my DBJR account:

I know it's horrible. But, tell me what you think of it. I'm a big girl^^ I can take anything that comes to me! Just watch your back if it's REALLY that bad! KIDDING!!! Gotta go now. Do homework...

Okay. So, I'm in JW Marriot now! YAY~ Talking to Roxie~ lmao. She is totally cracking me up! She's giving me 3 songs 2 listen to. Not too bad... Whatever... Anyway, the point. When I came to blogger, everything was in JAPANESE!!! ><

-Edit 2-
Sorry for editing so much... Anyway, I just wanted to point out, that, instead of going to Maple, I spent 3 hours trying to make an avatar, which was pointless, cause it sucked. Now, I'm left with nothing... >.<>

Friday, June 13, 2008

Tagged by Xietin

Once you're tagged, you'll need to answer all the questions below.Tag 5 people in your contacts, and don't forget to inform them that they've been tagged.

1. You overheard a conversation, you couldn’t help but to eavesdrop this is because you heard them saying DBSG, what was the conversation about?

Jaeho. Yoosu. Like, when Rose said that she read a fanfic saying Junsu was preagnant. Yeah, I freaked.

2. OMG! You were in the office / home / class in school, and then DBSG came into the room, what will happen next?

HAHA!! That has been in my imagination for so long!! Duh, I'll be screaming like hell! Next to Hui Wen of course. Then, not caring who the hell is at the teachers table, not caring weather the teacher WILL saman me or not, I shall run to them with a pen and paper, and ask them for autograph, ask Avitra for her handphone, take a pic, and scream some more! XD

3. You were checking your inbox (an everyday routine) and there was an invite to be MSN buddies, and it’s your fav. Dong Bang. Apparently, you’ve submitted a Birthday tribute to him, and he chose you as the winner to be MSN buddies. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

Umm... Well, Yoochun obviously! I mean, if it's really him, I will totally scream till I lose my voice!

4. (This just happened recently to a very lucky fan) If it were YOU who was with JunSu in the elevator, what would you’ve done?

Ummm.... Ask if he would make out with me? LOL!! Nah... I'll just scream! XD Everything seems to involve screaming. But, this is for a good cause. I'll break the elavator, then we'll be stuck there together. If I'm lucky I can get a hug XD

5. Tomorrow is your big date with Dong Bang; you’ve won a contest to meet them, what are your expectations?

Screams, shouts, fans, me grinning from ear to ear with nothing to say and trying to prevent myself from screaming to NOT annoy the Top 5 boys in my world.

6. The mega DBSG concert has just ended, you had to use the washroom for an emergency, and you just had to use the man’s room (if you’re a girl) and once you’re done, you stepped out of the cubical, and Jaejoong was staring right at you. Would you run (embarrassment), or totally forgot that you’re in the man’s room?"

Umm... I would just stand there, and say "Hi! Ermm... I know this is a bad time, but, can I have your autograph?" LOL! Then, run to my friends, leave out the fact that I went into the guys toilet, and show off my new autograph!!!

7. OMO, Yunho was minding his own business dancing in the dance studio where you’ve been attending all these years, and this never happened. You came up close to him, but then by accident, he knocked you down while spinning, and then?

I might just faint, then think to myself, "I'm never gonna wash that spot ever again!!" then say "Sorry, I'm a total fan, umm... I know you're busy and all, but, autograph please?" lmao

8. You went on stage to hand over to Changmin a huge teddy bear, but slipped (you couldn’t see what’s in front of you), what will Changmin do?

I have NO idea. I don't do research on Changmin that much. So, I'll just copy Xietin's answer if it's okay.

9. You were at the CD store about to buy DBSG’s latest album, and you noticed the guy standing next to you was Yoochun, you’ll?


10. Finally the last question. During and autograph session, JunSu stood up and hugged you, he said. “Noona! Nagai jirun miru na!” (Translation: Noona! Long time no see!) What will you do?

