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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Top 5 Korean stars that impressed A-star mag

Top 5 of Korean stars that impressed A-star magz staff A-star magazine Jan2009 issue

#1 DongHae of SJ –DongHae is Mr. Cute personality. Everytime we got a chance to interview him, he can always impress us with his smiles and attitudes. He’s willing to answer any questions (including the very very silly on-es) and his innocent look while we’re interviewing him makes us melt.

#2 HongKi of F.T island –Mr. Pretty face! he can make the staff’s world turn so bright everytime we got a chance to interview him. He never ever gives us the face, no matter how hot it is or no matter how long the work would take. He can still smile. HongKi is very talkative

#3 Yunho of DBSK –The super cool leader. Yunho is full of the leadership personalities plus his super charming smile makes us blind. He gives it 100% in his work and also be the good role for other junior artists also. Everytime we got a chance to interview Yunho we just melt with his smile.

#4 TaeMin of Shinee –Mr. innocent. We’re so impressed of his work. He’s so young but look at his work and his responsibility! He’s so talented in studying ,singing and dancing. While interviewing him, he impressed us with his shyly smile.

#5 Sohee of Wonder Girls –Miss Cutie, this girl is natural born cutie. She never fakes. When she’s in the good mood, she will smile. When she’s in the bad mood, she wont smile. And when we started to smile to her, she immediately gave the most lovely smile back to us she’s clumsy in the cute way.

credit: A-Star Magazine
translated by: sharingyoochun
Shared by:

M-ON Music Machine ENG SUBBED

SIDE NOTE: Bigeaststation 95 ENG SUBBED Updated: Click!

credit: purplefanatic91@yt

Friday, January 30, 2009

Bigeast Fanmeet Summary

Click to enlarge








Febuary 2009

Heyy, everybody!! It's me, Jasmine [LING sounds like she might be on permanent hiatus >.<]

Ahh~ A month passes by so fast T_T. Jae's birthday is over...
*Moves to Feb Calander*

For those of you who forgot:
Yunho=6th Feb
Changmin=18th Feb

Like the new banner I made? It took me a while to get the abstract inspiration [thank you Art teacher of my school for recently teaching us about abstract. + I was reminded by your homework~ XD]
The pictures of Yunho and Changmin are from the GQ Scans. Singles were better... But... GQ is SMEXY!! XD

Picked a new layout for the blog too, as you can see ^^
Don't think I'll be trying to change the background this time >.<"

As most of you might know, I'm thinking of closing down JTXYLovesTVXQ. T_T
A lot of stuffs going on [school, tuition, SCHOOL, SCHOOL, SCHOOL]. So, I'm thinking of giving up.
UNLESS, any of you [mostly silent] readers would like to volunteer in co-authoring. [Lift half my burden! XD I thank you so~]
If you are, [please do, please say you are!!] send me an e-mail at with these details:

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Age: [I'd REALLY like this one to know weather you're going to be BUSY. If you're taking a huge test this year, I suggest you don't apply.]
Location: [I PROMISE I won't hunt you down or anything. Have to know when you'd be online, right? If you give me the time zone, I'm kay too ^^]
Speciality: [Images? Photoshopping? Sharing? Videos? Translating? You name it ^^]
Others: [Anything else you'd like me to know. Totally OPTIONAL]

LOVE those who are applying
LIKE LIKE those who at least considered applying
REALLY LIKE those who keep commenting and visiting

You know I love you guys anyway~

New Single - Survivor

T_T. Gone. For 1 week. *sigh* I seem to be getting punished a lot today T_T.

The track list for The Secret Code was released today. About half and half for new and old songs:

●Beautiful you
●どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?(Doushite Kimi wo suki ni natte shimatandarou/Why Did I Fall in Love With You)
●Survivor(Song from single released on 11/3)
●FORCE (New Song)
●Nobody Knows(New Song)
●ウィーアー!(新曲) (This would be We Are, the One Piece opening they recorded. Thanks to elise_maxwell for being smart and solving the katakana for me)
●TAXI(New Song)
●9095(New Song)
他 (this little kanji here means "other", so there might be more tracks yet to be announced? Edit: bright_story says 14 tracks)

