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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Music Station Guest List

6th March 2009 is SURVIVOR ON MUSIC STATION!!!! *hits TV for not showing Music Station*


*pokes at Survivor*

credit: DNBN
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270209 HoMin UFO Replies

Yunho's Replies~

Fan : It was my birthday yesterday Please wish me!! TT Will you wish me?
Yunho : Although it's a little late but Happy Birthday! From today onwards, I pray for your happiness

Fan : Checkmate
Yunho : You use romantic words that make me dizzy...Our love starts now~*
(Yunho's reply is Checkmate's lyrics)

Fan : Oppa you're revealing too it for me?
Yunho : Oh~~ Too wild~~

Fan : Waiting for you oppas...i'll..!! If I study hard enough, I'll definitely be Junsu's nurse!! If you're sick..come to me??
Yunho : Okay... But please don't hurt me when you give me an injection~

Fan : Can you see it? Can you feel it? Our love for TVXQ
Yunho : I felt it... Did you feel it? iTVXQ's lovej

Fan : Oppa if I go to your university, will you go on a date with me??
Yunho : How??

ChangMin's replies~

Fan : Who does oppa belong to??? ME~~~
ChangMin : No way

Fan : Anything to say?
ChangMin : Nope

Fan : Oppa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll think of myself as the dancer in Checkmate forever!!!
ChangMin : That's not possible~ Haha~

Fan : Do you remember? I really miss that time~
ChangMin : Hehehehe

Fan : Oppa ah^^ Today I was late to school TT Tell me to work harder~ Goodnight~
ChangMin F Work harder^^

Fan : Who are you thinking of now? I thinking of YOU.
ChangMin : ^^

Fan : The concert is over~~ I'm depressed TTTT
ChangMin : ; ; ; ;

Fan : Oppa I want to be your bed in your room for just a day
ChangMin : No way

Fan : I'm begging you...........please reply...........please show yourself!
ChangMin : ^^ okay...hehe

Fan : As expectedC oppa looks most handsome singing!! hehehe
ChangMin : Thank you^^

Fan : I wish for you to have God's grace and blessings ^^
ChangMin : ^^ You too ^^

Fan : I must fulfill my dreams...Oppa you're my witness alright?^^ See you in 10 years oppa~
ChangMin : I'm waiting~ hehe

Fan : Do you want your youth to be blown away with this wind today?
ChangMin : What are you talking about?

Fan : I just need to grow a little taller and I can catch up with oppas! I'm already 170~~
ChangMin : 170 is good for a girl!

iThese are from the same fan)

Fan : Sometimes sexy Sometimes pure Sometimes passionate~ Yunho's charm is the best!! ^^
Yunho : Me?? Best charm?? Wow I feel really good uhuhu

Fan : As tall as the sky...I can't reach your hand...As pure and clean as the sky...Jung Yun Ho ^^
Yunho F the sky a lot Close your's just like flying~

(These are from a male fan 8D)

Fan : Because of Yunho, I study extremely hard...How can you do this to me? It's too much...
Yunho : What's wrong??

Fan : Please cheer for me...tell me to study...Then I can meet you...TTT
Yunho : You have to work hard! I'm waiting for you!

(ChangMin butts in LOL)

ChangMin : I wanna cheer for you too! Fighting! Although results and happiness aren't on the same scale of importance, but make studies your main aim for now~

Fan : I'll see you on stage then! Qi Zuo Zhen(fan's name) VS Jung Yunho~!! Cool?
Yunho : Okay^^ Please take care~

Credits : OhMicky
Translated by : Choco@TVXQFever
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Just cause they're too cute
And, Changmin sounds cold XD

Yoochun endorsing Converse

omg. Yoochun + Converse = Jasmine rushing to buy Converse.


credit: conversekorea + DNBN
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B-Pass Staff Review

[News/Translation] B-Pass April Issue Staff Report (TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki/東方神起/동방신기)

Junsu Gets Bullied by Jaejoong and "The Prank Five"

The cover shot was supposed to be completed in 2 hours this time, and the schedule was individual shooting -> individual interview -> group shooting -> group interview, so the entire procedure was a little messy.
First was individual shooting, and the order was Yoochun -> Jaejoong -> Junsu -> Yunho -> Changmin, and this took place simultaneously with the individual photo taking. The set was made up to resemble their homes, and the theme of this photoshoot was to take pictures of them looking relaxed and at home. The props included a guitar for Yoochun, a mug for Jaejoong, computer/laptop for Junsu, camera for Yunho and a book for Changmin. The camera Yunho carried was a special collection of the cameraman Yamada. Actually, the black-and-white pictures shown on pages 22-23 were taken by this camera. Thus this camera really had film inside it, but when Yunho unknowingly clicked on the camera and the flashlight shone, he got a shock and his expression was really cute. -laughs-
Next was the group photo-taking. When shooting the cover, the five of them received instructions to "Stand closer together", whereby they stood further apart instead. The crew immediately burst out in laughter. They especially made fun of each other during the group photoshoot, and played pranks on each other. The five of them really share a close relationship. After that, Jaejoong pinched Junsu's cheek for fun and Junsu just allowed him to get on with it.
Yoochun noticed the gomuku set in the set immediately as he arrived, and had a game of it with the crew but, regretfully, he lost. Changmin was listening to music the entire time he was waiting. Yunho's personal best recently for bowling, which he likes a lot, was 224, and he even plays table tennis with Junsu. Yunho likes pomelo-scented smells.

Credits: 郑氏の小熊
Translations by: Banana-chan@TVXQfever
Shared by:

*runs off to buy pomelo-scented perfume*
What's a pomelo o.0?!


OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOGMOMGOMGOGMGOMG~~~~*SCREEEEEEEEEEEAM* [Ling, I know you told me not to freak out. But, unfortunately for you, and my pillow, I AM!! XDD]

click to enlarge

*counts saved money*
Okay... So, I have ... ringgit, I wanna buy tickets [for mostlikely upcoming EVENTS], I'M GONNA HAVE TO SAVE UP ANOTHER RM40!!! ... HWAITING!! XDD ["Thank you, LSM-sshi, thank you Warner Music Malaysia boss-sshi, I LURVE YOU!!!!!!"]

