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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

TVXQ! The 3rd Asia Tour Concert “Mirotic” in Bangkok

TVXQ! The 3rd Asia Tour Concert “Mirotic” in Bangkok
4nologue will be an organizer for TVXQ! The 3rd Asia Tour Concert “Mirotic” in Bangkok” with more than 70 million baht budget with the best sound-effect at Impact Arena Maung Thong Thani which can contain more than 25,000 audiences.
Date: 27 and 28 June 2009
Ticket Price: 800 / 1500 / 2500 / 3500 and 4500
Sale date: 30 May 2009
More details soon
Pre sale : 7 - 10 May 2009 via

For those who register for Asia Music Centre within this 5 May 2009, you will get a chance to buy the ticket before the official PRE-SALE via
You can join Asia Music Centre club on 1 May 2009 at Asia Music Centre, 3rd Fl at the Central World (member fee is 1,000 baht yearly with the following priviledges)

1. Get ASIA MUSIC SIM card from AIS One-2-call and you will get the free download anf Wi-Fi internet at Asia Music Centre.
2. Get 10% discount when purchasing goods from Asia Music Centre
3. The priviledge in purchasing CD/VCD/DVD from Asia Music Centre with the very special price.
4. The chance of MEET & GREET with your favorite artists (from Thailand and other countries)5. The chance to sit in the front seat at your artists showcase (Asia music centre will make the activity event every month)
6. Get a chance to join our special event and activities
7. Get discount or priviledge in purchasing the concert ticket that would be organized by Asia Music Centre.
8. Get a chance to fly to watch the concert in other countries (more than 2 times a year)
9. Get a chance to watch the movie at the special time at SF cinema once a month and more and more priviledges

Shared by : jtxylovestvxq@bs

Tohoshinki's New Single Stand By You

Last year’s song “Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natte Shimattan Darou?” leads to another sorrowful ballad love song, “Stand by U” whose recording is already finished at Usen (Japan’s music broadcast cable). The release date of this song is still to be determined.

In the meantime, Tohoshinki’s single “Share The World/We Are” has a sales sum of 98,000 receiving 1st place on ORICON for 6th time. Therefore this group has replaced their own highest foreign artist’s record with this single.

Please take out with full credits.
Source: DNBN + Toho JP
Summarized + translated by: mizuna @sharingyoochun

Share World/ We Are Single Are No #1 on ORION Weekly Chart

Tohoshinki single, Share The World/We Are! which was released on April 22nd won the top of ORICON WEEKLY chart, thus makes them as the first foreign artists who places their single 6th times as ORICON weekly winner and set a new record.

Share The World/We Are! also became #1 ORICON Daily at the release date, April 22nd.

On April 28th at ORICON website said, “Tohoshinki makes another hit in their career as they ranked #1 at weekly chart for 6th times for their Share The World/We Are single. They set record as the first foreign artist who got the most No.1 on weekly chart.”

Accordingly, the other Tohoshinki’s singles who got #1 at ORICON weekly are: Purple Line (January 2008), Beautiful You/Sennen Koi Uta (April 2008), Doushite Kimi Wa Suki Ni Natta Shimattan Darou? (July 2008), MIROTIC (October 2008), and Bolero/Kiss The Baby Sky/Wasurenaide (May 2009).

Meanwhile, to commemorate the winning of this 27th single in ORICON Weekly single chart, Share The World/We Are will be released in Korea on May 6th, 2009 with CD, CD + DVD versions available. There will be subtitles for the DVD and a high reaction of the local fans are expected.

Please take out with full credits.
Source: Newsen
Translated by: sharingyoochun @wordpress

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

[TRANS] 090420 Yahoo! Music Spotlight Interview, Part 1 + 2 (TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki/東方神起/동방신기)

Yahoo! Music Spotlight Interview part 1
The first Tohoshinki’s album out of four albums since their Japan debut, The Secret Code, becomes two top at ORICON chart. Tohoshinki finally established a real presence in J-POP industry.

A new single whose one of the song is taken from the album, “Share The World / We Are!” will be released.

This time Yahoo! In Music will have an interview with all 5 members. It’s such a successful first interview. All members showed their humorous and genuine personality.