Grin like hell. LOL!! Then, hug him back, pull back, and most likely faint =P Hopefully, they would like, pick me up and bring me to the hospital....[FYI, I think it's Nagai jiKAN miru na? And actually, it means Don't see so long... lol!! But, in Junsu speak it's supposed to be long time no see XD]

The lucky people:
Hui Wen
Whoever who is a fan and read this
Whoever who wants to do this [please don't diss my oppas...]
Whoever who is a fan
Anybody at all?

Note: Sorry to Hui Wen, you're the only one over here who I actually specified... LOL!!


Right, so, alot of surprising things happened today. Let's start with school...

So, I was in the car, right behind PRGM and I saw this guy, wearing pants that looked EXACTLY like the one that Yunho wore during his solo performance... Eeeee~ I was like staring at him going O__O!! Thinking, "I wanna go over there and ask the dude where he bought those pants. And, maybe if he could sell them to ME!!" LOL! Only proves I'm a TOTAL Fanatic, MUAHAHAHA!!

Then, school started. First, KH. Pn. G. Shariza filled in for Pn. Sabrinawati [KH teacher] cause she wasn't in. She brought us to the library.... And, the good student that I am [I just wanted the air-cond...], I sat at the table where Pn. G. was sitting.. Janice, Yi Hua, and Christine sat there too! [Rose isn't there cause she isn't in the same class as me during KH. Long story. Don't ask...] Sooo... Pn. G. started talking and she said that we will be changing time tables. And, MAYBE, our SEJARAH teacher will be CHANGING!! OMG!! Eee~ So happieeee~ HAHA!! She kinda enphasized on the MAYBE but, personally I don't care!! I think Pn. Zuraidah is NOT gonna be our Sejarah teacher anymore!! CELEBRATION MAN!! LOL. And, I was making a mind map about TVXQ.... hehe... since I can't draw, I write. It's not done. I might just post it here XD. Now, THIS proves that TVXQ brings so much luck in my life! YAY!! Lucky me^^

Then, there was PJ. Skipping to the good part, Hui Wen, Yi Hua, May En, Rose, and I. We were like really hyper. So, Hui Wen was like saying that she would like to buy a ticket here! For what? No idea. YET. Why she said that? There is this ticket booth that is not used at the entrance of the complex. So, HAHA!! And, to make this easier to READ and UNDERSTAND, here is the situation:

Hui Wen: Come! Let's buy tickets [runs to the ticket booth] I would like to buy 1 ticket please!!
Me: Ooh! Just imagine, if suddenly right, TVXQ comes to Malaysia and the news will say, TVXQ is back in Malaysia, and their concert will be at.... KOMPLEX SUKAN SERI BINTANG!!!
Hui Wen: Ooh yeah!! [Runs to the view of the empty piece of land] Then, all the TVXQ fans will be standing over there, and we walk in and...[Waves like a queen]
Me: HAHAHAHA!! Yeahh!!!
[Everybody else joins in]
Hui Wen: Then right, they are like shouting, SING SING SING SING!! Then, we just....[walks away..]

LOL!! Funny right? It isn't what really happened. But, do you think I'm a ROBOT?! I can't remember EXACTLY what happened! ><

Then, school finished. Went home then went for bowling! I made a few records today:
1. Highest points ever scored by me: 51 [Or somwhere around the 50's]
2. First EVER strike
3. First EVER spare
4. Most longkang I got in a row: 10!!
Whee~ LOL!! XD Got home, watched Drake and Josh, Zoey 101, and iCarly! FYI, is actually a website! Check it out: LINK

THEN, went to DBJR, found out the origin of the DBSK and Cassiopea name! Here it is: LINK Still in DBJR btw, trying to put in some pics... =P Harder than you think it is ><...
Do you guys know what's the SURPRISING part of today? It's that, it's Friday the 13th! As in, it's supposed to be the most unlucky day ever!! And, the only unlucky thing that happened to me is that I got the most longkang in a row, and that wasn't to bad either! LOL!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Computer Lab Again~ lmao

At school right now. As the title suggests, in the computer lab blogging. LOL! So.... I', just gonna blog about what happened so far today.