So four new songs, five if you count Survivor. I'm not sure what exactly it up with their releasing a single only a couple of days before an album that has said single on it. Of course, I'm probably going to end up with both, so maybe it's less odd than it seems. ^^;

Three versions of the album will the released, much like T. Although this is sort of old news.

v1 will just be the album, nothing more.

v2 will be two CDs. The album on the first, and what is currently listed as "a compilation" on the other. bright_story has informed me that the second CD a remix CD.

v3 is the expensive one. It comes with the two CDs in v2, as well as a DVD with the following MVs:
1. Purple Line
2. Beautiful you
3. どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?
4. 呪文 -MIROTIC-
5. Bolero
6. Suvivor(Song from single released on 11/3)
7. Kiss The Baby Sky(New Recording?)

It will also feature a digest version of clips from the ~T~ live, like the expensive version of that album did with Five in the Black. The first press will also have the off-shot.

And of course they all come with the standard jacket-sized card in the first press, too.
In other words:

Ver. 1[1 CD]

●Beautiful you
●どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?(Doushite Kimi wo suki ni natte shimatandarou/Why Did I Fall in Love With You)
●Survivor(Song from single released on 11/3)
●Nobody Knows
●ウィーアー!(新曲) (WE ARE!)
他 - other [14 tracks]

+ Jacket Card

Ver. 2 [Remix CD + Compilation = 2CDs]
●Beautiful you
●どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?(Doushite Kimi wo suki ni natte shimatandarou/Why Did I Fall in Love With You)
●Survivor(Song from single released on 11/3)
●Nobody Knows
●ウィーアー!(新曲) (WE ARE!)
他 - other [14 tracks]

+ Jacket Card

Ver. 3 [Remix CD + Compilation + MVs = 2CD + 1DVD]
●Beautiful you
●どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?(Doushite Kimi wo suki ni natte shimatandarou/Why Did I Fall in Love With You)
●Survivor(Song from single released on 11/3)
●Nobody Knows
●ウィーアー!(新曲) (WE ARE!)
他 - other [14 tracks]

1. Purple Line
2. Beautiful you
3. どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?
4. 呪文 -MIROTIC-
5. Bolero
6. Suvivor(Song from single released on 11/3)
7. Kiss The Baby Sky
8. Digest ver. of ~T~ live
9. Off-Shot

+ Jacket Card

credit: dbsg@lj
Shared by:

260109 Heyx3

Hey, peoples!!
I'm back from hiatus~~ XD
Ling hasn't been very active lately, has she? T_T... I apologize on her behalf.

Part 1 talk

Part 2 talk

Sausage Contest + Bolero Perf

credit: purplefanatic91@yt

Loving this girl right now. ANYWAY, HEYX3!!! Love this show since the first time I saw the boys on it XD. It's SO freaking funny XD. I laughed so hard, my father yelled "HEY" out of annoyance. XD Laughed anyway. Laughed ESPECIALLY hard when Jaejoong did the Sausage Contest... LMAO!!

"I can't believe it. That I'm so fast!!" -Jaejoong

LMAO. SEKINE DUDE WANTED TO BE ONE OF TOHOSHINKI?!! Lols, he'd fit right it.. [being sarcastic]
RIGHT, now... Diff topic.
I'm thinking of closing down this bloggie T_T
Not very succsesfull, and SOMETIMES a burden.
Let me know what you guys think okay?
If I don't get any feedback... Then, well... All the more reason to quit.
Waiting for Ling's response myself.
Anyways, till then~

Friday, January 23, 2009

Video update

090122 DBSK - Ch@nel-@ Preview of Sports Challenge

credit: jaejoongiefiedportia26@yt

to be shown on 28th Jan & 5th Feb. CAN'T WAIT!! XD

[NEWS] THSK - BOLERO Oricon # 1 (Yonhap News 090122)

credit: JaeLove12@yt


DBSK - Why Did I fall In Love with you? ~Royal Mirror Ball Remix~{OFFICIAL}

credit: jaejoongiefiedportia26@yt

Not as good as the original. But, good too ^^ [cause it's from DBSK!!!]