“We have come to an increasing desire to be loved by more people (laughs)” - JEJUNG

■ Last year, all four singles released had a good achievement by spotting at 1st on chart.

Changmin: I am very happy.
Junsu: We’re also pleased (with the music).
Jejung: Thank you to our fans who support us!
All: Thank you!
Jejung: There are a lot of messages too sent to our radio show “You Want To Know?” (T/N: one of Bigeastation corner). We’re so happy to see how much our fans are pleased with us, and that’s one which encourages us more and more.
Yoochun: when our family called us to know about our condition, it’s so good to tell them that we’re doing just fine here.
Junsu: YATTA YATTA! (laughs)

■ Right now you got number 2 spot. But everyone knows that it’s a dream for everyone to get the first. Do you get a pressure to attain that or at least to keep what you’ve already gotten now?

Yunho: Honestly, of course I can’t lie that there is (the pressure). However, aside from rank or position, on the top of that, it’s already very nice to see there are an increasing number of people who listens to our songs. Furthermore, we still need to increase our skill in speaking (Japanese), ours now is not good enough. It’s not bad to have pressure as it will pushes us in a good sense.

■ At the end of last year, you’re invited to Kohaku, red team. How do you feel, concerning that it can be taken as an acceptance by circumstances in Japan??

Junsu: Just like it’s already said before, this is not just our effort. We have supporting staffs and also fans who keep cheering for us. Therefore, while embracing a sense of gratitude to the people around us more than ever, we’re also trying to grow more.

■ I can see there is endless ambition.

Yunho: Yes! I would like to try more things!

■ By the fact that circumstance already changes to you, has your impression to Japan change in comparison with your visit to Japan at the beginning?

Jejung: We have come to an increasing desire to be loved by more people (laughs)
Changmin: That’s the change of heart of Jejung (laughs).
Jejung: Oh, so it is (laughs)

■ も、自分たちを愛してもらうには、みんなも聴いてくれるファンの人たちを愛さないとね
一方的に与えてもらうばかりなのはフェアじゃないと思うし。 (sorry still not getting this part)

With, you have by your, unless the people of the fan which also everyone hears are loved don’t you think?. Unilaterally it makes give as for keeps you think that fair it is not, and.

Jejung: We always sing with all of our heart. So, we believe that our fans can also feel the same way (laughs).

Yahoo! Music Spotlight Interview part 2

“If you want an adventure, please just come to my house…” (JUNSU)

Yunho: the 3 previous albums being compared with The Secret Code, I think I can get the difference. The Secret Code, as it’s expressed from the title, has a deeper thought of Tohoshinki, a stronger ties with fans, this album is to be enjoyed by everyone.

Junsu: When we just finished the album, I can feel the stonger sense of Tohoshinki.

Yunho: If in our previous T album we had challenged to different genres of music, in The Secret Code, we expand the challenge to not only different genres, but also the depth of each element in each genre we pursue. From the lyrics and also music, I think people can see that from T, we already become a different adults.

Yunho: The new single, “Share The World/We Are!” is a theme song for our favorite anime, “ONE PIECE”.It shows different colors and concepts of Tohoshinki. When we finished the song, I feel a fun and breezy feeling, the song is so close to our generation.

■ After heard the song, it makes you smile unconciously. All of your voices are shinning with each own character. I can feel the new Tohoshinki.

Yunho: 』はこの間イベンで披露したんですけど、そのときにみんなでこぶしをあげて「ウィーアー!」ってやってくれてすごくうれしかったですね。
Jaejoong: In the music video making, we have challenge with action wire. It’s nice to enjoy the music while watching the video.
Changmin: The third track in the single is a ballad song that is also important, Asu Wa Kuru Kara. Asu Wa Kuru Kara was released when our listeners are not as many as now. As in connection with ONE PIECE, this song became ONE PIECE’s ending song in 2006. We strongly hope that many people listen again to this song! I feel love in this song.

■ Yes, it’s a famous magnificent ballad song. Alright, ONE PIECE has theme of adventure. If the members in this spring want to bury treasure map somewhere, which place will you choose?

Yunho: I would be Africa
Junsu: please just come to my house.

■ I’ll tell everyone to gather there, then
JUNSU: Oh, it will be difficult. I was just kidding (laughs).
Changmin: I’m going with forest. I want a quiet place to heal.
Yoochun: For me, the sea.

