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Saturday, June 27, 2009



Wednesday, June 24, 2009

[NEWS] Yunho as 3rd best leader chosen

Super Junior Lee Teuk has been chosen as the best leader for idol group.

A survey ‘Idol group leader who has shown the most leadership’ on community site DCInside from 16th till 23rd June and Super Junior Lee Teuk came in

#1 with 15,724 votes out of 45,928 votes (34.2%).

#2 goes to TaeYeon of So Nyeo Shi Dae with 10.171 votes (22.1%). The group’s popularity and support can be shown especially with their comeback ahead.

#3 goes to Dong Bang Shin Ki YunHo with 9,850 votes (21.4%),

followed by SS501 Kim Hyun Joong, SHINee Onew, and 2PM JaeBum.

credits: Kbites
shared by: dbsknights + jtxylovestvxq@bs

[PHOTOS} YOOCHUN Through The Years

Credits: DBSKnights + Mickyhome + MickyBaidu
shared by: jtxylovestvxq@bs

[TRANS] Notification Of Change Of THSK's MUSIC JAPAN Broadcast

MUSIC JAPAN 09/06/23 10:57

During the rainy season, how is everyone getting along?This is MUSIC JAPAN's director, 英米.

On the 21st, Sunday, [Eco Uta], by MJ's production team, was broadcasted live and it went smoothly, I'm relieved. Everyone has seen it right?

The splendid singing voices that you heard in [Eco Uta] was from Tohoshinki.

Previously, it was mentioned on this blog that the broadcast date for Tohoshinki's appearance on MJ will be on 28th June, but there have been changes made to the broadcast date.

Please note that the new broadcast date is 12th July (Sunday).Of course, we will spend ample time talking about their new single.

Please also note that on 5th July (Sunday), the regular MJ programme will be replaced by the Wimbledon Tennis tournament.

This has been 英米, whose power inflates during rainy days!

Source: [MUSIC JAPAN Blog]
Translation credits:
Shared by: DBSKnights + sweetfig + jtxylovestvxq@bs

[NEWS] Super Junior Filming a Movie With 2 TVXQ! Member

*squeals* i wonder who will it be?? I hope one of them is Jaejoongie *excited*

According to the news, Super Junior will be filming a movie that is based in the modern days. This is a good opportunity for the 13 individual, and different Super Junior members to perform their actual skills. In this movie, two members from TVXQ will be guest-starring, but play important roles in this modern-day movie.
Q: Who in TVXQ will get the two roles?
A:For now, it is unknown.

Super Junior and TVXQ has been gaining more and more fame since their debut, and this movie may boost up their social status in the music industry even more.Everyone hopes that we will soon see the splendid movie starring all thirteen Super Junior members and two members from TVXQ!

English translation credits: ♡♥{東方神起}♥♡ @
Shared by: DBSKnights + sweetfig +

[INFO] New Age Pianist THE Yiruma Supports Idols, eager to compose songs for DBSK, SUJU & WONDER GIRLS

" I want to compose music for idol groups like DBSK"

Yiruma who returned from naval military service interviewed with Maeil Economy Star Today during his Nation Tour.

Yiruma said " when i performed Wonder girls 'nobody' during one of my performances ( Lee Hana's peppermint show) there were some fans who were dissapointed because they thought it was too 'commercial' but I'm not a traditional pianist. I want to be a music composer who can reach the general public of all ages, not just hard core classic listeners.

"Yiruma have said before he wanted to give his music to the artist Sung Si Kyung. Yiruma said " I want to work with artists who have excellent talents such as Kim Bum Soo, but I also want to work with idols such as DBSK, Super Junior, Wonder Girls and etc. "

and went onto say " If I was part of the general public, I myself would want to listen to calm and simple music, not something that is too complicating. I don't think I would of chose those kind of music to listen to myself. When I write my music I always think about creating pieces that the public can easily listen and relate to as well as pieces that anyone can easily play themselves.

"Yiruma who was once a hardcore fan of hiphop group "SOLID" (krn), composed dance music before becoming known as a 'New Age Pianist'"

When I moved back to Korea from England, I worked with music entertainment company, and one of my mates was thinking of trying to create a female artist, so I wrote dance music for him. At first I was thinking of becoming a Pop music composer, but back then I was too young, and didn't really have connections in the music industry. I thought that just with my confidence, I would be able to make it in the music industry, but it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be" he said with a smile.