So, first period was Science. Teacher made us do this group work thing about chapter 4 of Science. I totally forgot what the chapter was... lmao. Bad.... Teacher picked the leader and the leader chose their partners. Unless there was like, voulenteers. Like Jasvin. I cannot believe he picked me~ SO bad for my rep. As in the rumors going around the entire form. I hate Jasvin. Just reminding whoever who started the rumors. Damn that person lah wei. -edit- Christine said it just happened by itself. Damn. Again.

So, moral was next. I did half of my kerja kursus already, which was remembering all the moral stuffies. Lol. Had 2 tries. 1st time, I totally forgot the 3rd nilai. >.<.... But before that, the Pengetua came to the class. SHYT LAH WEI!! The pengetua NEVER comes for Moral first period. Damn damn damn. And I couldn't find my chair! So, I had to sit next to Kelvin. Haiiz. This pengetua begitu bertanggungjawab lah wei. Everything also do. NOT GOOD!!

So, now here I am. I'm gonna talk about TVXQ. Like I always do... hehe~ So, ummm... *Thinks hard* OH!! I remember! I went to Xietin's blog just now. Found out about this Super Triple Concert! Okay. So, TVXQ with 2 other singers that I do NOT know. >.<... OMG. I just WISH that I can go!! Unfortunately, it's for Cancer kids. Wait, I'M A CANCER!! Just, don't have Cancer. LOL. Good and bad. Mostly good. Anyway, Click Here to go to Xietin's blog. It's somewhere there.... LOL. Look out for it. ^^ Just to remind everybody, It's best viewed in Mozilla Firefox. In IE, it's like, really slow.

Be back to edit if anything happens after this. See ya soon~

YES!! I did that wallpaper thing from Edubox CD!!! EEE~ I'm so happy~~ Most sucsessfull picture I have EVER done with Photoshop. AND, it, of course, has TVXQ in it! Hehe~ It took me like, 2 hours, but I finally did it. It'll be in My Gallery, so PLEASE check it out!! I'm currently uploading the pictures from Camerons. Again, Sorry I'm so late with that!

-Edit 2-
Omo. Just remembered.... There was somthing new on ShenYuePop. The reason why the Dream Concert fiasco happened! Check it out!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jae's EX?!

Omo omo omo omo omo~ Jae has an EX!!! As in, Ex-GIRLFRIEND!! I know! I'm jealous too! She's pretty pretty, but, she has these really BIG bags under her eyes. ><... Jae deserves sombody better, preferably, ME!! Wait. I'm Yunho. Xietin is Jae. XD LOL!! Sorrie unnie~


So, school was okay today. Co-co... fine I guess. Photography was fun! And I met Xietin so many times, and every time I greeted her like an idiot. =.=. I still do. HAHA!! Well... Anyway, I got home. And Yennee was playing the computer, as usual. And, when she went out, she didn't tell anybody! So, she just took the keys and opened the door by herself. Went out, then left the keys on the floor inside the house. When Becca came to the house, we couldn't fine the keys. So, I thought that my dad took 2 sets of keys so called him back home. He didn't have it either. By then, Becca found a way in. HAHA! No, she didn't have to climb in in anyway, or squeeze. Soo, in the end, my maid found it. Thank god! ><>

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

1 down, 3 more to go~

Yayy~~ LOL!! So happy!! I got the disc!! One first. But, never mind. I believe that it has PHOTOSHOP in it, soooooo... I'll be able to use it AND use it the PROPER way!! HEHE~ *jumps and jumps then skips around the computer* I'm in school right now. Celeste, Quah, and Fatin are currently reading every word I type, so... Gotta choose my words carefully!^^ Xietin is opposite me right now, HIIIIIIII~ LOL!! Every time I see her face to face, I'm like waving to her like a maniac. HAHAHAHAHA!! Can I get any dorkier? Maybe. Maybe not. Well, It's starting. CYAZ!