THSK - Nobody Knows 1:34 Preview on 09.01.20

credit: farahmicky5@yt

I love this song~ Nobody Knows~ Nobody Knows~~~~

CNY Hiatus

Heyy, everbody!! Thanks for keeping with the visiting and bearing with our handicap in updating >.< It's me, Jasmine again!

I hope you guys REALLY wouldn't leave this time T_T.
I guess most of you wouldn't be able to visit anyway...
Cause, Chinese New Year's coming up!!
I just got a week's holiday!
But, unfortuantely, I'm going to my laid back hometown where internet is practically... extinct. [Well, extinct isn't a correct word since IT NEVER WAS THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!]

[back to the point] So, I'm going on hiatus for the ENTIRE next week.
I'm not so sure about LING though...
She hasn't replied my e-mails, nor has she updated in any way.
BUT, I don't blame her... She's got a big exam coming in this year. [if she doesn't get good results, her future would be... down.]
We'll just wait and see yeah?

[To LING: if you are back for the week, HWAITING on updating!! If you're not, please try to leave me a message/email/post about it.]

I've got last minute CNY shopping to get to.
To all those celebrating CNY,

Hong Pao Na Lai ^^



OH, and, for those of you who DON'T know... This bloggie's anniversary/birthday is RIGHT before Jae's, 25th!!!!


comments are appreaciated, welcomed, and partly needed to live. ^^

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dear fortune teller...

Fortune Teller: He will end up with a girl who is much younger than him, living overseas, far, far away from him. I can picture this girl.... Her name is, Jasmine... Tan... Xiu... Yi. They will marry early, have loads of babies, and live happily ever after.


He is like yunho’s palm, has a lot of messy lines. He goes through a lot of experiences in life.

LIFE LINE: Long life and good health.

HEAD LINE (CAREER): He is intelligent and knows how to grab on an opportunity. He has a smooth career life and will be successful at a young age. His wealth at a young age is better. His wealth line for the early years is the clearest among 5.

HEART LINE: He has an early love life and there’s a slight of indication that he will two-time. He will also marry late. Even though he reaches his middle age, there are many opposite sex will approach him.


He has a Water Hand, which means emotions are more important than reasons. This kind of hand makes a good poet and musician. They also go very well in the beauty and fashion industry.

LIFE LINE: His life line is long too. But the front part is unclear, indicating bad health during his young days. However, during his middle years, he will have good health.

HEAD LINE (CAREER): He is witty and doesn’t lack in intelligence. He is able to manage a few careers together at one time. However, his wealth line is weak.

HEART LINE: Very messy line shows he is popular with opposite sex. It is his fate that there will be many girls appear throughout his life. He will marry at least twice in his life.


In general, his health, wealth, love, and career will get better only during his late years.

LIFE LINE: Long line indicates long life, but his health is average.

HEAD LINE (CAREER): He might meet rough times during his career. But his career will be back on track at the end. He has to be careful of evil people as his fate is to meet many bad people like this-.- His wealth line isn’t really good at the front part, indicating average wealth in his young days. However, it gets better when he’s older.

HEART LINE: Lots of hard times in his love life. He will have a lot of relationships in his life too. However, after marriage, he will be stable. During his golden years, he would lead a happy life.


LIFE LINE: A long one too. He also has clear veins indicating very good health.

HEAD LINE (CAREER): Clear head line indicates that he is very intelligent. He is very hardworking in his career and his career starts early. It simply means that he will reach his peak of success during his middle years. There will also be a transition in his career too.

HEART LINE: His love life starts later in his life. At the start, he will be very loyal, but at the end of his marriage life, there might be some problems occur. He needs to handle them seriously. His golden years would be comfortable and easy.


The most obvious thing on his palm is the line cutting across. It shows that he has great wisdom. There’s a traditional saying that if it cuts on the left palm, he is a great leader. If it cuts on his right palm, he is great at handling finance.

His palm has many messy lines which indicates that he is always doing hardwork throughout his life. He is always think about other people and very busy with other people’s problems, therefore makes him tired and always busy.

With this kind of hand, if he moves towards the good side, he will be respected by others. His type of hand is also very strong and when he hits people, he doesn’t know whether it is painful to others or not.

LIFE LINE: There’s small sicknesses throughout his whole life, but it won’t obstruct him greatly.