Malaysian Cassies!!!! SCREAM. WITH. MEHHHH~~

Heads-up: Ling
Credits: sharingyoochun + MY-TVXQ!
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Friday, February 27, 2009

Preview Downloads

Take Your Hand

Name: THSK-Take Your Hand [Prev]
File type: MP3
File size: 940 KB
Download: 4Shared


Name: THSK-Survivor[Prev]
File type: MP3
File size: 1,444 KB
Download: 4Shared

YAY!!! Finally found it XD

YH + YC in JJ Mag

Yunho said, ¡°Embarrassedly, we can only film together with the members.¡±
Yoochun said, ¡°I¡¯ll send her a song only composed by me.¡±

A happy date is made by schools boys. Many school girls expect that, that time will come but then, boys become lesser and lesser. But, TVXQ is different from them. For this month, they will appear in ¡°dream date¡±! For this month, we will show you Yunho and Yoochun¡¯s news.

We are always busy. If we have time to rest, we want to go to Okinawa and enjoy the sea. I will not bring too much things. I will only bring things which are important like camera. Since I was in still in middle school, I really like to take photos. I always bring my camera and take shots of different places. These days, I am using a professional camera as a camera man. I use that camera to take a shot of her beautiful smile, we take pictures together, and wear unisex clothes and make photos. We do anything that will look good. If I wear blue jeans, she would wear skirt with the same style and color. Or, mini jeans skirts too, will look good. I like school girls wearing miniskirts. Oh, I think it wandered over the point (smiling). It will be very hard for us to stay together. I hope we can take more shots as like eating food in an icebox.

The sweet memories will be kept forever. If we do not have time to go to Okinawa, we can also go to some night scenes in some places. We can go everywhere. If we do not have professional camera, we will just use the ordinary camera. Today¡¯s ordinary camera is better than the older ones. Function of today¡¯s camera is just fine. In fact, during my work in Okinawa, I have taken a photo in HONG BRIDGE. I also took some photos in some sea sceneries in Okinawa. Unfortunately, those pictures are TVXQ¡¯s members (laughing).

For example, in her birthday, I will rent a restaurant. The place will be¡¦ ahahaha. A street near in a hill. It isn¡¯t a noisy place. I will prepare a dinner for the two of us, and I will escort her carefully. And then, we will enjoy eating while chatting. We will speak more than we usually speak in other time. We will talk of different things.

Then, I will send her a surprise gift. A song which is I compose only for her. I have written it for TVXQ. But I will sing it only for her. I will play the song that I have learned for a long time. I have made a song that will make her feel relax. I feel embarrassed. But then, I like to play the piano with lyrics as if it was a piece of love letter. There is no other feeling. All I can think is her mood, warm and happiness. The music can deceive her but all I want is her. Her character is like a woman that can have a family. Even though she can cook and be a role model those are not my needs. She is just a simple person. Happy for whatever I give her even it is just a simple thing. I also want to be like her. Being just with her makes me feel so happy. When we go in far places I¡¯ am contented with her. We¡¯ll go in XIANG HILL and if she wants to give me in return, her smile is enough!

Source: TVXQbaidu
Translated by: Jaeho_lover@TVXQFever
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The Secret Code Scans









credit: ⓧ호타루@DNBN
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WAHHHAHHH~~~ T_T... hawt.

TVXQ Unbanned from Music Station!

SM Being Friendly, Tohoshinki Got Unbanned from Music Station

SM Has Been Being Friendly to JE, Tohoshinki Got Unbanned from Music Station

After SMAPxSMAP show was announced, we all know that Johnny’s Entertainment, the biggest artists management in Japan who owns mostly all Japanese pretty boys groups such as SMAP, Kat-tun, NewS, and Arashi, is finally taking down his war flag.

I should remind you about the biggest evidence of how JE seems to harden each and every steps of Tohoshinki in their Japan career:

No matter how many times Tohoshinki topped ORICON chart in both daily and weekly, one of the most prestigious music show in Japan - MUSIC STATION never even once, invites the boys in.

An old article from Allkpop regarding this issue:

According to S-San’s Blog (a Japanese staff member for TVXQ/Tohoshinki/DBSK) the rumor that TVXQ has been blocked from Music Station was confirmed. On his blog he wondered why TVXQ was on Music Station’s #1 list this week, yet weren’t invited to perform.

Music Station is a highly popular music show in Japan, similar to MTV’s TRL here in the States.

Rumors and conspiracy theories were created when TVXQ received many #1’s on both the Oricon Daily and Weekly charts, yet weren’t invited to the Music Station show. Almost every other artist who were in the top 10 let alone the artists who’ve reached #1 were invited to perform. Many people believe the reason for this is because Johnny’s Entertainment has a secret pact with Music Station.

Some people think that TVXQ poses a threat to Johnny’s therefore the non-invites.

However, things seem to get better now!
As a new schedule from the boys finally releases and it says:

Friday, March 6th
20:00 Asahi TV “MUSIC STATION“
They will perform! Please wait for it!

Schedule source: dnbn
News written by: sharingyoochun@wordpress
Shared by:

*SCREAM* YEAS!!!! Now, I need to go convince Astro that Animax should show Music Station again XD

w-inds member Keita's Reply

w-inds member Keita's Reply to
¡°Which Celeb Have You Been Interacting With Lately"

"At the end of last year, when TVXQ attended a variety show, JaeJoong said "Please come to Korea. I welcome you." We even exchanged numbers. Although the show ended, I hope we can still meet during music programs. I feel really happy."

There is a great bond between these two groups. They both attended last year's CDTV event. When TVXQ's name was annouced, W-inds immediately stood up and shouted "Congratulations!" Jaejoong then thanked them. They're very friendly with each other backstage too.

Translated by: Choco@TVXQFever
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Bigeaststation 100 ENG SUB

MC: Junsu, Changmin, Jaejoong XD

Part 1

Part 2

credit: jaynerox1991@yt

LOLS. Loving Junsu + Changmin. Too funny XDD

Thursday, February 26, 2009

April Ray Magazine

Late again =.=

*Click to enlarge*







credit: as tagged + iTVXQ
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April JJ Magazine

Wahh~ I'm late XD Sorries!!

Click to enlarge~







credit: as tagged + iTVXQ
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Handphone Wallies

These are just too cute to not share ^^ [I have to try doing these too~]











credit: 샤베르트@DNBN
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Take Your Hands Preview

credit: farahyuchun@yt

Cool song...*goes to find download for this thing*

Zoom In! 3rd Live Asia Tour MIROTIC

credit: farahmicky5@yt

LOLS... I was wondering wth is 'jumin'... At first I thought it was like... Junsu + Changmin? lols... Actually, they're trying to say 'zoom in' lols!!! Apparently they knew about the show through kiss the baby sky.