Yiruma since then have worked with artists TEI, Kim Yeon Woo, " The Film " and " Square" albums. Created OSTs for dramas " Autumn in my Heart" , " Winter Sonata" , " Spring Walts" and for the animation movie hit " Dog Poop". Slowly also stepping in to become a composer as well in the ent industry. Recently Yiruma was recieved with a comission request by the city of Hanoi, Vietnam for the year 2010 capital event. He is working on a new music piece to play with his grand scale orchestra team for the event.

When the nation tour ends, Yiruma wants to put his solo pianist gig to the side and step into other fields. " For next year, I'm going to step into creating a grand scale orchestra team to create musical pieces for movies, dramas , and educational animation films.

"Yiruma who started gaining immense popularity starting in 2006 created surprise amongst the public for giving up his British citizenship to go into the Korean National Naval Service. During his service, he married Son Tae Yeong's ( Kwon Sang Woo's wife) sister Son Hye Im and has a daughter now. Song Loanna is dedicated to his daughter.

Credits: DBSKnights + teukieca@soompi+sweetfig

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

[Vid] JaeYooSu – Bigeastation 117- Psychology Test (English)

credit: whisperpuppies

[Vid] 090623 Mnet Super 100 – My boyfriend

Changmin #67
Jaejoong #50
Yoochun #27
Yunho #14

Junsu #5

credit: blognaver+farahmicky8

[Pic] Yunho and Changmin for general idea

credit: dnbn+sharingyoochun@wordpress
shared by : jtxylovestvxq@bs

[Pic] 090623 TV Guide magazine – Tokyo friend park 2

Unseen pic
credit: xiahyu-ri

[Pic] 090623 Tohomobile

start counting donw for The secret code final at Tokyo Dome!
source: xiahyu-ri

[Vid] The secret code fancams

090614 Changmin time – Summer dream

I like the ducky dance
credit: as tagged+dreamsxxdbsk5

090614 Summer dream – Yoochun time in Osaka

This vid is JJ focus but I laughed my a$$ off cuz of Yoochun
credit: meliteherojj

090618 Begin (FULL)

credit:as tagged+charismayun

Stand up and beautiful you in Fukuoka

He looked at the cam!
credit: as tagged+dreamsxxdbsk5

090613 Jaejoong – Purple line

credit: as tagged+ikemenjae4

[Pic] COOL Magazine – June issue

All about The Secret Code concert which has just finished its Arena tour….
and now heading to the great DOME!!!!
credit: xiahpalace + MR.TVXQ
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress + jtxylovestvxq@bs

[News] Moon Hee Jun about Kim Jaejoong

Moon Hee Jun: “Even since Youngwoong Jaejoong still became H.O.T fan, he’s already attracting my attention.”
Moon Hee Jun a former H.O.T member told his feeling about TVXQ member Youngwoong Jaejoong.In one interview, Moon Hee Jun was asked about his opinion towards his hoobae (junior) “I have good relationship with all TVXQ members, but Jaejoong is the one who loves my music the most. I hope we’ll have this good relationship between us continues.”

Moon Hee Jun revealed that before debuted, Jaejoong was one of H.O.T fans. When H.O.T held concert, once he saw him among the crowd, Jaejoong instantly caught his attention. “Among all audiences’ faces, I only could see Jaejoong very clearly from stage, so I always noticed his existence. While in the other hand, we didn’t have that many fan boys, so among all those fan girls who were screaming our names, of course Jaejoong stood out. I didn’t know who Jaejoong was, at that time. I ever thought myself “is he a fan of mine?”

“After TVXQ debut, Jaejoong greeted and introduced himself as H.O.T fan. When I met his father, he said to me, “Jaejoong adores Moon Hee Jun a lot, he even has your poster on his room’s wall, listens to your song, and has a dream to be a singer too.” From that point, I started to hang out with Jaejoong. We talk about music while are drinking. Surprisingly, Jaejoong has the same music taste as me, which makes us bonding even better.”