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Dream Concert Truth

OMG!! I feel sooooooo heartbroken! From Pandora.TV, the entire concert seemed fine. I guess because the SNSD fans left the place by then. But, OMG!!! Did you know what they did! It makes me SO PISSED OFF with those stupid fans!! Have they ever heard about fairness? Or, rasionality?? Obviously not!! Here's the article:

It's kinda long. But, don't miss a THING!! It's just sad. I kinda understand what the writer was saying about SNSD[ No offense to all SNSD fans, especially Hui Wen who, FYI, gave me the URL ] I mean, guys just go GA GAA~ over them just cause they are pretty and skinny and totally model like!! WE Cassies and ELF's[FYI, that's Suju's fan name like Cassieopia for DBSK] totally love Suju and DBSK for more than just their awesome looks right? At least, I do! We love them for their singing, awesome dance moves and the unimaginable hard work they put into their careers! I cannot believe SNSD fans can just ruin all that hard work in just one concert. Not that it's ruined already! But, you know what I mean. I'm not saying I hate SNSD. I'm not exactly saying I love them either. They try I guess, but they don't try hard enough!! But, just in case any SNSD crazy fan who actually supports what the SNSD fans that went to the Dream Concert that day did, are reading this post of mine, just a small message:

YOU GUYS SUCK!! How can you support such a thing?! Swear all you want, but, I, a Cassie would PERSONALLY beat up your faces if I EVER meet you!! That barbaric stuff those people do are for NO benefit whatsoever!! For SNSD, It'll just ruin all the friendship between other artists, or maybe somthing worse like being thrown out from SM Entertainment!! So, next time THINK WITH THE LITTLE BRAINS YOU GOT BEFORE YOU DO SOMTHING THAT WILL RUIN EVERYTHING!!!

*sigh* Anyway, all messages or feedback will be happily read in my CBox. Thank you^^

Ooh yeah, about that last day at Camerons, nothing much to read about, so, don't care. Just wait for me to put in the pics! kay? Totally tell you EVERYTHING! Saranghaeyo~

Sunday, June 8, 2008


I'm watching it~ I'm watching it~ I'm sitll watching it!! It's like on replay or somthing cause IT'S STILL ONNN~ Happy Happy Happy~ MUAHAHA!! TVXQ is up next! In a few mins I'll come back! FYI, Super Junior is on right now!! Download the live thing and you can watch!! So, watch with me! If it's not there anymore, SORRY~ LOL!! 2nd time watching TVXQ here~~~ LOVE YOU~

Okie. Their not done yet but it's Rising Sun they are singing... I think before that they sang Tonight. NO IDEA!! I can't hear!!>< them =".="...">

Last night, I tried to watch but couldn't right? So, I decided to download Pandora LIVE! It took so long ><>


Sorry to those who are looking forward to the pictures. In a rush right now. Upload it later!

Saturday, June 7, 2008


FINALLY!! YAYY!! I did it!! I am finally A DBSK MOD!! EEEEEEEEE~ Just wanted to say that... XD

I'm in Camerons~

Hiiiie~~ I'm currently blogging in CAMERONS!! Haha~ Cool right? WiFi in the Hotel Equatorial! XD Now, to the point...

I wanna watch the Dream Concert SO BAD!!!! I would love to watch it. According to DBJunior, it started at 6pm. It's WAY past six!! According to, it starts at 12am!! ><>

Watching Hitch right now! XD Now, to my day... FYI, the pictures will all be in my gallery! This is going to be kinda like a diary cause I put down all the notes of what happened today in phone... Anyway, I'm here in 1309 hotel room in Equatorial Hotel with my maid and my mum. Here's what happened earlier today...

11.26am- I left the house and bought newspaper! LOL!! If only I saw that E-Pop magazine, I'd be so happy, I would ask my mum to get me some money to buy it.... =P

12.09am- I'm snapping pictures in the car. Then, I saw this sign[somthing about Zhulian=.=] and I remembered what Xietin talked about when she went to Hatyai that she saw more than a dozen going and coming back from Thailand. So, I counted. In the end I got 30 just going!!

1pm- We stopped at Tapah for a pee stop [XD!!].