Sugoi ne~

SMTown English UFO Petition

Click to enlarge


Do try signing this petition. And, those in USA, if you're going to the Hollywood Bowl, try ACTUALLY signing it, yeah? [and, send me some SHINee fancams + pics.. lol.]

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

20-220209 MIROTIC Concert {Part 8}

PICS [finally]
Compilied by moi~ XD
It's only 20 pics for each member so it doesn't bombard your computer.
Tell me if you like it ^^

File Name: 20 MIROTC Concert pix to keep
File Size: 26208KB
File Type: Zip Folder
Download: 4Shared

Took me a hell of a time to load this in 4shared... And, CM seemed to have hated me. I seemed to get everyone else's pics ASAP, but CM... noooo~~ >.<**

022409 MIROTIC Concert: 5 Luxury Factors

[NEWS] MIROTIC Concert: 5 Kinds of Luxury Factors

Dong Bang Shin Ki finally finished their MIROTIC concert in Seoul yesterday which was held for 3 days, from February 20th - 22nd at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium, thus announced their kick off to their third Asia live concert tour, TVXQ THE 3rd ASIA TOUR CONCERT-MIROTIC.

The concert hall has capacity of 12,000 people, and as the 3 days MIROTIC concert tickets are all sold out, the audiences that filled the hall for three days straight are 36,000 people. TVXQ’s MIROTIC concert that was running for 2 hours and 30 minutes gave a spectacular attraction as being evaluated.

The MIROTIC concert showed performances taken from their 4th album released last year with the same title. All Dong Bang Shin Ki members were highlighted for their most outstanding abilities and their performances were called ‘ARTISTIC’, which means the audiences could interacted with the stars during the concert with ‘FANTASTIC’ concept under three kinds of configurations.

There are 5 kinds of luxury factors that can be said as the main points of this concert. The first one is of course, the singing/music ability of all 5 members.

MIROTIC concert was a live concert, and for those who doubt about Dong Bang Shin Ki’s live singing ability, should reconsider their thought again. Dong Bang Shin Ki has proved their singing ability live in many aspects. The MR video evindences, for instance. Netizens recently found another tool to remove music recording (MR) so that only the singers’ voices that would be clearly heard, and Dong Bang Shin Ki gracefully surpassed all netizens’ expectations, as their voices are not an inch close to error. This concert is only one of the proofs.

After three consecutive songs with powerful performance, even in ballads, their amount of mistakes is still tollerable. Tone was not shaking, and the audiences were all attracted by the members’ well-performed stage actions.

Second factor is the direction/the flow of the concert.

MIROTIC concert was definitely directed smoothly. There were 26 songs in total performed within 2 hours and 30 minutes made the costume changing time was so tight, yet they managed to run everything well. Videos that were inserted between this short of time were extremely well-made, the high quality ones.

Lead to the next gig, ‘Balloons’ performance that became natural bridge to the childhood times and Choikang Changmin’s performance of ‘Oh Yoo Way’ showing his electric guitar plays, inserted rock vibe to the song (T/N and some lines I really can’t get the meaning at all).

Off to the third factor, the many stage devices. A super wide LED screen 56m x 6m size built at the background. There were also five small-screens, to show each individual members on the screen. Stage direction was also installed on the top of the stage added up circle line device which consisted of 310 circular fluorescent lamps, and 8 meters high lift was also fantastic.

Fourth, Dong Bang Shin Ki’s ability to make climax of the concert and charisma to lead the audiences made 2 hours and 30 minutes was just not enough.

And the wide range of age of the audiences watching this concert would be the fifth. Fans brought their families, because even people in their 30-40 could enjoyed the show when mostly idol groups can only be accepted by people in 10-20 range of age.

This is not surprising as Dong Bang Shin Ki really knows how to treat their wide age-range of fans. For the youngsters, a short yet sweet performance of “Lullaby Eunhasu” and “Balloons” could fulfilled their taste. In mean time for the olders, “It’s My World”, which was one of a hit aged song was also performed.

MIROTIC concert wasn’t only watched by “ordinary” people. Stars from variety of fields were also coming. The swimming star Park Tae-hwan, basketball star Yang Hui-jong, model Lee Hyo-jae, Kim Hyoon-joong, Yeon Jeong-hoon, Park Ji Bin, Nick Bass, Justin Timberlake’s choreographer were spotted among the audiences, enjoying the feast of TVXQ.

And on the top of that, this is just the start. TVXQ THE 3rd ASIA TOUR CONCERT-MIROTIC will continue to Taipei, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Beijing, and another tour in 6 cities in Japan.

source: dnbn
news written by: sharingyoochun@wordpress
Shared by:

THIS ISN'T A DREAM IS IT?!! *pinches self* NO!! *SCREAMMM*
*celebrates like she's about to meet the boys*

Survivor Interview

credit: farahyuchun@yt

Shall be waiting for subs ^^ [cause my jap sucks worse than my kor. =.=]

Park Sung Gwang & Micky Yoochun

[News] Park Sung Gwang’s Friendship with Yoochun is Proven

The friendship of optical gagster Park Sung Gwang and DBSK’s Micky Yoochun has been proven by the gagster posting up their pic together at his cyworld.

Park Sung Gwang at 23 pm posted his picture with Micky Yoochun at his cyworld and wrote some lines at the bottom of the pic: “We stayed awake together until morning, yet suddenly we took this picture. Being compared to him, I must looked so red.”

Aired on last 17th, Park Sung Gwang on KBS2TV Sang Sang Plus Season 2 revealed, “Micky Yoochun, Cho Han-Sun, and I are friends.” he also added, “Recently Yoochun and I went out together drinking.”

Now it’s proven as the pic of the optical Park Sung Gwang and Micky Yoochun is up at the cyworld, which attracted a lot of attention from netizens.

