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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A few vids..

Ahhh~ Found this on youtube:

DBSK meets Barbie:

LOL!! Junsu oppaa! SOOOO FUNNY!!

Yunho, darling, I'm right here. Come pick me up. Please. And bring some bandages with you, I'm in pain T_T.... I'm so dressing like that doll wherever I go! Just in case... You know. Weird things happen!

Credits: nycminju@yt

Yoochun and DJ Makai [Don't care about DJ dude. Care about Yoochun sexy!!]

Omg. Yoochun so sexy! I wanna download the song as soon as it comes out!!

Credits: stberry12@yt
DBSK talks about SNSD:

Haha~ Look at Yoochun laugh! And Jaejoong almost faint liao! Sounds like Junsu saying they all menonjolkan if you know what I mean.... HAHA!!

Credits: eternalmerkamoon3@yt
Looks like Junsu seems to be laughed at forever!! Nowonder lah he dating now, somore tearing his shirts apart in front of audience to show this aweeeeeesome body.... I shouldn't talk anymore.

For the first time...

For the first time, teacher actually LET me play and do anything I want.... HALLELUJAH!!

For the first time, I finished computer stuff first!! HALLELUJAH!!


This is fun. HAHA!! At school right now. Next to Janice who is trying to show me her sisters bloggie. Heee!~ And I'm checking out SYP right now.

OOOH!! I almost forgot, I think Wonder Girls is in Malaysia right now! I mean, they weren't in Music Bank on Monday!! OMG!! I wanna go hunting for them man! Eeee~ I wonder if i can make my mother to bring me to Mega Mall. Maybe they are there RIGHT NOW!!! *SCREAMS IN HEART* Ahh.... OMG!! WHAT IF SUJU IS HERE TOOO!!!

Okay. I'm not gonna think about it anymore, cause if I do, I think I really will scream! HAHA~~ Well, biie!!

Just came back from school and I just wanted to add to the 'For the first time...' list.

For the first time, I fell in SMK SBS

For the first time, I cried in SMK SBS

For the first time, I think I actually sprained my finger?! o.0! [hurts...]

Yeahh.... so, I fell while doing a treasure hunt for Pandu Puteri. I'm in pain right now. But, personally, I prefer typing rather than writing! MUAHAHAH!! And my knee is bleeding. So, I can't go for ballet~ [that's the only good part. lol!]

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

1 Sentance


Monday, July 28, 2008

SM Town

I'm like TRYING to catch up on all the vids I missed on youtube. Now, I'm going through crunchyroll... But, I kinda like watched a couple of SM Town vids too... check them out!!

Anyway, to school... boring old school. I love Christine so much!! She is so funny!! She was like saying that she was using THIS name for a kind of snack [you know siew pao?? It's kinda like that!] THIS snack's name is unknown to dear old Christine. So, she made a name for THIS snack:

I laughed like hell you know!! I'm guessing you're not laughing? Yeah. I get that alot. I don't know why, but, I think it's like, really REALLY funny!! Aiiigoooo~ Then, when Janice and I were walking down a flight of stairs, we passed by Sanjeevan[I don't know how to spell his name] and some other Indian form 2 dudes going up and they just suddenly said:
Eh! That's the girl Navian likes right?

And it was really sudden you know! They were talking some really random stuff then.... *dramatic music*

Okay.... thinking of something else.... Nothing much. So, I'm just gonna watch some stuff on crunchyroll... EEEE!!*really excited*

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Flash Player thingy

Remember when I said that my Javascript thingy doesn't work. Yeah... I kinda meant Flash Player. haha... [i can't remember which post it was in. gomene....] So yeah... Anyway, after alot of reading the troubleshoot thingy, I GOT IT!! Gah.

Mommie made me read Meniti Kaca AGAIN. TORTURE!!! I haven't even finished The Series Of Unfortunate Events yet!! T_T!! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

Gotta go catch up on my youtube. I've missed so much!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


There was school today. Dammit. I hate Saturday schools. And, teacher said our dataran was going to be used. I guessed there was some kinda carnival.. But, nooooooo... Haiiiz. So, I resolved to random singing. And, Yi Hua brought her camera! So, we were like playing with it. Hehee. Okay. I was playing with it. Then we did this production thingy, just like at Stephiies birthday party. But, we did You're My Destiny. AND I WAS SUBIN!!! WTH!? So, anyway.... I'm just waiting for Yi Hua to come online so that I can show you the videos.... lol!