In the end Moon Hee Jun stated, “Just after TVXQ debut, as they’re still at the same company SM entertainment, our music were kinda similar. However, as time goes by, now they’re building up their own unique music.”

source: Navercredits: Baidu + Mr.TVXQ
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
shared by: jtxylovestvxq@bs

[Vid[ Beetv Moolog - part 10

edited with eng subbed vid
Hiroshima Backstage (eng subbed)

credit : layla@DBSKnights

[News] 090622 Mirotic concert in Bangkok update

Now Korean staff have arrived to Bangkok, they will start set up the stage tomorrow.
Count down 5 days for the concert
Take care
source: 4nolgue
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
shared by: jtxylovestvxq@bs

Monday, June 22, 2009

[INFO] AADBSK3 contents revealed!

The long awaited All about DBSK III's content were revealed!

The price cost about 13, 500 yen and that include the tax. (I actually converted it to USD and my eyes went like this O.O The price is about $150)It would be released on August 19, 2009And they also stated the id number...which is RZBD-46344 / 9. They also said that the company is rhythm zone

The DVD is expected to be as 540 minutes long. Which is about 9 hours long..say what?! Please someone tell me I'm not going crazy...0.0

The footage/content of the video are:

- Saipan (I wonder what they did and those girls...something smell fishy here >.<)
- Footage of music video filming
- Couple Talk ( I want to see this!)
- Filming at Korea and MTV shop? Not really sure about this one. Maybe the promotions during Mirotic period.- Interview in a restaurant.
- DBSK with their dogs ( I wanna see Vick )
- Video programs in SBS

Credits: DNBN + DBSKnights
shared by: jtxylovestvxq@bs

korean or japanese??

[PHOTOS] Gifts for Micky Yoochun's birthday

These gifts were from SkyYuchun for Micky's birthday of course. ^^
He actually wore one the shirts they gave him!
and LOL, still don't know where the BED came from.

Credits: Micky Baidu + As tagged + DBSKnights
shared by: jtxylovestvxq@bs

[Vid] Bigeast Station #117

Yoochun, Jaejoong, Junsu
part 1

part 2

[t/n: better listen to this using headphone since the audio might be LQ.]
credit : yattan + yuulinaboojaejoong

[SCANS] DBSK - Star Magazine "Seolleim" CF

Credits: DBSKnights + TVXQbaidu

BeeTV Moolog 第10話 広岛公演 舞台裏 Hiroshima Backstage

BeeTV Moolog 第10話 広岛公演 舞台裏 Hiroshima Backstage
Credits: layla@DBSKnights

[VIDEO] PV - Stand By U - Tohoshinki Version

Credits: faw + miyuki6to5

[Vid] 090621 Tohoshinki NHK ECO UTA 2009

credit: soumenika

[Info]090621-090621 The secret code in Nagoya fanaccount

thanks so much Kelly for being soooo fast in updating us. Let’s do this again at the mirotic concert in Bangkok ^^
090620 TSC Nagoya – Fanreport #1
Kelly here and the fanreport will be in point form because since this is the second Nagoya show, I’ve actually calmed down enough to have my notebook and pen out during the concert
Yes, I was taking notes throughout the concert. Go me.
→ Rehearsals begin at 2.05pm. Still can’t tell what song they’re practicing except it’s rattling the Nippon Gaishi Hall’s windows

→ Went through the goods’ line a few times and I didn’t manage to get Jaejoong’s receipt D: Steph did though but we had an unusual amount of Junsu’s. Are the receipts member-location specific or something?! There’s apparently a limited edition tour good from DHC which is not advertised on the goods’ pamphlet, only at the stands itself – a black DHC/TSC 2009 nail pouch c/w ultra-ghei pink…bath ribbon? Like what you use to pull back your hair when washing your face? That one. And a bottle of deep cleansing oil and a TSC fake tattoo + nail appliques. We suspect Chun’s hand in this. Heh.

→ Yes, I bought the damn pouch.

Secret Game
→ Actually, the opening ment for SG is pretty cool. They look damn good kicking ass.
→ YC looks and sounds hot. And their mics worked which meant awesome Jae-rocker scream, hell yeah.

Share The World
→ …still not feeling this song. Steph thinks I don’t feel it because the verses are all awesome rock and then the chorus becomes happy. Heh.