1.24pm- A little further up we turned the corner and we went in a kampung place. So, I wanted to take pictures, but my mother asked me to tune the radio. Didn't get it anyway....

1.37pm- We are currently on the Cameron hill~ You know, at the bottom... And we passed by a landslide. And, just to remind you guys again, the pictures will be in the gallery!!

1.48pm- Right, still on that hill. We came across a GIANT waterfall, and there were like, alot of people there... So, it looked like, really, really nice. And, well.... It's called Lata Iskandar if I'm not mistaken...

2.47pm- Ok. Were pretty high up right now. And there is this JAM!!! So, My mother wanted to listen to music so I listened to my own and she had a CD on.

2.59pm- We reached Tanah Rata. It was raining. My mum parked the car at the parking lot that is FLOODED! T_T... My feet got wet... It's like, really cold. Brrrrr~[Thinking of Yunho in the T album Off Shot Movie]

3.16pm- A tour van was parked in fornt of the table we were sitting at. And it went CRAZY! It went somthing like, "NIII NOOOO NIII NOOO NII NOO" Yeah. Somthing like that. It was like a tour bus kinda van. The owner came and tried to fix it. What happened was the van actually jerked in front a little. OMG!! I was so scared. My kept saying, "Get ready to run!". LOL!! So, we changed places.

3.57pm- SHYT!! There are actually Jasmine RESTAURANTS and Jasmine HOTELS!! ><>

4.40pm- Okay. There was this car going at like 5km/h the entire way. SO stupid! Anyway, this is when we reached Equatorial and there was this sign saying "5300ft above sea level" above the main entrance door.

5.07pm- I'm watching Hannah Montana at this time! Lol!! There is Disney over here! YAY!! So happy~ But, KBS World would be good too. XD

6.51pm- I GOT INTERNET!!! Actually I got it exactly at 6pm. Lol. This is when I tried watching The Dream Concert online. Obviously it didn't work! ><

8.25pm- There was a BIG jam and like, everybody couldn't move. It began to feel like KL again. The main reason we came here is to get away from all that KL business... So, right now, were at this shop called Ho Organic Farm where they sell charcoal steamboat. Not too bad. LOL!!

8.47pm- Started eating

9.34pm- Finished eating. Without breaking a sweat by the way!

10.47pm- Here I am. posting this. Lol. I seem to be really ecxited about the Dream Concert. I'm jumping up and down ><

So, remember to go to my gallery to see the pictures!!

Going to Camerons

I'm going to Cameron Highlands people!! When? TODAY!! At around 10am!! I'm kinda supposed to be packing now, but you know how much I love my blog!! I had to tell you guys first! Plus, I'm waiting for my stupid KGT to open. Did I mention that I still haven't finished my work?><... I hope there is WiFi or there cause, I WANNA SEE THE DREAM CONCERT!!!

To those who don't know, you can watch the Dream Concert in the internet by going to this site: and sign up[for the channel thing, just simply put in 9 numbers...]. Then click watch live at 6pm TODAY!! So, get signing up! And, if I tell you guys I missed it, you HAVE to tell me what went on because I TOLD YOU WHERE YOU COULD WATCH!!! Okie? Right! CYA~ I'll tell you everything that happened in Camerons Okie? Great!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Bri's Edit

You've seen the Yoochun edit on the 4th right? I know it's a little late but...


Omo. KGT crazy

I'm doing KGT right now. And, I have to say, it sucks. LOL! Poor Hui Wen accidentally closed her work and she didn't save it, so she has to do it all over again! So sad right?? I'm trying to console her but she went offline... =.=. I'm so near finishing it right now!! I think I'm gonna fake some of the soal selidik. WHATEVER!! Not caring... HAHA!!

Right, everybody who reads this blog knows I have a fanfic right? Well, I did say I wanted to advertise it. So, thanks to XIETIN!!! I finally can!! Here it is:

Omg omg omg, so great right? HAHA!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bri's Bday

Today is Bridget's birthday. Duh, everybody knows. I still haven't do that picture hor? LOL! ><

-Edit after 2 days-
Hii! Sorry so late. A little busy. Didn't get to touch the comp...><>

9.50 = Going to Bri's house. Forgot that the invite said 10.30... lol!! So, I was the first. But, when I was in the car, I saw a chicken run across the street. lmao!! Can't forget that!!