After school. Ate my fave Kuey Teow Soup and Wantan from TTDI that my mother ta pao. lol! Then, bathe, sleep, watch 1 song from Music Bank repeat, and, I'm here...

Now, I just read this article on SYP... OMONA!! It's about this Aunt Louise thingy. I'll just give you my fave cut kay? But, first, the intro:

From SYP
Kpop has been ridden with problems for decades now and it needs a saviour. Well, a good old Agony Aunt to show them how to do things the ‘proper’ way, something like putting tea cosies on your coffee table and how to avoid drug addiction. ShenYuePop presents ‘Aunt Louise, Kpop Agony Aunt’, our resident Agony Aunt dedicated to showing idols or lack thereof, a thing or two and a point in the right direction. Aunt Louise has been helping idols stars with their dilemmas for 45 years now, and finally we’ve convinced her to join the ranks of our staff. Fifty tea bags and 234 scones later and we have this week’s edition. For the personal safety (reputational and emotional) of the senders, they will be kept anonymous.

From Me
ANONYMUS MY FOOT!! I'm showing who they REALLY are!

From SYP

Hello Imo Louise, I’m a proud 26 year old Korean who has conquered Asia and the
International movie market. I work endless days on my body, and am sporting the
Casanova look. Unfortunately all I seem to attract are Philippino Ajummas. Help
me. Picture attached for your reference

Dear Casanova,

Would you feel better if I say you just scored a non-Phillipino auntie?

The Non-Philipino Aunt Agony.

From Me

From SYP
Greetings Aunt Louise. I’m a 22 year old Korean male, I’m a very nice and respectful person but my hair stylists don’t seem to like me, no matter how many times I thank them in Award Ceremonies. Is it me or do hairstylists not understand constructive criticism, maybe it’s because they only have a high school degree?


Dear You,

I checked the stamp of your letter and found that you are from South Korea.

Darling, if you have problems with hair stylists, maybe it’s time for you to go to serve your country in the Military. With no hair, there will be no more hassle with your hairstylists whether to have your hair parted or unparted, because it’s departed! And in the Military you’ll have no time to think about tiny matters like hair dressers, because you will have to think about more serious matters, like defending your country from premature-launched missiles from your neighbour country. Or discussing with your barrack-mates about what group-tattoo you will get after being released from the service.

And of course you don’t look like Bae Yong Joon! He’s a real icon!!

Bae Yong Joon Lover,
Aunt Agony

From Me
I know this is supposed to be a simple joke. And, I'm sorry. I couldn't find a picture with Yunho in his horrible long hair. That's what he was supposedly talking about. But, GAHHHHH!!! AUNT AGONY! MEET MY FOOT!! Nobody sends my darling to the milatary and cut off all his hair. NOBODY!! Continueing...

From SYP
Dear Aunt Louis. Actually, I corricted your name for you, by the way ^^
Actually, I’m a 18 year old beautiful girl who everyone loves deep down inside.^^ But, actually, for some reason people are too uneducated and stupid to remember my name. Actually, It’s not Bichanny, Tardfany, Turdfany, Tiphony or actually any other stupid variations . >_<

Dear… … … umm…Rebecca,

How about a big tattoo on your forehead to remind all dumb and dumbers’ about your name?

The Aunt Agony

PS. I don’t really understand how Tiphony or Tripphaning gets related to your name, Rebecca. If you could, enlighten me please?
PPS. Actually, my original name sounds better than your choice of corrected-version, darling.

From Me
For those of you who are confused, the difference is, Tiffany actually just cut off the e of Louise. Oh, and I'M A HATER!! And, I call you Tiffany. But, if you want,TIPHONY! =) LOL!! And I'll never like her! Especially since SHE GOT SO CLOSE TO MY DARLING YUNHO OPPA IN THE HAPTIC CF!!! I'll never forgive her for that. XP!! And, nice one Aunt Agony!!