Netizens who visited his cyworld left comments such as:

“I saw Sang Sang Plus, I know you’re both friends.” “You two are good hanging out together.” “I envy you.. I want to befriend with him too..” “I envy..” “The two gentlemen are so cute!” and a lot more…

source: dnbn
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
Shared by:

If you guys don't know Park Sung Gwang, go watch KBS gag concert and you'll know him. He looks like this:


Tell Me [둥방신기 ver.]

credit: farahmicky@yt

It so freaking fits!! woah.. XD

022309 CDTV Artist You Want as Lover

Artists you want as a lover:
01) Akanishi Jin (KAT-TUN)
02) Kamenashi Kazuya (KAT-TUN)
03) Yamashita Tomohisa (NEWS)
05) Hyde (L'Arc~en~Ciel)
06) Masuda Takahisa (NEWS)
07) Matsumoto Jun (Arashi)
08) Domoto Koichi (Kinki Kids)
09) Nishikido Ryo (Kanjani8/NEWS)
10) JaeJoong (Tohoshinki)
11) Akihito (Porno Graffitti)
12) Tegoshi Yuya (NEWS)
13) 'i have no idea, i need to read the kanji to verify it'
15) Yamada Ryousuke (Hey!Say!JUMP)
16) Sakurai Sho (Arashi)
17) Haruichi (Porno Graffiti)
18) Takahiro Nishijima (AAA)
19) Kamiji Yusuke (Shuchishin)
20) Yasu (Acid Black Cherry)

Credits: DNBN + DBSKnights
Shared by:

JOONGIE!! Where's YOUR lover?? [yunnie] XD...

20-220209 MIROTIC Concert {Part 7}

Damn my suckish korean.. >.< Only words I knew were 'yongguk' which means English =.=... LOLS. And, 'Who's that?!' XD *wonders who he's talking to >.<*

Junsu's English + Hosu fight

Thailand Prepared a New Show!


4guys from Saraenae "Hold hands with Sahamongkon Film Making "Saranae Howpeang" new version!

This time all of the famous people over Asia have to be aware. When the news of how 'Lucks Film' and 'Sahamongkon Film' hold hands making this project 'Saranae
Howpeang' came out eveybody gets excited.

This show was on Tv for more than 11 years. And this time this project will be air in theater.

Super stars that have been the victims of this show were more than 580 people! For this project the MCs of this show(Which are Willy-Ple-Hoi) have invited one more MC(Which is Pae) that was in the backgroud of the show. He is the one who makes all the jokes.

This show is all about teasing, annoying, irritating all the stars! 'Pae' the 4th MC will choose the star whose will get tease, annoy, irritate by himself. The stars that will be on the show they'll never know that they are on tape! So it quite funny to see how they'll react to those 4

This project named many of many that are the best of the best in Thailand like Chompoo-Arraya, Juccajun-Arcaumsiri, Ann-Thongprasoom. They even named all the best singers in Thailand such as Noi from Plu, August, Bi the star, even the hottest young star around Mario Mourer etc.

Anybody in Asia can be their victims for this project for sure!

The producers even said that this project won't be only in Thailand!!! They will get all the Super stars all over Asia such as TVXQ, Super Junior, Baby V.O.X Re.V, Wonder Girls, Juan Jihun, Won Bin, Se7en, Tata Young, Bird Thongchai, etc.!!!

When the Super stars over Asia have to be the 'victims' of this project what will they do? What will they say? Wait a bit and you'll get the answers...

Source: Pantip
English Translation: Ammy_Love_Tvxq@Tvxqmaice
Shared by:

nana_2*: if you don't have a clue what this show is about; then think of it this way this show is more like polite version of 'Jackass' and it's kind of the same as 'Punk D'

More about this show: This show is Super famous in Thailand they like to punk all the stars out! They don't care how famous the stars are what they want is to Scared the stars out! It's super funny show and the only Korean star that got punk by this show was Seo Ho Yeong the former member of G.O.D

This is the preview link of this project: Preview link of Saranae Project

or you can go to youtube and search the keyword 'Saranae'

ok... WOAH!!! PUNK'D??!! *protects DBSK* DON'T KILL OPPA!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Survivor PV!!

OMG. I can't believe I'm so late!! Jeongmal Chungsahaeyo~~ [veri veri sorry T_T]

credit: farahyuchun@yt

I totally can't wait for the album to come out!!! XD

Yunho and his trainer


Ahh Customer Jung Yunho and (Trainer) Director

On his birthday after exercising they took souvenir picture
Despite his busy schedule, he still takes care of himself (self-management) thouroughly appearing to look better
You're starting on the concert already on February??

While customer Yunho is exercising his abdomen


Listening to trainer on method to exercise the abdomen with full attention
I'm not sure if it is to work hard to prepare for the february concert

Source: Gym Cyworld + Àº¹ÐÇÑâ³-DNBN + fangirlmitz
Shared by:

Staff Diary #17


Hello. This is T.


Finally .. It's the last day.

That moment when the show ends!!!

To Dong Bang Shin Ki ...

Will you send a cheer of great passion (to them)?

C'mon~ let's do it together!

Thank you very much.

Source: Official Website
Trans: fangirlmitz
Shared by:

DBSK Special Messages


Yunho :
To - Always in happiness~!! I’m very thankful that everyone are continuously giving us big cheer (support)..Today, I’m totally delightful~!!Next time, let’s play once more~!!!


Changmin : Cassiopeia…Thank you so much~!!!


Jaejoong : Today’s really full of fun~!!! Thank you~!!! Love you~!!!


Yoochun : 2009.02.21..Today’s concert completely enjoyable~!!! Everybody's support are so warm.. We’ll do our best~!!!


Junsu : Are you have fun, everyone? Even though I’m out of spirit and tired out… I gain my strength back by looking at everybody’s faces… Tomorrow is the last day…Fighting~!!!!

credit : DNBN
translation : baLmickY @ wp
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20-220209 MIROTIC Concert {Part 6}

MORE fancams =.=...

Junsu Smile


Somebody to love


Rock Ver. Hug

Song For You

credit: eternalmerkamoon4@yt + YunhoLover@yt + yuulinajoongie@yt

Monday, February 23, 2009

27th Japanese Single - Share The World / We Are!