■ Tropical one?

Yoochun: No, Antarctica (laughs). I want to experience a real thrill, and to dare the cold.
Jejung: Me, Avex office. I think we definitely have something hidden in the big building.
Yoochun: Yes, the president’s office especially (laughs).
Yunho: Don’t tell us. Do not underestimate the great treasure that might be hidden there (laughs)
Junsu: Safe!
Jejung: Also, the staffs’ desks (laughs). Sounds like there will be a lot of things revealed.

Source: yahoo!music
Trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
Shared by:


Credits: as tagged

Tohoshinki 27th Single - Share the world

Release Date: 2009.04.22
Genre/Type: Pop
Language: Japanese
shared by : sharingyoochun + jtxylovetxxq

Release tomorrow so don’t forget to buy ^^

CD Tracklist
1. Share The World
2. We are!
3. Asuwa Kurukara (Bonus Track)
4. Share The World(Less Vocal)
5. We are!(Less Vocal)

DVD Tracklist
Share The World (Video Clip)
Off Shot Movie
For Offshot DVD, it’s super funny! I see lots of Soulmate and Yoosu ^^

2008 Yunho Endorsement


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Asia 20 Forever Lovely

1st: Jaejoong (TVXQ)
2nd: Donghae (Super Junior)
3rd: Sohee (Wonder Girls)
4th: Hyukjae (Super Junior)
5th: Lee TaeMin ( SHINee)
6: Tiffany (SNSD)
7: Sungmin (Superjunior)
8: GD & Top (Big Bang)
9: Yunho (TVXQ)
10: BoA
11: Leeteuk (Super Junior)
12: Kibum (Super Junior)
13: Sunmi (Wonder Girls)
14: Taeyeon (SNSD)
15: Dana (The Grace)
16: Yoon-A (SNSD)
17: Hongki (F.T.Island)
18: Heechul (Super Junior)
19: Siwon (Super Junior)
20: Gyuhyun (Super Junior)

Please take out with full credits.
Source: Seoul Best Of The Best@Myeongdong + + _key_@siamzone + kiz-ms3.29@gg-th + shineeTH
Credit: + tvxqfever@bs + jtxylovestvxq@bs
Translation: kika

Singer Eyes Is Seductive

1. Yoon Ah ( So nyeo shi dae )
2. Tae Yang ( Big Bang )
3. Xiah Kim Jun Su ( Dong bang shin ki )
4. Tiffany ( So nyeo shi dae )
5. Daesung ( Big Bang )
6. Nich Khun ( 2PM )
7. Sun Ye ( Wonder Girls )
8. Kang In ( Super junior )
9. TaeMiN ( Shinee )
10. Jo Kwon ( 2AM )

Source: BBTH / chicgalz @ TAEMIN-THAILAND

Friday, April 17, 2009

Dong Bang Shin Ki Xiah JunSu goes “Oh yeah…”

What will make Dong Bang Shin Ki Xiah JunSu go ‘Oh Yeah..’??
Haha, it’s not all that tough to guess.
A netizen posted up a snippet of young JunSu’s diary page. Just the pure joy of playing baseball can make young JunSu so happy.

25th March MondayTitle: Oh yeah
Today, after school ended, I went to the store to get the equipments for the baseball game. After we carried out all the equipment, we ate some snacks before starting the game.
We did gymnastics, then running, short distance, catch-ball-toss. We also did bba ting(?). And after doing a little more of that, coach told called it a day. Originally it should end at 7.30pm but now that I look at the time, it has been 4 hours.
I’m feeling really good. Oh yeah


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Asia VS Asia : Round 3

Remember the battle ASIA VS ASIA by Channel V???
well, the battle is close to the end now! Round 3 which contains battle of Tohoshinki VS Super Junior, Show VS David Tao, Rain VS S.H.E, and Ayumi Hamasaki VS Stefanie Sun will be closed by Friday, April 17th!!!

currently they are losing to SUJU
erm not that i dont like SUJU...
but i prefer TVXQ~
dont u guys wan our OPPAs to win this round?!
let's show our POWER!!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

TVXQ in Chinese Comprehension Book

TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki is listed as an entry in a Chinese English Comprehension Book.
They even have a question / answer section talking about the boys.
I guess the Chinese feel that having famous stars and artists in their text books
will have students pay more attention in class.
credit : allkpop + jtxyloestvxq@bs

can i have the text book please?!!
i promise to score 100 marks for this comprehension^^

Saturday, April 11, 2009


vote for TVXQ for round 2
ur vote is appreciated
let's stay united!!!