Credit:louise, noonoo_shoo, Peony from SYP

Friday, July 25, 2008

A little DBSK news

Forgot about the little DBSK stuff... hehe. Gomene!

Has Rock music suddenly taken over Pop as the most popular Music Genre in Korea?
After 4 years in exile, Seo Taiji (36) makes his official comeback in to the Korean Music scene on the 15th of August. Similarly, after 2 years of promotions in Japan, DBSK are headlining the SMTOWN LIVE 08 on the same day.

In the media its been seen as a battle of the generations. Seo Taiji being an idol star of the 20th century and DBSK the 21st Century idol stars.

ETPFest is an annual festival held by Seo Taijis company where plenty of World Stars participating on an annual basis. It started in 2001 and past acts have been Tommy Lee from Motley Crue, and Hide from X-Japan. After 2005 it was cancelled, to commemmorate Seo Taijis comeback its back and better than ever. Check out the headliners:
SMTOWNLIVE is not an annual event organised by SM Entertainment, instead its supposed to be a treat for fans, since there was no ‘Summer SMTown Album’ this year. All their popular artists are meant to perform (with some exceptions). This years show lineup is as follows:
On paper and judging by the Korean Music Scene, one would assume that because of the crazy youth fandom in South Korea, SMTOWNLIVE would be the packed concert, winning the so-called ‘Battle of the generations’.
Apparently not.
Let me educate you on this matter. Both concerts will be held in ‘Jamsil’ stadiums. ETPFest in the ‘Jamsil Baseball Stadium’ and SMTOWNLIVE in the ‘Jamsil Olympic Stadium’. Tickets for both have long been available, but only one is SOLD OUT.
Yes, ETPFEST is sold out. While only 70% of SMTOWNLIVE ticket sales have been issued. The problem also isnt in price. ETPFest tickets all sell for a pretty hefty amount of 132,000 KRWs (around $133), while the most expensive for SMTOWNLIVE is 66k. The sales for the latter predict it will be sold out, but the significance in its availability is obvious.
What has happened to all those crazy fangirls/fanboys? Is it possible that they’re Seo Taiji fans too? And his comeback is more valuable to them?
Only Heaven knows We only have our theories.
As an afterthought, It was ridiculous for SM to organize their concert on the same day. Why? I think the sales figures can answer that question.
Source: MyDaily, Wikipedia,,
Credit for noonoo_shoo


Seems that all my friends are starting to get blogs!! Kewlie~ Sooo, as a true friend [sorry if you think I'm perasan... LOL!] I shall link them!! Just to introduce:

Yi Hua!!



Well, since I haven't been around lately, and even if I have, I didn't have much time to post about anything much, I'm gonna make it up to you! Yi Hua, Christie, Rosie, Janice, May En, and I have made up a family! Fakie family, but family! Family tree:

Yi Hua: Daddie~
Jasmine: Mommie!!
Rosie: Biggie sis
May En and Christine: Twins!
Janice: Smallest sis [I think...]

And we also made a TVXQ family. Without Janice.. sorriiie! But here it is:

Yi Hua: Jaejoong!
Rosie: Junsu
May En: Yoochun
Christne: Changmin

LOL! We did that all on one day. HAHA!!

I have officially quited on trying to make my own skin for MSN. It sucks. I cant do ANYTHING. Aigooooo~ T_T. So, now, I'm stuck downloading them. WTH. Oh yeah, you must be wondering why I have so much time right now. Hehe~ It's cause my daddie offered me a chance. I took it obviously.

Christine. Officially CRAZY about You're My Destiny [KBS World, Astro 303 at 7.20pm week nights]. I don't really understand anything. I'm gonna catch up with my pangya tonight. So, like, I'm gonna miss You're My Destiny. I don't really get it anymore. It's not so exciting. Christine don't kill me. LOL!!

Well, off to Pangya! Before you go off, remember to try out my poll right at the end of the side bar kays? Muakz! Kamsahamnida!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


I finally changed my layout!! Booyah~ Okay. So, a few changes:

1. LAYOUT!! Duh!!
2. Ask me if you want to be in my DBSK link list when you're not right now.
3. No more stinkin' index! Just wastes my time. lol!

I think that's about it. lmao~~ Have fun!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tagged by Xietin


Each player of this game starts of with 8 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself.
People who get tagged have to write a blog of their own 8 weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly.
At the end you need to choose 8 people to be tagged and list their names.
No TAG backs!

1. Little known fact: My bed has a big pile of toys that I never play with anymore.
2. Habit: I like to suck my thumb
3. Little known fact: I can bake a butter cake! yay~
4. Habit: I always shout out loud when I see a hot pic of DBSK
5. Habit: I sing randomly EVERYWHERE
6. Little known facts: Xietin is my sister? Not geneticly... Therefore, her sisters are kinda like my sisters?? LOL
7. Little known fact: I cried when the marks of UPSR were announced and I wasn't in the 5A's list....

8. Wierd things: I sometimes dream about being right next to TVXQ at that moment.

People to tag:

Hui Wen






Lai Hoong


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Secret post

Okay. So, I'm like secretly posting right now with a Geography book on my lap. I just learned how to make my own skin for MSN Messenger Plus! Live!!!! Yay~ I just finished eating durian. My mother is down stairs happily watching TV after her VERY relaxing massage [don't know how to spell]. And, well, I was thinking, I guess I'll change my layout. As soon as possible. I wonder when is the next day my parents go out? Then, I can secretly change my layout. MUAHAHA!! LOL!! Gotta go. Geography staring in my face. Haiiz~

Friday, July 18, 2008



I found out Stephie and Faez has a blog. Linked them. Frauline just made a new one. Linked her. I got my friend from ballet class in the link list too. Name: May. That's all I know about her name. Lol. Omg. Gtg!! Typing so fast I think I'm gonna faint if I have to write anymore! Somebody help me keep up with TVXQ stuff. I can't stand not being at the latest news about them. I can't blog about TVXQ today. As I just typed, QUICK POST!! Byeee~

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Ohhh dear. Exam's coming pretty soon.... That means I can't touch the computer muchhh!! This is so unfair. Gah! Whatever. I've already applied for a hiatus[I think it means holiday...] in DBJunior. And, I'm just gonna say, this might just be my last post for this entire month till exams are over. Cause I REALLY have to start studying. I've only studied Maths so far cause It's kinda like my fave subject right now. lol.... Will update if it's possible. Wont be too long though. Which is kinda good. Also sorry for not updating much. My hiatus should have begun earlier. lol....

School.... Just when I thought I finished all my homework, more comes. Okay. So, lemme list down all the homework I have right now:

1. KH notes [pretty long. But, it's cause teacher is going on a holiday herself]
2. Sejarah notes [also long. The entire Bab 8!!]
3. Maths [Teacher ALSO on holiday therefore, pretty long]

So, as you can see, it's not much, but it's really long, therefore, it's kinda of like, alot. Lol~ Sneaked a little of computer time doing some other homework. Hehe~ I still haven't given any pictures to Sydney [Pengerusi for Photography Club. I'm supposed to give her the pictures we took during Photography Club ASAP since last week!] I'm such a procrastinator!! I mean, I was supposed to photostat some stuff for computer class 2 weeks before this!! I just did it right before rehat this morning. lol!! I also figured out some cool stuff using photoshop. Love that thing!![Yeah, I kinda cracked mine using teacher's crack.... MUAHAHA!!! By teacher, I mean Edubox teacher]

Koko~~ Nothing much. Yi Hua bought an issue of E-Pop!! Gahh~ Screaming mann!!! They had an article of Jaejoong [OMO], TVXQ with some Ajummas [o.0!! Jealous!], The A Week Holiday Photobook meeting [SCREAMMM!!!] And a few handphone themes that cost RM5 each [WTH!!]. Ooh~ And this song that I do not know by TVXQ! I'm like, what the hell is this song? Went over to Xietin [total expert in TVXQ AND my sis] and surprisingly, she didn't know!! She's devastated herself. lol! She too was screaming at Jae's pics!! Then, Nabil saw it too, with his friend whom which I do not know, and was like going teasing my darlings!! They will pay! They said TVXQ was gay!! They were lucky I was too into the book and eating Rocky. lol! Then, Pandu Puteri. Did some kawad kaki today. After that, games. It's called Let's Play Zoo... I thought it would be childish, but it's kinda hard!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

To Alor Setar

Going to Alor Setar for stuff....[Will not mention what]


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ahh~ Late!!

Late in the morning....

Late for Maths [Thank God it was a relief teacher. Explained everything. Was helping teacher with KH project. hehe~]

Late to get back home.... [Rosie's Mommy was late. =.=]

So anyway, to promote the forum, DBJunior is gonna get a interview from this online radio show. Awesome huh? Here's the link: be sure to tune in on the 11th of this month at around 10pm. Okay?! Love yas~

BRIDGET HAS A BLOG!! And I will tell you what is the URL as soon as she comes online and tell me!! =D

Monday, July 7, 2008

7/7/08 Music Bank

Omo omo omo~ SHINee was there!! EEE~ Nearly screamed my head off. Would have, IF, the walls of my house weren't so thin, I don't shout very loud, and my mum wasn't in the bathroom [which, by the way, is right next to the room I was sitting in.]. Aigoo~ Anyway, the sang Replay~ EEEE~ So hot man! Speaking of 'So Hot', Wonder Girls got 1st place, again, which makes them 1st place in the K-Chart three times in a row. =.=.... BUT, when they were announced 1st place, SHINee was next to them, and the youngest one, Taemin [If i'm not mistaken] was like bowing like hell!! I'm like laughing to death on my bed!!

Finished homework. Rose has gone crazy today. All she can think about is SNSD and Wonder Girls. 1 sec, she LOVES SNSD, the next, she hates them. Then, she's trying to make Wonder Girls win over SNSD for the MTV Asia Awards. I'm like, o.0!! I thought she liked SNSD?! That girl's unpredictable!

Junsu and his older cousin. Pretty cute couple huh? Luckily for us fans, they are RELATED, so they can't actually be boyfriend girlfriend.... Yeah.. Here's the article:
The immediate family of celebrities will always create interest among fans and the target this time is DBSK member, Xiah Junsu older cousin.Pictures of Xiah Junsu wearing matching tees with his cousin to model for her online shopping mall was posted recently which generated interest naturally.From the pictures of Xiah and his cousin, they look pretty compatible and could even pass off as a couple. Many fans expressed with envy, “If I get the tee, does it mean that I can couple with Xiah Junsu?”Photos of celebrities immediate kin have been posted regularly on the internet recently which has generated immense interest among fans. Soon after Xiah’s cousin photos were posted online, many netizens have said enviously, “Good genes run in the family”, “His cousin is one pretty lady”, etc.
source: coolsmurfcredits:nikki@af, dian@dbjr
Yeah. I want that tee. Better yet, I want the tee off Junsu's back!! AWESOME!! lmao~

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tagged by Xietin 2

Tagged by Xietin again!

* List out a member you like from a group!~
Listing out DBSK members only

1. Yunnie~

2. Chunnie!!

3. Joongie~

4. Junnie~[Made this up.]

5. Minnie!
Tagging: Hui Wen and oither DBSK fans out there who want to do this.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Not again.

So, if you have not noticed, I just wanted to say sorry for not updating much. I'm like REALLY busy. So, yeah. Yesterday was my birthday! Happy birthday to me~ haha!

My list of presents I got yesterday:
1. A plush toy cow that goes 'Mooooo' when you squeeze it - by Bridget [cute!!]
2. A necklace with a doggie pendant - by Bridget [Eeee~]
3. A bracelet that says ♥JAS - by Xietin! [I LOVE YOU!!]
4. A home made card that has Yunho in front - by Xietin! [I screamed when I saw that.] } check out to see the pics
5. A big hand mirror - by Shirene [Unusual present. lol!]
6. A picture frame with FRIENDS on it - by Yenteng [opened in school, lol]
7. Heart, Mind, and Soul CD AND DVD!!!! - by Frauline [AHHHHHHHHH!]
8. A Malay manga - by Frauline [You should have just gave me the CD and DVD. Great enough]
9. A rose photo frame - [Sorry. Don't know who give.]
10. A pack of mini cards - by Yen Nee
11. A line four game - by Yen Nee
12. A pair of key chains - by Yen Nee
13. Another key chain with J on it
14. A purse with Mickey Mouse on it - by Yi Hua [soft!]
15. A bracelet with my name on it - by Yi Hua [It can't fit!!]
16. A picture cut out from a Chinese newspaper with TVXQ IN IT!! - by Yi Hua [as a sorry for making me cut out Junsu / Yunho's leg from my keychain
17. A black sling bag - by Joanne [looks like Shera's]
18. A Magnetic dart board - by somebody. [Don't remember who. Gomene]
19. Piggie keychain - May En I think
20. Necklace with J on it - by Wei Chee [First present for me to open. lol]
21. 5 happy birthday SMSs - by my uncle, 2 cousins, and 2 aunties [o.0!]
22. 4 happy birthday cards - by Janice, Shirene, Yen Nee and no. 4
23. 4 ang paos - by aunties and uncles [I think it's four.]
24. 3 TVXQForever PMs saying Happy Birthday - by TVXQForever members

That's all for yesterday. Alot huh? Well, let's start with school yesterday...

Not so normal day at school. I got to school and met Yen Nee. Gave her bag and said happy birthday. Thanks. Then, Joanne was next. Happy birthday again!! present, bag. Went up the hill. Reached the Dataran Bestari, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! May En, Pricsilla, and Christine. Not to forget, birthday present from Bridget! Thank you. Line up time. Got to the front of the line. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Faez and Elena. Sorry. No presents. Never mind. Got to class. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Harrish, Jasvin, Hui Wen, Avitra, so on.... Thanks!! Janice didn't come to school. For matters I shall not speak off. So, Christine sat at her place. I sat at Christine's place. Away from Harrish! YAY!! Class.. BM. Nothing much. That reminds me. Homework. Shoot. Then, PJ. Met Wei Chee, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Pressie. Thanks. Had fun. Yenteng, pressie, happy birthday, thanks. Opened pressie cause I just couldn't wait anymore. Frame. Nice. Necklace, omg~ Rehat. O-M-G.Saw Felicia. Hi!! [Yes. She did not wish me. lmao] Saw Xietin. She was like rushing to get something and..... *SCREAM!!!* Yunho hand made card, a present!! I LOVE YOU SIS!! Read the card. Showed it off. Screamed a little more. Done. Out of canteen, into class again. Seni. Got Animation to do. Didn't know what to do. Just winging it here. Then, Civics. To the Pusat Akses. Waited for teacher. Got in. Cramed man. 33 people in there. [Farah was downstairs ponteng-ing] Got one more project to do. Shoot. Bell rang. Times up! Yay~ Got up. Suddenly, 'Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!' What the hell?! o.0!! I was so surprised. They just started singing for no entire reason. And EVERYONE was singing. I'm like =O!! 'Happy birthday to you!' Thank you you guys. I love you!! Then, to Science. Did some stuff. Finished school. Kalang Kabut down. Aigoo~ Alot of stuff man.

On to party! It was tonnes of fun. I can't post any pictures of me and my friends in the party here. My mum won't let me. Scared people take my pic and exploit it. o.0. So, this is all I can give:

Bday cake!!!
That's all. lmao. Don't know what else to talk about except all the kalang kabut-ness. haha~ So, I got home at around 8pm. Looked through newspapers. Found THIS:

Source: NST

Apparently they have been making fun of everyone in the K-pop horizon, including Wondergirls,Big Bang, Shinhwa and Super Junior

I was just so happy when they didn't mention DBSK. Ahh~ Lucky.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Saeng-il Chukka Hamnida!!

Cool! My 13th birthday is coming in just a few more hours. AND I can get that litte widget countdown out of my blog!! Anyhooo~

I hate Jasvin. He says he's gonna give me a call at 12am. I swear. If he does do that, I'll just hang up. Maybe put my phone on silent for a little while. Hui Wen wants to SMS me bulak. Aigooo~ Anyway, my oral was today. When I looked at teacher, she was like STARING at me smiling from ear to ear. I was wondering, am I THAT good?! Cramed the night before, hence, the no updating. lol. Ahh~ Finished all my projects. BM oral is the only one left. AND Hui Wen said that if I get angry tomorrow, she's gonna beat me up.=.=.

OMO. Like, a LOT of people are going to give me TVXQ stuff!! Seriously!! Khalisah just rang me and said 'I just bought a poster for you and this TVXQ thing that is REALLY expensive. I hate you.' I should have left out the I hate you part huh? Anyway, Joanne and Yenteng are telling me that Frauline is giving me a TVXQ Album! Aweeesomeee!! Joanne, another one, wants to give me a TVXQ present. Leaks of what is it has not come to me yet. lmao.

Finally, a shocker.

Sun Jun 15 2008, 01:00 by NewsGoddess
Just an info from oppas china fan website. Which i think this should spread all over the world as long as there is cassiopeia. Please don't be too worry. Just like one of the china cassiopeia said when he/she provided this info. We don't know whether this is true or not. So i just post this at here for everyone to read.. i will translate the message. According to this cassiopeia said, this info is from a korea cassiopeia.
神 起 将 会 推 出 第 四 张 韩 语 专 辑。 这 张 专 辑 也 是 关 乎 神 起 是 否 能 越 过 SM 五 年 魔 咒 的 专 辑, 据 韩 国 仙 后 说, 这 张 专 辑 的 销 售 量 如 果 不 能 超 越 super junior 的 专 辑, 神 起 就 会 面 临 解 散 的 恶 运。 现 在 的 SM 经 常 在 试 图 解 散 神 起。 他 们 在 找 理 由 让 神 起 走 不 下 去。 因 为 他 们 想 捧 红 super junior 和 少 女 时 代, 但 由 于 仙 后 太 多 而 造 成super junior 和 少 女 时 代 无 法 立 足。 所 以,仙 后, 现 在 是 我 们 团 结 的 时 候 了! 明 年 专 辑 的 销 售 量 关 系 神 起 的 命 运! 请 传 达 给 所 有 仙 后 知 道, 明 年 的 专 辑 无 论 如 何 都 要 支 持! 最 重 要 的 是, 现 在 这 通 知 不 只 在 中 国, 甚 至 韩 国, 大 马 都 开 始 在 传 达 这 信 息 了! 请 仙 后 们 多 多 合 作! 爱 他 们 就 请 支 持 他 们!这个是从我的韩国朋友那听来的虽说不知道是不是真的,但是 宁可信其有不可信其无啊!仙后们!该是我们行动的时候了
TVXQ will release their 4th korea album soon. Whether they will overcome this five years curse(means five years of releasing album as a group, i guess), depends on this album. IF their album selling result is not more than Super Junior album selling result, they will have to face this curse, which means have to disband. In the first place SM wanna train and promote Super Junior and Girls Generation into a very popular group, as cassiopeia is such a big fanclub, that makes it more difficult.(Think that is what the message means). So, cassiopeia, it's time to be united. Next year album selling result will affect TVXQ fate. Please spread this news to all the Cassiopeia that no matter what, next year album we must support. This have spead not only on korea, but also in china and malaysia. Hope all cassiopeia cooperate. Love them, must support them.
Credits to: 东方神起--仙后家族 foreverTVfXQ(CYWORLD)
Omo! Omo!! Saranghae Oppa!! I'm SO buying it next year!! Even if it means I have to go to the store at 2am and sit outside and wait!![Die hard fan speaking. But, I don't think that's necesarry] I hope it's not too expensive.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Harrish is behind me.

Harrish is behind me. How stupid. Now he's gone. Then, he's back. Then gone. Aiiigooooooo~ Anyway, I'm done with the wallpaper of which I have started with last 2 weeks. Paid all my edubox fees. AND finished my multi expose project. Awesommme~ Yeah. Nothing much more to say. So, I'm gonna go back home and edit with a little more K-Pop! ^^ Cyaz