Share The World / We Are!
RELEASE DATE: April 8th, 2009

Jacket A [CD+DVD]

01 Share The World 
02 ウィーアー! [フジテレビ系アニメ「ONE PIECE」オープニングテーマ(現在放送中)]
03 明日は来るから *Bonus Track
04 Share The World(Less Vocal) 
05 ウィーアー!(Less Vocal) 

01 Share The World(PV)

BONUS: Jacket-sized card randomly selected from six designs. First press features behind-the-scene footage



Jacket B [CD Only]

01 Share The World 
02 ウィーアー! [フジテレビ系アニメ「ONE PIECE」オープニングテーマ(現在放送中)]
03 明日は来るから 
04 Share The World(Less Vocal) 
05 ウィーアー!(Less Vocal) 
06 Title to be determined(remix) 

BONUS: 12-page booklet, a card(s)


Sunday, February 22, 2009

20-220209 MIROTIC Concert {Part 5}

MORE fancams ^^

Crazy love
Hyper Jae

Wrong Number

Changmin, keep bowing!!

credit: yuulinajoongie@yt

20-220209 MIROTIC Concert {Part 4}

More fancams~

Hey! Don't Bring Me Down!

Jae Solo

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT~~ So beautiful!!!! *screams more with fans*

Purple Line

Wrong Number

WN is totally the best perf in the concert... [in love with guns now ^^]

Yunho's solo - Checkmate

T_T... heart ripping again... T_T

credit: yuulinajoongie@yt

20-220209 MIROTIC Concert {Part 3}

Interview [ENG SUBBED]

credit: eternalmerkamoon4@yt

Junsu >> Geum Jandi?!!! LOLS. [Who's Geum Jancho?? o.0??]
CHANGMIN >> MAID!!!!! XDD "just joking" LOL!! [the boys were so amused by his 'joke' ... XD]

TVXQ’s 3rd Asia Tour MIROTIC Concert Has 4 Billion Won Effects

The 3rd live tour concert of Asia top group Dong Bang Shin Ki is expected to earn at least 4 billion won from foreign country fans.

It’s not talking about the money that will be earn by SMTOWN through the concert alone, but to the economy in general.

As already scheduled, TVXQ’s 3 days concert in South Korea at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium will kick off today on February 20th up until February 22nd before they’re heading to other Asian countries on the list: Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok, Taipei, etc with total 12 performances all over Asia.

TVXQ’s Korea concert, which was already sold out only few minutes after the ticket selling opened, not only be attended by their Korean fans. It’s confirmed that their foreign Asian fans to attend coming from Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc will be approximately about 2000 people.

Those number are dominated by Japanese fans, as explained by some hotel managers that they weren’t able to handle all room bookings by Japanese guests who were mostly coming to see TVXQ’s concert, made most hotels around concert area are already fully-booked at around the concert date.

The factors of this excitement are predicted, first, due to the concert’s date itself which are during weekends, when most people have their free time. And second, due to the popularity of TVXQ’s 4th album MIROTIC which had been at top popular charts of many asian countries such as Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand. Thus, it’s increasing the fans’ curiosity to see TVXQ’s starting point concert in the boys’ very own home country.

Economy experts said that the foreign country fans had to at least spend ₩ 2,000,000 per person which made it ₩ 4,000,000,000 in total for 3 days and 2 night hotel charges, concert tickets, plane tickets, other accomodation, transportation, phone charge, and not mention the official concert goodies that will be sold during the concert days such as t-shirt, cookie, stamp, etc.

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Schedule till June 2009

20th February - 4th Live Tour: Mirotic (Seoul) - 7pm
21st February - 4th Live Tour: Mirotic (Seoul) - 7pm
22nd February - 4th Live Tour: Mirotic (Seoul) - 7pm
23rd February - SM Town Live: Bangkok broadcast on Thai Channel 7 (Part 1) - 12.30am
23rd February - [JAP] Survivor PV on MTV Japan (MTV Top Hits) broadcast - 6pm
24th February - SM Town Live: Bangkok broadcast on Thai Channel 7 (Part 2) - 12.30am
28th February - [JAP] Eco Live Sendai Performance - 6pm

2nd March - [JAP] Music Japan “Survivor” perf (recording at NHK hall) - 6pm
2nd March - [JAP] Fuji TV’s SMAP x SMAP broadcast - 10.50pm
6th March - [JAP] Music Japan “Survivor” perf (broadcast) - 12.10am
11th March - [JAP] 26th Japanese Single: ”Survivor” release
18th March - [JAP] 4th Japanese Album: The Secret Code release
13th March - [JAP] Music Japan “Survivor” perf (broadcast) - 12.10am
14th March - [JAP] MTV White Day Special Live at Universal Studios Japan - 11am & 3pm
20th March - [JAP] Eco Live Sendai Performance (broadcast) 1.10am
21st March - [JAP] Mnet Japan Ucchassa (broadcast) - 10pm
22nd March - [JAP] Asahi TV Ontama Carnival (broadcast) - 8pm
28th March - Lotte Duty Free Shop Premier Talk Show - 11am to 2pm
28th March - Dream Concert 2009

8th April - [JAP] 27th Single: “Share the World”/ “We are One Piece” release

4th May - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: The Secret Code ~ Kobe (Kobe World Hall) - 6.30pm
5th May - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: The Secret Code ~ Kobe (Kobe World Hall) - 4pm
9th May - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: The Secret Code ~ Saitama (Saitama Super Arena) - 6.30pm
10th May - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: The Secret Code ~ Saitama (Saitama Super Arena) - 4pm
16th May - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: The Secret Code ~ Sendai (Hot House Super Arena) - 6.30pm
23rd May - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: The Secret Code ~ Sapporo (Makomanai Ice Arena) - 6.30pm
30th May - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: The Secret Code ~ Fukuoka (Marine Messe Fukuoka) - 6.30pm

4th June - MICKY Yoochun’s birthday!
6th June - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: The Secret Code ~ Hiroshima (Hiroshima Green Arena) - 6.30pm
11th June - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: The Secret Code ~ Osaka (Osaka Jou Hall) - 6.30pm
13th June - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: The Secret Code ~ Osaka (Osaka Jou Hall) - 6pm
1th June - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: The Secret Code ~ Osaka (Osaka Jou Hall) - 6pm
18th June - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: The Secret Code ~ Nagoya (Japan Kaishi Hall) - 6.30pm
20th June - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: The Secret Code ~ Nagoya (Japan Kaishi Hall) - 6pm
21st June - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: The Secret Code ~ Nagoya (Japan Kaishi Hall) - 4pm

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20-220209 MIROTIC Concert {Part 2}


Behind Changmin in his solo
Junsu on his 'magic broom'




Talks to girl who got touched by Junsu: T_T... WHYYYY~~~??!! T_T...