HEAD LINE (CAREER): smooth & extensive career. He is very career minded and hardworking. He will work his way all up to be successful. However, because of this, little sicknesses and his character of always looking after other people’s problems grows out from here.

credit: tvxq-crit + tvxqaustralia
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress +

Asian Groove - Jaejoong's birthday


credit: + DNBN
Shared by:

wondering where this was taken. His room? I see a lot of pictures behind him. One of which is TVXQ [I think. I know it's 5 guys. I just can't make they're faces out >.<]

GQ Scans

No idea what mag is this, or... whatever it is for that matter. All that matters are:

1. Hotness in pics.
2. Trying not to drool/faint/hypervantilate
3. Staying alive.











credit: as tagged + DNBN
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TVXQ Fans donate 9 Million


Boys Over Flowers



GQ Movie Poster?


I love NRs so much [even tho I dunno what the hell it means >.<]

Heaven's Postman in MARCH

[News] Heaven's Postman Bumped Up to March

That’s right! Heaven’s Postman, staring TVXQ’s Hero Jaejoong, has officially been moved up from May to March! The original post can be read here, but it is all in Korean. I did a rough translation and it’s basically stating that it will broadcast in March 2009, and it talks about how the film is a joint project between Japan and Korea. It also states the companies next’s project. March will be an exciting month for us TVXQ fans! If anything changes or updates with more info, we will be sure to have it posted immediately. ^_^

Credit: Chelsea @ TVXQsoul
Source: CNBnews
Shared by: xietinloveshero +

OMGOMGOMG!! IT'S TOO SOOON!! I HAVE TO GO SHOP FOR WHAT OUTFIT TO WEAR!!! BOOK TICKETS!!! *SQUEAL* WHAT IF JAEJOONG COMES HERE FOR THE OPENING?!!!!!! ... that might never happen, but a girl can dream, right? ^^

25th New Single Comment

credit: farahmicky5@yt

I have NO idea what they're saying. So, I payed more attention to their looks. Old hairstyles?? Or, are my studies actually pulling me away from knowing what the boys are doing now?

Bigeaststation 95 ENG SUBBED


[Non Subbed]
Part 1

Part 2

credit: jaejoongiefiedportia26@yt

[portia unnie, you work too much. Are you still studying??]

Part 1

credit: whisperpuppies@yt
Part 2

credit: whisperpuppies@yt

Changmin Clean Idol MNET 100

credit: jaejoongiefiedportia26@yt

WHEEE~~ He's number 26!!! That's not too bad, considering it's 26/100!! HWAITING OPPA!! [wonder who got no.1?]

Nobody Knows

OMG. New OST!! [damn, they're busy.]

credit: jaejoongiefiedportia26@yt

OST for Bad Love, Japanese Drama. [somebody remind me to go watch that sometime.]

Monday, January 19, 2009

Bigeast 3rd Fanmeet

*bows profusely* I'm SOSOSOSOSOSOSSOSOSOSOSOSSOSO sry I haven't been updating in a while. Everyone knows how school goes like right? Suckish-ness... >.< Torture... you get the drill. Will keep trying my best though!!! Currently rushing~~ sries.


credit: jaejoongiefied26@yt

Click for more.

I'd post it here, but, I didn't watch it >.< Tell me how it goes~ XD

Waiting for Hey Hey Hey to come out [doesn't know when it shows]. Maybe I'll just post that tomorrow... WAIT. Wednesday. ^^" Busier tomorrow.... I haven't visited DNBN for about a week now. I miss it >.< It's going really slow. *haiz* HWAITING~

Friday, January 16, 2009

HaHaHa Acapella

credit: jaejoongiefiedportia26@yt

Wahhh~ It's amazing how even when they do acapella they can be SO FREAKING DORKY!! *squeal* Yunjae~~ XD Lols, love Junsu's Ba Ba Bonjak Bonjak~ XD[0.29] LMAO, it was so funny how they were just serious... then, -- then, BA BA BONJAK BONJAK 1 2 3 4, then, harmonized immediately, LA LA LA LA~~ XD Lurve. ^^

Beautiful Soya Bean

WHEE~ Junsu supporting Junho~~

credit: eternalmerkamoon4@yt

Junho somehow looks different from ISF... He looks uglier different. [let's stick with different ^^] Junsu looks better though ^^ [NO OFFENSE] The two are just SOOOO CUTE~~

Picture of You MV

I'm sorry I haven't updated for a while.. >.< School, homework... Tuition.. T_T Will try my best like Ling~ XD

Our guests will have a lot of fun during next 5 days! Tomorrow the Asian Backstreet Boys - DBSK are arriving at the PIC hotel. They are number one in the charts of Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong-Kong and Thailand. 5 teenagers (the oldest is 21 years old) will shoot a new MV for their upcoming album “Picture of you” at out hotel, photo album for their disks for 2009 and a reality show, which will be released on a DVD.

They are arriving with the team of 35 members, but our club mate (no idea what she meant) girls will be models for the MV. Pop-idols like to have white girls in their MV so, more likely, our Russian girls – animators will be the models. I think than there will be enough white beautiful ladies for them, because more than 130 Russian families are currently staying at the hotel. The idols are lucky!

The most fun in their schedule is the variety show shootings: pop stars will participate in different funny games and will prepare a breakfast in the Magellan restaurant! I think our guests will enjoy such an exclusive entertainment – “games with the pop stars” Of course, the security is much tighter now, because it won’t be hard for their fans in Korea and Japan to find out where their idols are gone. But we were told about the arrival of Dong Bang Shin Ki just yesterday.

T/N: Please note that she has never heard of them before. So she might talk about them in a strange manner...

Translation: leia_greenleaf @ LJ
Shared by:

AHHH~ OMGOMGOMG. I LOVE PICTURE OF YOU SOOOOO MUCH~~ *SQUEAL* It's in Russia. Source site is Russian... So, yeah ^^ *envies Russian fans*

Taegoon Full MV
WAHHH...~~~ Jaejoong's so hot >.<

credit: eternalmerkamoon4@yt

Thursday, January 15, 2009

[EDITED] DBSK MIROTIC Tour Tickets Sold Out in 5 minutes

Their upcoming MIROTIC tour tickets were sold out in only 5 minutes! UNBELIEVEABLE!
The translations stated it was 20 minutes...but the original post HERE its not. Our boys were really amazing huh? XDD

^ Oops....guys..can you read that? I've uploaded the largest image but it still look small here. If you cant read it, inform me aite? XD

credits : as tagged + tvxqsoul + LING @ jtxylovestvxq

p/s : btw, I would like to apologise to Jas [for not helping much] and also my fellow readers [for not keeping you up-to-date]. I will really try my best to update the blog as soon as im free. Cuz my schedule is really packed though. Anyways pls do dropped by always. Comments are LOVE!


Random news of DBSK

Credits : as tagged + LING @ jtxylovestvxq

U-know Yunho Endorsing System

Source : DNBN
Credits : LING @ jtxylovestvxq

*what's with the string / thread pulled to the pocket? lol.*

Our boys won AK 1525 Award & also Korea's MTV Music Award

^ The AK 1525 Award, our boys got 1st!
They won for the Music Category Award with total of 4,162 votes!

^ Korea MTV Music Award, our boys ranked the best for twice! *screams*
They won for the Artist of the Year and Album of the Year category for the Korea's MTV Music.

Gratz boys! XDDD

credits: + MTV Music Kr + vaseline @TVXQaustralia
Shared by: xietinloveshero + LING @ jtxylovestvxq

Will SM Debut a New Girl Group in 2009?

Actually this post wasnt about DBSK. But this news is bout their company. Just wanna share. =D

SM Entertainment is expecting to launch another girl group in 2009. Although the names of the girls have yet to be determined, so far the SM trainees in contention are (from top, left to right) Kim Yeh-jin, Park Sun-young, Crystal (Girls Generation member Jessica’s little sister), Yu Seung-yeon, and Hur Han-mi.

And note that SM will be targeting an even younger audiences with the average age of the girls being 15 years old. Move over Sohee.