The Secret Code - Related Psychological Test

Tohoshinki comparing themselves to numbers

T/N: a short self-translation from a magazine interview i found on the DBSK baidu bar that was translated into chinese by beforehand. this particular segment i translated is on a “The Secret Code”-related psychological test. the name of the magazine is not stated. other than the psychological test, Tohoshinki talks about their latest Jpop release “The Secret Code” in which Changmin comments on Jaejoong’s self-composed tune “9095″.

translating is a tough job and i want to make sure this particular magazine interview has not already been translated into english by someone else before i attempt to fully translate it. so please let me know if you think you’ve already seen a similar translation to this elsewhere. comments are much appreciated. ♥

Q. If you compare yourself to a number?
Junsu: 2. Because I will set “1” as my goal, won’t forget and continue working hard.

Psychological test result: Has a very flexible character; is the type that no matter who he is with he can get along with very well. Is a source of strength that can warm up the scene.
Jaejoong: 3. This number is an indispensable number in life. Breakfast, lunch, dinner; 1 day 3 meals; and there’s this saying “In one’s life there will be 3 chances, mistakes can be forgiven 3 times.”

Psychological test result: Is free and unrestrained; is a person with the ability to create new and novel things. Compared to others, he gets the gist of sociality more.
Yoochun: 6. Because my birthday is in June.

Psychological test result: Even if the other party is unreasonable, he is the type of person who will still work hard and give his best. His sense of beauty is also outstanding.
Yunho: 7. This number seems to give me a very extraordinary and special feeling. So I think the number that is suitable with me is 7.

Psychological test result: Hopes to become a unique idol with personality, but will not express this thinking in front of people.
Changmin: 2. For the sake of not forgetting to set “1” as my goal and humility.

Psychological test result [same as Junsu]: Has a very flexible character; is the type that no matter who he is with he can get along with very well. Is a source of strength that can warm up the scene.

credit: ohmicky.comeng
trans: tokyolovelight
shared by: xU♥Vcass@OneTVXQ + sharingyoochun@wp + jtxylovestvxq@bs

TVXQ Ranked 4TH On United World Chart

Credits: as tagged
Background credits: Ichigojj

Government Appeals to Define TVXQ's Song 'Lewd'

Asian pop sensation TVXQ’s song “Mirotic” is under scrutiny once again as regulators are set to determine whether the phrase “I got you under my skin” is lewd.

The Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs said Thursday that it will appeal to a high court against a local court’s scrapping the song from “harmful material for youth list”. The Youth Protection Committee, under the ministry, held an emergency meeting the same day and confirmed that the lyrics were inappropriate for teenagers to listen to.The decision comes after the Seoul Administrative Court ruled the committee had to rescind its order to the group to change some of the lyrics when singing on stage and put stickers on CDs indicating the album was banned from sale to those under 19.The committee said last November that the song was harmful to the young since its lyrics, “You want me, you give yourself up to me, you’re mad at me” and “I got you under my skin”, may imply sexual acts.

Credits: Han Cinema
Shared by: DBSKnights + sharingyoochun@wp + TVXQfever@bs + jtxylovestvxq@bs

Our forum is finally here!

Our Forum Is Here:

Hello fellow members, and followers of this wonderful TVXQ blog ( and my other blog ^^)! I'm posting to let all of you now that our forum is finally here. We'd been discussing it for quite sometime, and finally decided to go ahead and get it set up. This way, we will have someplace to chat, and post pictures, news, and even graphics and things without having to use only the cbox.
Both blogs will still be updated, but having a forum will be very beneficial to the blogs as well as pull in many more members.

The thing is, Jasmine and I are having a bit of trouble setting things up correctly at the invisionfree, our new site, so we need more members to join, and some will become admins with us. I've started creating the forum threads there, and I'll get to work on them more later. We need all the help we can get there. So go, go, go! Go join, and help out! We need layouts, graphics, thread titles, and etc. Any help will be appreciated. Spread the word!