Junsu fans, I'm sorry if you're heartbroken... T_T... I'd be too... [But, I'm a Yunnie fan XD]


OMFG!! I SEE KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY~~~ [LOLS. I don't sound like a DBSK fan anymore... But, SHINee's sooo cute XD AND DBSK is so hot... wtf!! T_T can't choose =.=]

Jaejoong Solo

omg. So beautiful~~~~~ *screams with fans*

Yoochun Solo

lq-ey... But, right now, I'd settle with anything.. XD *BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE LOVE~~*

Full vid


Walk + Talk cut

lols. He's TOO CUTE in the beg!!

Crazy Love

lols. He's having sooo much fun dancing with the other dancers~ ^^


DAMN NICE ENDING WEIII~~ Love the looking up part... [but SBS gayo is THE BEST EVER... *remembers sexy BACKS*]


Don't Say Goodbye


Love In The Ice


Changmin's solo
English song - Upont this rock

I hardly got a thing he said, but... WHO CARES?!! XD

Wrong Number
Junsu shooting

OMG. There was SHOOTING involved!! *runs to Junsu's aim* KILL ME~~~~ T_T

Yun's stuck gun

LMAO!!! TOO CUTE~~ Yunho's gun was stuck in his pocket... XD OMG. Gun pointing at POINT AT MEHH~~

Yunho's solo

... My heart was just shredded at the last part. I think I heard it rip apart =.=... Maybe it was the video... *sigh* *bawls* WHY A KISS [fake none the less, but KISS]?!!! T_T



Ending - Saranghae

OMG. I'd cry if all my fans screamed like that too... HWAITING Jae~~~

credit: eternalmerkamoon4@yt + yuulinajoongie@yt + YunhoLoverXD@yt

20-220209 MIROTIC Concert

OMFG. I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sry I didn't update sooner. I got this allergic reaction thingy.... FREAKING GOT A JAP and, now... I have dried cream all over me >.<... *sighs* But, OMG. THIS CONCERT SOUNDS SO AWESOME, PLEASE COME HERE!!! T_T...

Fan Account
The Song List:
1) Hey! (Don't Bring Me Down)
2) Are You a Good Girl?
3) Rising Sun
4) Nagwon (live)
5) Rainbow (live)
6) Talk
7) Hug
8) Yoochun's Solo Stage - he was wearing MJ styled clothes, played the keyboard and sang ballad ver. of Love Bye Love
9) Jaejoong Solo - some Korean song
10) Changmin Solo - some English song
11) Video-gun Battle, Junsu sliding on this table and shooting people
12) Wrong Number (live)
13) Purple Line (live)
14) Video - Junsu in a school
15) Balloons - Bossanova ver.
16) Changmin Solo - some Korean children song with the rest of the boys flying across the stage at the back (?)
17) Love in the Ice (live)
18) Don't Say Goodbye (live)
19) Insa (live)
20) XIAHTIC!!! - it was just freakin good! Junsu kept touching the girl dancer and they were practically grinding each other. Junsu played the electronic keyboard and added some parts of Rainism into his song! (live)
21) Yunho Solo - sexy dance, holding green lightstick. It was like a dance battle with Junsu
22) Mirotic (live)
23) Video - Changmin with guitar
24) The Way U Are (live)
25) Somebody to Love (Japanese ver., live)
26) Crazy Love (live)
27) Hahaha Song
28) Sky (Japanese ver., live)
29) Song For You (Korean ver., live)
30) Encore
31) Tonight (damn good damn good)

- Yunho smacked Junsu's ass in SKY
- Alot of YooSu
- Everyone looked freakin good
- Yoochun had sightly curly hair
- Jaejoong almost cried
- The ending was very touching with Cassiopeia chanting SARANGHAEYO non stop

More more when caprishiqi (the writer) called jayceeee (her friend):
- Changmin sang a lullaby and then Jae flew by in a bycycle. Yunho had an umbrella and Chun was suspended in the air with batwings. Junsu was sitting on top of a broom being suspended.
- Then Min was waving his arms and then he stopped and frowned and said his arms were in pain.
- Min made Su speak English. Junsu said "Who's that!"
- Chun sang Love Bye Love and gave flowers to fans. He played Fox Rain on the piano and Evergreen for practice but his own version of Love Bye Love was the solo.
- They were very touched because the last song was Tonight, Jae nearly cried.
- Changmin was teasing Junsu about his butt;
Junsu: "Stop talking about my butt. Always talking about my butt" (camera zooms on his butt)
- Junsu pokes the banana before peeling the skin.
- Junsu says Cassiopeia has gotten old and he got scolded LOL.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

THSK 27th Single - Share The World/We Are

OMG. I'm sensing.... Beautiful, touching song coming up.. [talking about Share The World ^^]


Release Date: 2009/04/08
Item number: RZCD-46211
Label: rhythm zone

1 Share The World
2 ウィーアー!
3 明日は来るから* bonus track
4 Share The World(Less Vocal)
5 ウィーアー!(Less Vocal)
6 (Undecided) song (remix)

12P Limited Edition booklet


Release Date: 2009/04/08
Item number: RZCD-46211
Label: rhythm zone

1 Share The World
2 ウィーアー!
3 明日は来るから* bonus track
4 Share The World(Less Vocal)
5 ウィーアー!(Less Vocal)

Limited Edition Jacket size card selected randomnly

DVD attachment
【DVD more information】
·Share The World(PV)
Short ※ benefit off of their first video (Offshot movie?)

Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN + portiaisabel@soompi

March --> Survivor + 4th Album [WAHH... can't wait ^^]
May --> ... Come Malaysia?? [I'm good with this ^^]

E! News DBSK in SM Town Live in BKK

credit: eternalmerkamoon4@yt

Thursday, February 19, 2009

3rd Asia Concert Mirotic Song List

This list is spread through a Korean blog, so please consider it as unconfirmed until the official site of TVXQ says so.