Source : POPSEOUL!
Picture credits : POPSEOUL!
Shared by : LING @
Overall credits : LING @

Walking 1-BAND Corporation

Walking 1-Band Corporation
5-member Male Group TVXQ Shoot Domestic Top Asia Goal
STAR 2009-01-13 12:00:04

TVXQ's first appearance on December 31 at Japan Tokyo Shibuya NHK Hall for the 59th NHK Kohaku strengthened their position in Japan, signifying a great ending for the year 2008. At the
Kohaku, Japan's most prestigious end-of-the-year festival, they judge strictly by the popularity on music sales, download and during awards season. The "Red and White Song Battle" divides the most popular music artists of the year into competing teams of red and white. TVXQ's 4 Japan singles were Oricon Weekly # 1's on the chart in consecutive weeks, establishing a record as the first foreign artist having the most number 1 in Japan, placing light to South Korea.

DBSK's 4th Album MIROTIC on January 6 by combining the offline and online sales total to 502,837, becoming also the first music artist to pass the half-million mark in five years since Kim Gun Mo's 8th album in 2003. Also, TVXQ were payed per CF an amount totalling to 800million won, proving their advertising influence.

Source: 이우인 News + DNBN
Trans: fangirlmitz
Shared by : LING @
Overall credits : sources + fangirlmitz + LING @


Credits : as tagged [fangirlmitz] + LING @ jtxylovestvxq
Shared by : LING @

Junsu's twin brother debut in a CF

Junsu's twin brother, Kim JunHo Debuted in a Soy Milk CF! *isnt he HAWT~ drools...*

Kim Junho, Xiah Junsu’s twin brother, recently officially began his career in the entertainment industry by shooting a commercial for a soy milk company, which he signed a contract with.

It was revealed that 3 years ago, Kim Junho started going to acting classes so he could debut as an actor. Also, he was in a musical before so he is also known as a musical actor.

Last year, Kim Junho starred in the MBC variety show, “Introducing a Star’s Friend.”
With a height of 188cm (6ft 2 inches), an athletic body from being a pitcher for his college baseball team and an appearance similar to Jo Han Sun, Kim Junho was a hot topic of discussion.

Xiah Junsu said, “He is like a Buddha so we never fought when we were young.” Junsu also showed his close friendship with his twin brother by saying, “Since we were young, he would yield everything so we would always go out and play sports together.”

In addition, some people say that Xiah Junsu, their mom, and others visited Kim Junho at the place Junho was shooting his commercial to show their support fro him.

Source: newsen
English Trans: Sharon @
Shared by: heaven_smiles @ dbsg lj + LING @ jtxylovestvxq

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Layout change

I've changed the layout to the 'new' one... XD [XML Doc]
BUT, I totally suck at the 'new' one, FOR NOW.
So, please, don't go away because of the stupidity of this layout. ^^ It's the info that counts~ XD

I actually made a background, but I didn't manage to crack the code for XML Doc yet, sooooo, yeah. Be back some other day to do that >.< It's actually for Chinese New Year, red, properity... you get the point, right?^^

Header.... Sucks. Suckish resolution for NO REASON [blogger once again NOT AGREEING WITH ME]. Be back to fix that too ^^

Affies and links still on the side bar, no idea what happened to my CBox, abit catat-ed [handicap?]. Might fix that... or, if I'm too lazy, will not ^^

Apparently, Click For More thingy cannot be used anymore >.< I've used it for the past few posts already, so ignore it, since I currently have NOT MUCH TIME [reason why I'm rushing to write this post >.<]

LING was on hiatus for a while. Still is ^^ She's studying, just came back from KL [Malaysia], soooo, please give her time ^^ She hasn't quit, BTW. XD [WHEE]

Won't be updating today... TUITION >.< And, HOMEWORK... and... STUDY. T_T. I'm loaded with stuff to do.... [Hating art subject right now.] Anyways, please bear with the handicaps in this blog for now... I'll try to get it right sooner or later~

Luv yahs darlings~ XD

Monday, January 12, 2009

Jaejoong SHOOT


credit: DNBN
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Click for more


credit: DNBN
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Happy birthday, Jae

credit: yuulinajoongie@yt

LMAO!! TOO CUTE!! I love the ending~ XD

Click for more
Translation :
"Jaejoong. Today is your birthday. I will give you a present. What type of present do you want?"
He thinks of a beanie and he gets it and looks at himself in the mirror xD
"A present~"
"Jaejoong, do you know what I want? The thing I want most is to see you smile happily

translation credit : jaynerox91@yt