→ With Jae’s hair all soft and messy, he looks more fragile when he sings his “mou doushite…” ♥

Take Your Hands
→ Seriously, before this I was not a fan of Yunho’s voice but the Nagoya TSC has seriously changed my mind. His performance has been consistently good, with only very minor imperfect pitch. It’s not too deep nor too nasally most times. ♥
→ There’s the bit where Jae and Su sing after one another? They’re in the middle of the stage, surrounded by the rest of Toho and the dancers, and they sing back to back, switching places as they switch turns. Seriously awesome.
Group introThe HoMin start first while JaeSuChun takes off their coats, revealing the glittery silvery vests.

Stand Up!
→ The crowd screamed at Su’s “Don’t stop!” Jae leads the crowd to join the chorus.
→ Chun does the sleaze!Chun face at “let me hear you say…” XDDD

Beautiful You
→ Steph was right – the cameras did do a butt-shot on the main 5 screens for the intro, except Jae’s, because he was singing DDD:

→ Vests are taken off backstage. Chun and Min return with glittery silver suspenders, JaeSuHo, only black shirts, top 3 buttons undone asdfghjkl hot ;____;
→ The boys slide down the mic stands; the crowd scream. The boys rub their asses against the mic stands; the crowd screams XD

My Destiny
→ Yunho’s voice is ♥ They appeared one by one to do their parts.
→ Has MD’s last lines always been “the last time we made love”? Or was it just wishful thinking on my part?

Ment for Force
→ Awesome guitar riffs for Force. I seriously think the cropped, military style jackets and some of the choreography, are tributes to Janet Jackson.

Purple Line
→ The awesomeness must be watched live. Preferably from the front D:

→ The crowd for the past 2 days, screams when Junsu sings “I’m breaking my rules again!”
→ Mirotic rearranged has a heavier bass line which is ♥
→ They change into their white vests outfits before Min’s scream and dude, Su has also consistently been touching his screen everytime during a part of “under my skin”. I approve.

Heart, Mind & Soul
→ When Yunho started singing, the crowd sighed in pleasure. I do not lie.

Talk Ment #1
→ *coughs* I’ll let Steph’s fanreport fill this part. I don’t trust my Japanese.

→ ♥ Different, longer guitar riff after the second chorus. I never realised Chun does a scream to back Min’s ending solo and Su’s adlibs for Jae’s ending is perfect.

Ment for Begin
→ Where the boys break up with their gf’s/gets dumped. I actually like most of this ment.
→ Why does Su pats his girl’s shoulder like he’s saying goodbye to a buddy? LOL
→ Why does Jae keep getting the wine/champagne shots? XDDD

→ Grey outfits
→ The crowd goes perfectly silent. At the end, the music goes disappears, and Jae adds a soft sigh before his last “…begin” and Yoochun’s piano ending…

Nobody Knows
→ The THSK choreo: Catch golden mic stands, do really ghei, effing awesome hip swivels, catch golden canes, do catchy dance and throw away mic stands (don’t hit the staff!) XD

→ Chun strangely, was beating out his timing during his solo. This is rather rare. At least, not this obviously.
→ Near the ending, the camera focuses on parts of the boys; Ho’s hand on his chest, JJ’s hand, Min’s chest….that boy’s cleavage…woah.

Forever Love
→ The boys turn to face each other for the last bridge, giving it an intimate feel.

Box in the Ship
→ The JaeHo always does this cute dance together with Min joining after his part ♥
→ The “oh-e-oh-e-oh” parts this time are:
YH: oh-e-oh-e-oh tebasaki!
CM: oh-e-oh-e-oh nagoya!
JJ: oh-e-oh-e-oh dou iu koto? and actually holds up a real soy sauce bottle asdfghjjkl roflmao!YC: he mucks it up again, lol oh-e-oh-e-oh minna ok?
JS: oh-e-oh-e-oh hitsumabushi!
→ No magnae molestation this time! They left him alone!
CM: “Ya…sabishii…” (”Ya…so lonely…”)
→ Really cute hawaiian style dance XD

O – Sei.Han.Go
→ Crowd joins in for the “Ohh~ oh oh oh oh~” ♥

Toho Dancers
Order of appearance and the music used:
→ All: TRICK
→ Gen: High Time
→ 50: If…?
→ Ryo: Clap!
→ Sonny: Darkness Eyes
→ Ko: Rainy Night (he didn’t do the heart with his hands like he did on the 18th to end it D: )
→ Yuki: Shine
→ All: Choosey Lover intro remixed

Choosey Lover
→ Cue change into rainbow outfits. Sigh. I don’t care if it’s designer stuff.
→ Chun’s ponytail is to the side. So cute
→ YunJae high-5! XD
→ Jae does the strip tease again but this time, he went down on one knee asdfghjjkl ;_______;

→ Yunho sits on the runway, does random things, lol.
→ Crowd joins in on the rap!

Somebody to Love
→ YooSu hug on the runway! LOL, it looks like something out of a Hindustani movie XDDD
→ Changmin croons to the camera XD
→ JaeChun ran to each other from opposite sides of the stage, wanting to high-5, but missed LOLOLOL
→ At the climax, Chun is risen on the elevated stage and he screams, “NAGOYA!” and the streamers are launched! Quick, grab your TSC towels and whirl it around, jumping up and down with the boys as you sing the chorus together!

Summer Dream
→ LOLOLOLOL Yunho forgot his line and shouted “wasureta!” (”I forgot!”)
→ I think Chun’s getting tired D: and JJ’s holding up
→ break for band intro. Drummer plays backwards! Bassist plays his guitar at the side! Guitarist plays his behind his head! Percussionist plays the congos with a shoyu bottle on his head lololol
→ The JaeSu handshake is changed to that…shake, grip hands, point to each other thingy, lol whatchamacallit
→ Su pushes Jae to lead the free-for-all dance! He…does it very fail-y, lolololol

→ Chun drags out his “wasurekaketaaaaaaaa~” XDDD
→ Fireworks!

PV montage
In order of appearance, that included release dates, with the crowd singing along:
→ Shine – 070719
→ Lovin’ You – 070613
→ Step by Step – 070124
→ Miss You – 061108
→ Rising Sun – 060419 (crowd favourite! They kept singing even though the PV has ended!)
→ Asu wa kuru kara – 060308
→ Stay With Me Tonight – 050427

The Way You Are
→ Boys in black TSC tees <3
→ Again the camera didn’t focus on Chun for his awesome spirit fingers DD:

Break Up The Shell
→ I think YC is about to keel over LOLOL

Talk Ment #2
…yeah, read Steph’s lol

Stand By U
→ So damn beautiful.

Kiss The Baby Sky
→ Chun’s “another original” sounded too perverted, lol.
→ I was right! Chun does call out their names like in the CD, but he calls Jaejoong as “JJ” ♥
→ Jae asks us to sing the chorus and we did, with only Jae backing us up ♥

The usual thanks and deep bows, with a new cheer: “We love Junsu/Yoochun/Changmin/Yunho/Jaejoong/Bigeast!”

Encore: Bolero
→ The large screen which is divided into 5, only highlights whoever is currently singing, giving it more emphasis. Awesome.
→ I got goosebumps D:
→ No tears this time for Jae but the hall went deathly silent at his ending, “…koko ni aru…” ;________;

End footage
Sam-san is the all stage producer
Their wardrobe is a Yuki Nakata XDDD
Choreographers are Chiharu, Shige, Masao and Ryo.


090621 TSC Nagoya – Fanreport #1
Only notes for parts that are different from yesterday.

Secret Game

Share The World


Take Your Hands
→ Love how the camera zooms in when Yunho rubs his hand down his thigh at one point
→ Love the body rolls everyone does

Stand Up!
→ Steph mentioned it and I’ll mention it again; I love Jae’s English. His “Everyone put your hands up! Hey, c’mon!” sounds so good!
→ Yunho I love your voice ♥

Beautiful You

→ Something went wrong with Su’s mic DDD: But the crowd sang his parts for him, lol. Only at the end did his mic work.