1. Opening
2. Wrong Number
3. Are You A Good Girl?
4. Break - Instrument.
5. Beautiful Life
6. Would You be My Girlfriend?
7. Flower Lady
8. Love Bye Love
9. Opening Greeting
10. Rainbow
11. Hero Jaejoong’s solo: Forgotten Season
12. U-Know Yunho’s solo: title unknown, his own self composed dance track
13. Break - Instrument.
14. Small Confession
15. Thanks To
16. Don’t Cry My Lover
17. Break - Instrument.
18. Insa (or b’day party)
19. MC-ing part
20. Micky Yoochun’s solo: All in Vain
21. Max Changmin’s solo: not yet determined
22. Xiah Junsu’s solo: XIAHTIC (feat SHINee’s Key)
23. Purple Line
24. Rising Sun
25. Hey! (Don’t Bring Me Down)
26. Break - Instrument.
28. Break - Instrument.
29. On and On
30. Don’t Say Good Bye
31. Ending MC part
32. Love is…
33. Crazy Love
34. Image History
35. Love In The Ice
36. Encore

source: korean blog + heyjj + hoobs + TVXQindo
trans: Misu@TVXQindo
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress - alia_cassiopeia +

T_T... Must. See. Yunho. Dance. Solo. *faints*

SM Global Auditions Messages ENG SUB

credit: eternalmerkamoon4@yt

LMAO. I actually watched this yesterday, but, forgot to post it >.< Chungsahamnida~~ *bows*

Yoochun's English has gotten worse T_T.... But, I still love it ^^
Junsu's 'YEAH' totally ROCKS XD
Kamsahamnida ^^

Harumi >> Co-author!!


She's Harumi ^^
She's NOT from Malaysia... Hence, I guess she'll be updating when I'm sleeping. Which means, 24hours updates!! WHEE~

AND, she's the only one who applied =.=... *hugs Harumi* Komao, unnie!!~~~

Let's all welcome dear HARUMI!! ^^
Hwaiting, Harumi-unnie~~

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

CDTV Valentine 2009 Top 20 Love Song

Our boys successfully managed to snag a spot at CDTV's rundown of 2009's best love songs!
1. One Love - Arashi
2. Love Love Love - Dreams Come True
4. Tada…Aitakute - EXILE
5. 366 nichi - HY
6. Shirushi - Mr. Children
7. Ai uta - GReeeeN
8. Tsunami - Southern All Stars
9. Love letter - Gackt
10. Fragile - Every Little Thing
11. Love so sweet - Arashi
12. Soba ni iru ne - Aoyama Thelma feat. SoulJa
13. Lion heart - Smap
14. Kimi no suki na uta - UVERworld
15. Can you celebrate? - Namie Amuro
16. Doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattan darou? - THSK
17. Kiseki - GReeeeN
18. Kiss ~Kaerimichi no Love Song - Tegomasu
19. First Love - Utada Hikaru
20. Nidome no Kanojo - SID

Credit: mihsayam@dbsgLJ
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Japanese fans make a 'full house'

Japanese fans came to see the concert of TVXQ, so there is already the full-house case for most of the hotels in downtown Seoul.

In particular, the Ramada Hotel and Suites says on the 16th that "From 19-21st there is no longer enough room in our hotel, more than 300 Japanese customers booked a reservation for 200 of our rooms" they revealed.

Officials says "In Myeong-dong, Seoul hotels nearby are always crowded, but this time, as well as Myeong-dong in downtown Seoul, most of the hotels are full" as well as, "due to from 20th to 22nd Japanese customers are reserving because they want to see TVXQ's concert performance." he explained.

TVXQ's agency said, "Separately, we could not grasp the number of Japanese fans arriving" and "There is not much Japanese fans availaing of the tour via the fanclub."

TVXQ will be performing for 3 days on the 20-22 at the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium.

[ÀúÀÛ±ÇÀÚ¨Ï '¸®¾óŸÀÓ ¿¬¿¹¼Óº¸,½ºÅ¸ÀÇ ¸ðµç °Í' ½ºÅ¸´º½º]
Source: StarNEWS + DNBN
Trans: fangirlmitz
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KimSu collab

Key "SHINee" will be a featuring artist on Xiah Junsu's Solo stage.

3 days before "TVXQ THE 3rd ASIA TOUR CONCERT MIROTIC-" which will be held at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium on the upcoming February 20-22, Xiah Junsu solo stage performance revealed its title, XIAHTIC.

XIAHTIC produced by Junsu, will show an awesome solo performance where he specifically created the song, and also dance.

KEY from SHINee will be a featuring artist, where KEY will appear as a rapper.

Meanwhile, to celebrate "TVXQ THE 3rd ASIA TOUR CONCERT MIROTIC-" will be sold a special goodies to celebrate the concert such as, T-shirts, cookies set, mobile phone straps, and a variety of interesting goodies, such as stamp, step-set .

source: NEWSEN + DNBN
Translations: L4uRa
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MUST watch this ^^ [last time, it was Eunhyuk and Junsu in 1st asia tour singing 'all rise'... Evertime I hear that song now, I scream =.=.]

Celeb You Wanna Spend Valentine With

Another poll question has revealed by MNet and here are the results:

Top 5
1. Lee Minho
2. Xiah Junsu (DBSK)
3. Kim Bun
4. G Dragon (Big Bang)
5. Kim Hyun Joong

source: xietinloveshero
credit: DBSKnights33@YT
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Top 50 Best of 2008

50 Top best of the best 2008 (including good and bad things)

1. The hottest boy band of 2008 - DBSK
We cannot give this number 1 place to other artists except DBSK. They are so popular all over the world, Korea, Japan, China, Thaiand,Taiwan and DBSK fever spreads to Europe, America, Peru. There are Cassiopeia even in Papua New Guinea!

2. The hottest girl group of 2008 - Wonder Girls

3. The hottest new comers for NOONA - SHINee

4. The most hip band - Big Bang

5. The band that we always love - Super Junior
We sometimes feel forgetful and fall in love with other bands, but in the end of the day we always love SJ.

6. The most fabulous concert of the year - Super Junior The 1st Asia Tour Super Show in Bangkok

7. Concert that is worth every single $$ - SMTOWN Live’08 in Korea
The fans got to be to close to SM family and we all had such a great time even though it was raining. We hope to have such a great time at SMTOWN in bangkok as well.

8. The very nice concert but so far for the reporter - F.T Island
The concert was super great but the reporters were behind the audience.