Please email me with what your desired position will be, and what qualifications you may have.
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Name: [not necessary if you don't want to reveal it.]
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Qualifications: [Image Finding? Photoshopping? Sharing? Videos? Translating? Graphics? News Reporting? HTML, Organizing Functions/Projects? Anything will help]
Others: [Anything else you'd like us to know. Totally OPTIONAL]

Monday, April 6, 2009


Group Dong Bang Shin Ki ranked 4th at the chart owned by union of 10 countries such as United States, United Kingdom, and Japan.
Dong Bang Shin Ki released their 4th album “The Secret Code” on March 25th in Japan, parked at 4th on United World Chart while their rival on ORICON chart Ayumi Hamasaki’s “Next Level” got her 1st again, swapping U2’s “New Line on The Horizon”.

The Secret Code closed its weekly sales at amount 158,000 copies, while Ayumi’s Next Level gathered 241,000 copies, won 83,000 copies ahead. Being 4th on the United World Chart is the result of aggregate count from TVXQ album sales rank on United States’s Billboard, UK’s UK chart, Japan’s Oricon chart and other charts in the rest 7 countries which are Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Australia, and Netherlands.

Dong Bang Shin Ki still succeed placing The Secret Code at 2nd on ORICON album chart up until April 1st, and this is the best record of an Asian male group on ORICON chart so far.

source: World News Entertainment
shared by :

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Shabekuri 007 [EngSub]

Credits: yunnie206@YT


fancams below
credit: dbwjw + jajayumiko

credit: 允诺在心中 (在线) @ tudou (as tagged) + jajayumiko

credit: jajayumiko

credit: dreamsxxdbsk

credit: 习惯十一楼 + TChen0616

if only JASMINE is there...

TOP 20 Brainiest KPOP CelebThe Top 20 brainiest Kpop celebrities sourced from today’s episode of MBC Section TV. The list includes the obvious: a certain Stanford University grad, a self made music mogul, a former Seoul University dental student and the not so obvious: two idol boy band members and comedians famous for their “babo status” characters.20.

” it wasn’t easy pushing Kang Ho D0ng off of the MC pedestal” Yoo Jae Suk-11419.

”it takes brains and a strong stomach to write a song titled, ‘cute love’ “ Solbi-13618.

“i’m not just a pretty face” Kang D0ng Won-13717.

“i promise it is just an act” Jung Joon Ha- 14016.

“i’m not just a pretty face x 100″ Jang D0ng Gun-14015.

”dancing at my level is a cerebral sport” U-know Yunho-14213.

“just because i talk slowly…” Hwayobi-14311.

”i could have been fixing teeth but wouldn’t you rather hear me sing?” Kim Jung Hoon (UN)-14610. ”

yes, every girl in korea hates me…” Ms. Seoul University Kim Tae Hee-1488.

“i like to wash vegetables with soap” Lee Chun Hee-1487.

“****, i was hoping to pull off the sexy rebel concept” Chun Jung Myung-1506. ”

what, you thought it was easy to be me?” JYP (Park Jin Young)-1535.

”i make conquering both jpop and kpop look oh so easy” Yoonha-1583.

”i’m related to a former s. korean president” Eun Ji Won-1601.

”most likely to take over the world (or maybe just our worlds)” Tablo -170So,

did your favorite stars make the cut? Who’s surprised at Kpop’s brainy Top 20?
credit: footdoc-shoelover@seoulbeatshared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress + xU♥Vcass@OneTVXQ

Saturday, April 4, 2009

ORICON Special Interview: Members Close Up!

When you’re lost in a long journey. What is the good you will bring along with you?
Huge boat. Thus by riding it, you’ll be back again safe (laughs)

What is your type of woman?
I like a domestic woman. I love to see her peeling fruit or washing dishes.

When you’re lost in a long journey. What is the good you will bring along with you?
A camera. So that I can have a hard copy of my pleasant journey. I’ll remember it.
What is your type of woman?
The gesture of them when applying hand lotion and hand cream. I can be so attracted to beautiful hands.

When you’re lost in a long journey. What is the good you will bring along with you?
Encyclopedia. By reading that, I can check which plant is edible and which is not, and you can also burn it to make fire (laughs)

What is your type of woman?
I like when a woman hold her chest when she bows for greeting. I feel that gesture is so feminine.