10.01 = I have landed on Bridget Yow's terratory!! Bo yah! First! Never been first before~ It's cool. Yet, boring. The house is like, totally cool! The couch is comfy too! Omg. Did you know her maid actually has a phone? No, make that 2!! Cool right? Only proves she is totally rich. Oh yeah, and Bri just woke up. LOL!!

11.37 = Ok. So, Kar Yeen[sorry if spell wrong] and Wei Chee already came. We were waiting for Yenteng. When Bri called her house, apparently, she was sleeping...=.=... What lah wei!! So, we had to fetch her from her house then go to midvalley.

12.30 = So, were at McDonalds. Ok. So, I don't really know what time it really was. But, I'm guessing it's around there. So, yeah. I ate my usual. We shared a regular coke and regular fries. SO not enough. But, I'm not gonna complain. Bri might kill me. LOL!! We went to the arcade after that. Yenteng and I were playing our best. HAHA!!

3.17 = So, we went to this cafe at Cititel for a while now. We were there for like, what? 2 hours? Waiting for Bri's aunty to come. Apparently, she is some kind of manager of the cafe? So, we had a drink. Bri asked to change tables. So, we changed to what happened to be the Bussiness side and the stuff became so much more expensive. Trying to not feel guilty cause we didn't pay for it. The manager did. We met her when Bri's mum came. But, before that, we are like taking pictures of each other. LOL!!! People must be staring at us like hell!! ><>

6.22 = Right at this moment, we are at Bri's house and Yenteng and I were playing the PS2 like we are total aliens! HAHA!! We don't have these kinda stuff, so, were like, loving playing the PS. So, were playing CTR. To those who don't know what this is, ask me some other day!

8.23 = Everybody is upstairs playing/watching others play the computer! So, Bridget is playing GunBound and, I think it sucks. I never really liked this game. LOL!!

11.30 = Reached home. My mum said that the jam outside is OUTRAGEOUS!! It's all cause of the petrol price hike. Shyt lah wei!

So that's it. ^^


I'm currently blogging from my house on my computer and eating Loh Mai Kai at the same time! YAY! I don't really know what to say right now... So, whatever!! It's just this:




FYI, This is totally last minute, so sorry...


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Presents for Birthdays

(And Bridget's)
South Korea's top boyband Dong Bang Shin Ki performed to a packed stadium in Shanghai, China on the 31 May 2008 at 7:30pm. They brought the house down at their marvelous 2nd ASIA TOUR CONCERT "O" in Shanghai. (Don't get confused folks, in Japan, it was the T-tour, but in Shanghai, it's O).It was reported that after the show, many fans continued to pursue the marvelous Dong Bang Shin Ki boys.But what the official media failed to report was, in one of the songs, Xiah Junsu rips off his shirt and revealed his toned torso for all the Chinese fans. Many fans in the forums are talking about how absolutely lucky the Chinese fans are..
Credits: dian@DBJunior
Omg, when I read this, I'm like, really jealous!! T_T... Why aren't I in China?! I don't care about the fact that I can't speak even a teeny bit of Chinese, I'll act like a tourist! But, PLEASE, I JUST WANNA SEE JUNSU DO THAT AGAIN!! I'll be so happy *sobs*...

I haven't bought a present for Bridget yet! SHYT! I'm gonna have to do last minute shopping. Oh, please let me get it soon!! If anybody out there has any idea of what to give her, speak up NOW! Thank you

Omo!! LOL!! Click HERE!! If you scroll down a little, you'll see, MY IMEEM IS THERE!!! Lol~ It's under Love Yunho on Imeem!!
-Another Edit-
I've finished one karangan. The second one is technically done. I just have to rewrite it in my book.[I'm the kind of person who writes a draft on a piece of paper to prevent from mistakes] So, so, so... I just wanted to say that><>

-Last Edit, I Swear!-

I'm sorry, I edit so many times. It's just that, there is this fanfic, As Soon As We Kissed, [We Said] Goodbye - (One Shot) from and it made me cry!! So, I just wanted to share it with you guys! It's like, really sad, so have fun reading!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Indiana Jones WATCHED!

I've watched Indiana Jones yesterday at the Pavilion!! Omg... I didn't think I'd go there for more than three times!! Sooo, If I'm correct, this is my 4th visit to Pavilion~ Yayyy~ OK. So there are a few things I have to say about this movie:

  • It's set on 1957 which I say is totally wrong. But, I kinda get it. It's cause if it's set today, Indi would be dead! LOL!!
  • Shia LaBeouf's hair in this movie, wrong, wrong, wrong!! I get the fact that he is playing as a sort of gangster here, but is the hair really necessary?
  • There is this scene where some Orang Asli try to stop Indi from moving any further, yeah! That scene has the same temple like thingy in the background as The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian!! Go see it again!! Totally and absoulutely the SAME
  • The last one... I forgot><>

But, before the movie, I went for dinner at this sushi place called Sakae Sushi! Awww man.... Their salmon, AWESOME~ We went there cause we got these coupons for FOC Sashimi for buying tickets for the movie!! Cool right? My father didn't really like it I guess but ate anyway... Haha~ I love salmon so much!! Sashimi ain't to bad either.... HAHA!! It's kinda like Sushi King only the Sushi here is way better!! And, you don't have to call the waiters to order! You actually do it on the touch screen computer next to your table and they come with your order! Love it love it love it! So wanna go there another time!

As for today.... I'm gonna do my homework like crazy cause I just realized I have only finished Maths. Geo, Sejarah and BM is still undone!! ><


Okay. I just got bit by a mosquito. =.=.... I'm almost done with BM. I just have a few more isi to go, and I'm ready to write!! [Omg. I'm so slow.] I should be able to finish by tomorrow, thanks to Hui Wen [I kinda cheated from her. SORRY!!]

I officially undid that Replay on replay thing. I didn't get bored of the song, in fact, it made me love it even more. It's just that, I miss my other songs T_T... haha!!

One more thing I almost forgot...

Micky Yoochun's and Bridget's birthday countdown:

2 more days!!!

Sorry to Bridget for putting her in small lettering. I just, you know!! Yoochun is way more important that you!! Kidding!! I haven't even met him! Though, I know he is a great person! [So God damned sexy...]

Ooh, Xietin just came back! I miss her so much!! Xietin, if you're reading this, I missed you, hope you found your KGT paper, and I really need your help!! I'm stuck here!=.="

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Gatcha Gacha!!

I just finished volume 3 of Gatcha Gacha!! Aww man I love it so much!! To all who have read it, [I know I'm a little slow but...] Takahiro Yabe IS NOT A VIRGIN!! So surprised when I read that!! Omg! I don't get many people anymore!! Why?! It's cause, this manga is like, rated age 13+! ><... And the Superhero Movie, that should never be rated U[umum]!! Idiotic people lah wei! Hopefully Harrish doesn't watch that movie! It's like, full of porn[that, seems to crack me up!!]. I like it only because Drake Bell stars in that movie, and I love Drake Bell sooooo much!!!!!!!

Ooh, FYI, I'm still listening to Replay on replay! Haha~ I love this song sooo much~Replay, Replay, Replay.... Love it love it love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't get my ears of it! It's just soooo cool!! It's so awesome for a bunch of teens!

Well... I think I'm gonna go do some Sejarah. It's either that or 5 BM karangan. SOooooo, I'm gonna do the one that is attached to the Computer. I love technology so much! If anything goes on, I'll be back to edit^^ Ja~~

I changed my wallpaper on my desktop. OMG!! It's Jaeho~ I'm like, looking at it, and saying OMG!! So, I have to like credit the artiste right? Soooo, Credit for new wallie: rheana_xiah@TVfXQForever~ She is an awesome artiste.... Click here for the post filled with her recent masterpieces.