9. Hottest showcase - Super Junior M and Me in Bangkok exclusively
Remember when HanKyung performed SEXY BACK?

10. The moment to remember - Super Junior The 1st Asia Tour Super Show in Bangkok
The moment to remember is when Thai E.L.F sang MARRY U and Lee Teuk started to cry (he made other SJ members cry along with him too)

11. The hottest new comers for the reporter - 2PM

12. The band we like to adopt - F.T. Island

13. No one is as spicy as him - Hyung Joon (SS501)

14. No one is as spicy as her - Hyo Ri

15. Hottest dance song - Wonder girls
So Hot and Nobody

16. Most beautiful slow song - DBSK
WISH (feat Ryo Wook and Kyu Hyon)

17. Passionate MV - Heaven & Love is

18. Most hottest album - DBSK
‘Mirotic’ after having been wating for 1 year and 7 months, we got the masterpeice of DBSK

19. Most clumsy but cutie - Kim Jaejoong
He’s so cute , so beautiful, so handsome. He’s everything (and his beauty keeps up everytime we met him) but then again he’s a bit clumsy in the same time and that makes us love him more

20. The real Prince - Yunho
No one can be the real gentleman as much as Yunho. He’s very handsome (you can see it from your 2 eyes) but yet very gentle, sweet, cute and caring. He’s so everything like this that’s why we is the real Prince for us.

21. King of UFO - Changmin
Every word that comes out of Changmin is super funny and super him, super hardcore.

22. Fashionable guy - Yoochun
He’s the real fashinable guy. No matter what he wears it becomes famous and he always added up a few little details in (dressing more than other member)

23. Prince born to be innocent - Junsu
No matter how he’s changed (his hair, his clothes etc) but his innocence is still there!

24. The father of the year - Junsu’s dad
Mr. Kim JinSook , we’ve been to Korea everytime. We must go visit Mr.Kim

25. The son in law of The Boy Magazine - Siwon
Last year he won this award too lol whenever we ran out of issue to write about. It’s always Siwon who flew to Bangkok or did something for us to write about (he recues our magazine)

26. Super handsome - Lee Dong Wook

27. Super beautiful - Lee Da Hae

28. The girls we wanna swap the life with - SNSD
They are all pretty and can sing well. Besides they always work with SJ and DBSK

29. Very trendy - T.O.P and G-dagon of Big Bang

30. Not handsome but does rock your world - DaeSong of Big Bang

31. OMG so cute - TaeMin of SHINee and Minhwan of F.T island
sharing the award together

32. Perfect presenters for schoool uniform - Super Junior

33. Perfect hair for perfect face - Kim Jaejoong
All of the staff confirm Jaejoong recent hair style is perfect with his face (makes us wanna carry him home secretly)

34. Please dont do this hair style - Nichkoon of 2PM

35. Laugh for more - HeeChul
Last year he got this award too.

36. Everyone loves him - Dong Hae of SJ

37. Everyone loves her - Sohee of Wonder girls

38. Real angel - Lee Teuk of SJ
Remeber the fanclub wallet where Teukie brought to Bangkok? Thai fans kinda forgot her wallet at Kiss the radio and Teukie brought it with him to Yamaha press conference!

39. Lovely youngest brother - TaeMin of SHINee

40. Best bigger brother - Key of SHINee

41. Best variety - COME TO PLAY (DBSK ep)

42. Best Korean series - Iijimae

43. Best advertisement - YAMAHA (DBSK and SJ)

44. Lots of advertisements - Wonder girls

45. Most impressive award - MKMF

46. Most honest phrase - G Dragon of Big Bang
“Do you miss us? We miss you too”

47. Most touching word - Dong Hae of SJ
“If there’s no fanclub, there’s no me today. I’ll try/work harder to give back everyone love. Please do not forget to support us and dont change your mind”

48. Cute word that tickles your heart - Siwon of SJ
“Lately i feel like getting married”
“Did you guys buy me a house yet”

49. If there’s an on-sale gag, can we buy this one? - Park Yoochun
“PAO” (mean BURN) the best gag of the year goes to Yoochun. Ma proa pao (burned coconut), Changmin poa (burn Changmin)…he burns everything!

50. Good stuff u gotta buy - DBSK Calendar 2009
The staff gotta fly to Korea to buy it.

source: sharingyoochun
credit: The Boy Kimchi Magazine
translated by: sharingyoochun
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lol at no.28 XD

Happy Birthday, Shim Changmin ^^

Maknae Changmin.... Max Changmin... ChoiKang Changmin... *goes on and on with Changmin's names*

Annyeong everyone!!
Sorry I'm late. Had a project to do [which btw, I still didn't manage to finish yet] and Boys Over Flowers to watch ^^ [I have a new love: KIM BUM!! XD He's right now no.5 on my 'boys to marry' list =P right after Taemin.. BUAHAHA]

Welps, I see people have already started screaming happy birthday to Changmin on my CBox, [thanks for that ^^].

I hope Changmin has a really nice evening [since it's already evening there >.<]. Be right back to update~

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Secret Code Photos

I'm not so sure about weather this is from Survivor or not >.< I just saw that the person who posted this wrote 'Survivor' at the bottom >.< Because Google Translate wouldn't give me a understandable translation.... TADA~~~


Credit: DNBN
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Survivor - Phrased Differently


Source Finder: ringopie @ dbsg LJ
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Exploring Globalization


BoA, TVXQ, and Rain in a book with unique topic: “Exploring Globalization”

On date 13th, a Candian bought a book which in it there is picture of BoA, and also TVXQ and Rain (who’s mentioned with his real name, Jung Ji-hoon), thus he/she took pic of the related pages and posted them in internet.

“Exploring Globalization” is the title of this book, stretches out the Korean wave and says that due to the development of cultural market in Asia, especially Korea, and information about BoA, TVXQ, and Rain’s fandom culture is also explained.

The success of BoA in U.S market recently as an evidence to the world of her popularity, and the picture of 2004 activity represented by TVXQ and Rain called “My Name” is also included in the book.

Under the picture of BoA, is written: “Korean pop musicians like BoA have a huge fan base. The fans will follow their style, from costumes, make up, even accessories. Why do they act like this? A short article about fandom culture is written as the answer.

Rain, BoA, and TVXQ passage refers to:

“In the late 1990s, a regional TV station, Channel V, began to broadcast Korean music video, creating a strong K-pop fan base in Asia. Performances video of Rain and BoA attracted large audiences. Some Korean stars, Thomas Im, also known as Taebin and Micky Yoochun of the group TVXQ, were grown up in the United States. Their music blends American and Korea music style.”

translation: sharingyoochun@wordpress
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