When you’re lost in a long journey. What is the good you will bring along with you?
A lighter. You can make a fire and cook fish with it, so I think it’s the most useful.

What is your type of woman?
I will be excited to have her dishes. Therefore, a domestic girl is my favorite.

When you’re lost in a long journey. What is the good you will bring along with you?
Utility knife. You can felled tress and catch fish with it, it is convenient for everything.

What is your type of woman?
A simple kind act, like suddenly moving away rubbish attached on me, such kind act. I like a girl who can do such thing just casually.

source: ORICON & Soompi
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

ORICON Special Interview

The new album, The Secret Code is a smash hit! Has a really good quality content, the image is showing their growth after the condensed 4 years.

[JEJUNG] In the process of recording the album, I had this growing awareness which particularly I never felt. But then after it’s completed, I do feel the growth of us. How we sang when we just debuted was just not as mature as how we do now.

[YUNHO] I’m glad to get through the recording safe. When I first came to Japan, I was really anxious, too aware of Japanese pronunciation, it was hard just to get what’s the meaning. But recently I’ve also improved a little Japanese, without worrying about the pronunciation, I was able to put feelings into songs. Even when we have lack of time to do recording, thus we tried to listen to the songs by ourselves, Oh, then I just can feel the soul now and I can understand the lyrics to the point it develops to higher point of understanding.

[CHANGMIN] Actually, when the time had come to go back and forth between Japan and South Korea for recording the album, I didn’t believe we could afford the time to do all of them at all. But even in that situation, as YUNHO said, I was able to sing with emotion. I could feel the growth there, I am very happy.

[JUNSU] The width of the songs is spreading. There are a variety of genres which I think only because it’s TVXQ therefore it’s possible (to be sung by him). To be able to make such album, by thinking that, it is delightful, and I think my confidence increases.

- YUCHON JEJUNG, Ones who record your own lyrics and self composed songs. What is the image of your self composed song?

[JEJUNG] “Wasurenaide” and the ballad “9095″. I composed a song called “Wasurenaide”, it is a song which I originally made to be sung in Japanese . So I wrote my own lyrics in Japanese. But it is very difficult (laughs). Conversely, “9095″, rather than made by a thought, it just came out really fast from my mind. I was composing at home in my leisure time, and suddenly it’s just popped out. “I want to compose a song like this!” that’s what I thought. And I am happy to have it inserted in the album. When I first came to Japan, I did not think I would write a song in Japanese. I do not believe it myself, but I think that’s the part of the growth

[YUCHON] “Kiss The Baby Sky” is a song which has been composed by having pictures in my mind that all of us will sing it together on tour. The content of the lyrics is an image of two lovers bid farewell with a smile. They split up for the future of each other. A sad yet positive song. When the tour comes, I want to sing along with the audiences.

[CHANGMIN] This is an album where I think I was able to express TVXQ in a lot of ways, it’s because I’m with you guys, I have more growth. If it’s possible, I look forward to a future where we’ll still enjoy time together, doing what we can do together.

- Yes, we hope so too. So everyone, finally on April 22th in Sunday’s new single, “Share The World / WE ARE!”. Both of the songs are used in anime ONE PIECE, right?

[YUNHO] As all of TVXQ members are happening to love ONE PIECE and due to the fact that it’s even aired in Korea. Therefore, being able take charge of the opening theme 2 times in a row, it is an enormous happiness. And as a bonus track, the ending theme of ONE PIECE in 2006, “Asu wa Kuru Kara” is also included. So this single is indeed a ONE PIECE single. So not only TVXQ fans, I think ONE PIECE’s fans can also enjoy it.

[JEJUNG] “Share The World” is a song with summer-like atmosphere, and really suits to the next season of ONE PIECE. We also will have anime PV of this song which is not seen yet, I feel is, I’m psyched. However, it’s so hard to watch ONE PIECE in its April season due to its early-morning air time, TVXQ is a little weak in the morning (laughs). I think it’s hard to get up early, but we’ll try.

(Photo: Kusakari Masayuki)
(Text: Shigeru Satoko Takahashi)
credit: ORICON & Soompi
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress