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Sunday, August 30, 2009


In my next life, I’ll no longer love you.
Because in my next life, I will no longer be a Cassiopeia

In my next life, there will be no Cassiopeia, no DongBangShinKi.
In my next life, I hope you ‘ll only have your real names:
Jung YunHo
Kim JaeJoong
Park Yoochun
Kim JunSu
Shim ChangMin

No more U-Know YunHO
No more YongWoong JaeJoong
No more Micky YooChun
No more Xiah Junsu
No more Choikang ChangMin

Only left
the common Jung YunHo
the happy Kim JaeJoong
the cheerful Park YooChun
the cutie Kim Junsu
the genius Shim ChangMin
only those names left…

no longer the group,

For the DongBangShinKi, one lifetime is enough.
Let all the love, all the passion be exhausted by this lifetime.
No leftover; useless once expired.

In your next life, please be just
Jung YunHo
Kim JaeJoong
Park Yoochun
Kim Junsu
Shim ChangMin

Be the Jung YunHo who only belongs to yourself;
the Park Yoochun who only belongs to your parents;
the Kim JaeJoong who only belongs to your sisters;
the Kim Junsu who only belongs to your friends:
the Shim ChangMin who only belongs to your loved one.

No more DongBangShinKi,
No more large crowd of fans surrounding you,
No more bodyguards,
No more revolting reports by the silly media.

You can be free to do the things you want to do,
free to love the ones you love.

In the spring,
you’ll plug in your earphones and stroll along the malls.
The MP3s playing will not be by a singer called DongBangShinKi

you’ll walk the streets with your girlfriend;
eat ice-cream; rent a yacht; watch Nottinghill, Titanic.

you’ll watch a concert with your family.
The shining star on stage will be someone else,
no longer a group called DongBangShinKi

you’ll hold your girlfriend’s hand and stroll through Myeongdong.
When the lights go out, you kiss her gently and make that promise of a lifetime.

We’ll do that, shall we?

In the next lifetime, you’ll complete the other dream of your present lifetime,
and not the artiste DONGBANGSHINKI

you’ll no longer be only sleeping two, three hours a day because of work.
You’ll be able to eat; you’ll be able to sleep.

you won’t have those muscle and joint aches due to long hours of practice.
You won’t accumulate a body full of aches and pain at such a young age.
You won’t say things like “Even if I have to spend the rest of my life lying in bed, that will be ok”.

Then, even when you fall and injured your back,
you’ll be good and put on that cast, lie in your bed and rest.
You’ll no longer have to clench your teeth and finish that performance
because of your promise to fans.

Then, you’ll no longer have to be the artiste watched by thousands;
you’ll only be yourself.
This lifetime,
you’re DongBangShinKi who belongs to the Cassiopeia.
This is a fact that cannot be changed.

And all the Cassiopeia can do,
is love you,
love you,
love you very,
very much.

Because in the next lifetime,
there will be no more DongBangShinKi.
So we’re concentrating all our love in this lifetime.

This lifetime, I will love you well.
This lifetime, let the Cassiopeia love DongBangShinKi well.

Next lifetime,
let you be
just the common Jung YunHo
the happy Kim JaeJoong
the cheerful Park YooChun
the cutie Kim Junsu
the genius Shim ChangMin
who only belongs to yourself.

Next lifetime,
I’ll no longer love you.
I promise.
Really promise…
next lifetime, in my world,
there will be no DongBangShinKi.
there wil be no DongBangShinKi,
no more DongBangShinKi…….


Full Credit When Posted Elsewhere
Source: weird&short+nam87@Soompi,sashiss7so@youtube
Credit for : Cjlatina
No Additional Credit Should Be Added
this article is like soooooo long ago
i only posted the back part cos i feel touched after reading....
the front part is talking abt this guy JANG YOO JOON from Tri Top look like KIM JAEJOONG.
if anyone is interested with this article....
u may want to go to the link below

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Anonymous said...

oppa...i will love u ever n 4ever..
even if i hv to married
i will make sure my husband will become your fans 2....