My Destiny
→ Almost everyone mics’ went crazy DDD:

Ment for Force

Purple Line
→ Chun was too raspy again during the opening D:
→ Jae’s “One more time” is ♥

→ Forgot to mention before but during the Mirotic ending, when they’re grouped together in that pose and Jae kneels on the floor? He points to the crowd as he does so with so much attitude and asdgfghjkl so hot and add in the edges of his tattoo you can see peeking out from his sleeveless vest ♥

Heart, Mind & Soul

Talk Ment #1
Read Steph’s later but I have to point out that dammit, Jaejoong cried, okay? Steph told me later he was basically saying that if it wasn’t for the fans, they wouldn’t be here today etc etc etc and asdfghjkl his eyes were red and tearing up and dammit I almost cried too. Crap.

→ Crap, Jae is still near tears/crying. He couldn’t do his chorus perfectly because of it. Chun pats his shoulder as they walk back to the stage but even Chun looks affected and Su seems overwhelmed too ;___________; I confess, I cried as well. Because I was wondering why Jae was crying and when Wasurenaide played, I got to thinking about some stuff in my life and shit, I started crying and then Jae just had to cry too ;________________________;

Ment for Begin
→ Jae still seems upset. Su keeps looking at him as they sing and even Yunho seems affected. There’s more…depth in his voice than usual.

Nobody Knows
→ Feedback happened during one of the chorus, loud enough that JaeMin took out their earpieces quickly.

→ I think Jae hasn’t fully gotten control of himself. He messed up his part of the chorus a little ;____; Crap, everyone seems affected.

Forever Love
→ The back to back slow songs isn’t helping I think, Su’s part was even more emotionally powerful than usual and that’s saying something.

Box in the Ship
→ At the start, there was a loud clatter before the lights came up. Turns out Chun was kneeling down to retie his boots’ laces. JJ is finally smiling

YH: oh-e-oh-e-oh ebi___!
CM: oh-e-oh-e-oh nagoya!
JJ: oh-e-oh-e-oh dou iu koto? again with the real soy sauce bottle asdfghjjkl roflmao!
YC: oh-e-oh-e-oh minna ok?
JS: oh-e-oh-e-oh hitsumabushi!
→ Jae asks where’s a good place to eat hitsumabushi, lol. Su stares at him, flabbergasted, laughed and shouted “1 2 3 oh-e-oh-e-oh otokiri (?) no histumabushi!”
(I think Steph knows where the place is, lol)
→ They’re staring at the magnae, Min stares at Yunho, pushes his shoulder and tells him to go, and Yunho pushes his face roflmao!

O – Sei.Han.Go
→ Yunho changes his intro dance ♥

Toho Dancers

Choosey Lover
→ YunJae high-5!
→ Chun’s “Bring it on!”
→ Jae shrugs coat off to show his biceps asdfghjkkll -is ded-

→ Min croons into camera.

Somebody to Love
→ JaeChun high-5!
→ JaeHo high-5!
→ YooSu high-5!

Summer Dream
→ break for band intro. Bass, Kazu, had a plastic mustache XD Guitarist played his guitar with a light stick, lolol Yunho introduced Sam!
→ The JaeSu shake hands…and hugged! So sweeeeeeet ♥
→ Junsu does the dance! The original Summer Dream combo! Swing around, butt groping and angel pose! LOLOLOL JaeChun didn’t do the angel pose. Chun was staring at Su and I think Jae was just kneeling by Su, looking at him or something lol.


PV montage

The Way You Are
→ Boys in white TSC tees <3
→ Again the camera didn’t focus on Chun for his awesome spirit fingers DD: It’s Yunho this time.

Break Up The Shell

Talk Ment #2
…yeah, read Steph’s lol. Su said something about Chun being out of it because he didn’t eat hitsumabushi, and Jae pointed out how Chun wasn’t even holding his mic but just slid it into his jeans’ pocket, lolol and asdfhhkkl Yunho wrapped his towel around his head, like you saw in Tohomobile. At one point, Jae came over and tried to fix his fringe, and said, “kawaii ne?” – cue screams of the crowd, lol – Yunho went “argghhh!” and shook his head, lol, he got irritated with the fringe. So cute!
Yunho said something about Jae, the crowd clapped and Jae asked him, “Dou iu koto?” handing him the shoyu bottle lololol. Yunho answered, “Shoyu koto?….nan chatte?!”
Jae imitates Min’s order to the crowd to sit down for Stand By U lol. “Suwattekudasai!” Remember FitB tour? Yeah, something like that, lol

Stand By U

Kiss The Baby Sky
→ Chun missed a part of his speaking intro…only found out later why…
→ Chun’s member intro, “Uknow, Max, JJ, Junsu and me…we’re the one…”
→ Chun didn’t do the last bit of his high part, the “~with me” DDDD:


Encore: Bolero
→ Yunho seems…affected again ;___;
→ Something is seriously wrong with Yoochun. He looked as though every note is a huge effort. He couldn’t do his “kikasete~” after the epic climax. He just…mouthed the words?
→ Crap, no wonder…Chun is crying. He kept his head down the entire time after his parts ended and as the lights are about to go off, everyone looks up and damn, Chun is seriously crying. Su doesn’t seem far behind ;_____;

End footage
The crowd claps and chants for “Tohoshinki!” right up until the credits finished. No re-appaearance though.

source: sevenkai@LJ

though is just a fanaccount...
i was affected while reading!
pls dun cry...
u just make us feel heartache.
no one is perfect alright?!
it doesnt matter!
cassies wont blame u for tat!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

[Spazz] Secret Number of The Day Code is Cracked

I have found this at junsoobaidu bar days ago, but I delayed to share it since it’s not 100% proven………… yet at that time.
But now all the secret numbers in Arena tour have been revealed, I think we can make a more reliable (yet unofficial since it’s found by fan, not from toho-jp) analysis about the seemingly random numbers appearing at every Arena venue
Let’s start by writing down members’ birth dates first, shall we?
Jaejoong :1986.1.26Yunho :1986.2.6Yoochun :1986.6.4Junsu :1987.1.1Changmin :1988.2.18
Write them all down :19861261986261986641987111988218
198612619862619866419 (87) 111988218
090504 Kobe = 87
198612619862619866419 (87) (1) 11988218
090505 Kobe = 1
198612 (6) 19862619866419 (87) (1) 11988218
090509 Saitama = 6
(19) 8612 (6) 19862619866419 (87) (1) 11988218
090510 Saitama = 19
(19) (86) 12 (6) 19862619866419 (87) (1) 11988218
090516 Sendai = 86
(19) (86) (12) (6) 19862619866419 (87) (1) 11988218
090517 Sendai = 12
(19) (86) (12) (6) (1) 9862619866419 (87) (1) 11988218
090523 Sapporo = 1
(19) (86) (12) (6) (1) (9) 862619866419 (87) (1) 11988218
090524 Sapporo = 9
(19) (86) (12) (6) (1) (9) 862619866419 (87) (1) 1198 (82) 18
090530 Fukuoka = 82
(19) (86) (12) (6) (1) (9) 862619866419 (87) (1) 1198 (82) (18)
090531 Fukuoka = 18
(19) (86) (12) (6) (1) (9) 862619866419 (87) (1) (119) 8 (82) (18)
090606 Hiroshima = 119
(19) (86) (12) (6) (1) (9) 862619866419 (87) (1) (119) (8) (82) (18)
090607 Hiroshima = 8
(19) (86) (12) (6) (1) (9) 86261 (98) 66419 (87) (1) (119) (8) (82) (18)
090610 Osaka = 98
(19) (86) (12) (6) (1) (9) 86261 (98) (66) 419 (87) (1) (119) (8) (82) (18)
090611 Osaka = 66
(pic not available)
(19) (86) (12) (6) (1) (9) 86261 (98) (66) (41) 9 (87) (1) (119) (8) (82) (18)
090613 Osaka = 41
(19) (86) (12) (6) (1) (9) 86261 (98) (66) (41) (9) (87) (1) (119) (8) (82) (18)
090614 Osaka = 9
(19) (86) (12) (6) (1) (9) (8) 6261 (98) (66) (41) (9) (87) (1) (119) (8) (82) (18)
090618 Nagoya = 8
(19) (86) (12) (6) (1) (9) (8) (62) 61 (98) (66) (41) (9) (87) (1) (119) (8) (82) (18)
090620 Nagoya = 62
(19) (86) (12) (6) (1) (9) (8) (62) (61) (98) (66) (41) (9) (87) (1) (119) (8) (82) (18)
090621 Nagoya = 61
pic credits: yukabon’s roomcode
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